2008 NBA Mock Draft

The globally renowned HoopsAddict.com Mock Draft preview is in effect featuring the Top 20 potential NBA draft prospects that will be followed in subsequent weeks with our unique individual player breakdowns and skills analysis. Last year’s Mock Draft which featured all 30 players taken in the first round by NBA personnel managers had all appeared in our previous Mock Draft first round a season ago. Additionally 11 of the first 14 players taken in the first round were featured in our final Mock Draft.

Here goes the preliminary Top 20 for NBA Draft day 2008. As usual bookmark the page and reconcile our initial foray with the actual draft June 2008. Keep focused in future weeks for player breakdowns and our first round specialty of connecting players to there respective dreams.

Now for the much anticipated Top 20 Draft candidates are officially dropped (heavy on Pac-10 cagers) …Read on!

  1. Michael Beasley 6-9 Forward Kansas State
  2. Roy Hibbert 7-2 Center Georgetown
  3. Derrick Rose 6-4 Guard Memphis
  4. Danilo Gallinari 6-9 Forward Italy
  5. O.J. Mayo 6-5 Guard USC
  6. Eric Gordon 6-2 Guard Indiana
  7. Brook Lopez 7-0 Center Stanford
  8. Kosta Koufos 7-1 Center Ohio State
  9. Nicolas Batum 6-8 Forward France
  10. Kevin Love 6-9 Forward UCLA
  11. Chase Budinger 6-7 Guard Arizona
  12. Darrell Arthur 6-10 Forward Kansas
  13. DeAndre Jordan 7-0 Center Texas A&M
  14. Ante Tomic 7-2 Center Croatia
  15. Devon Hardin 6-11 Center California
  16. Chris Douglas Roberts 6-6 Guard Memphis
  17. Tywon Lawson 5-11 Guard North Carolina
  18. Taj Gibson 6-9 Forward USC
  19. Hasheem Thabeet 7-3 Center Connecticut
  20. Tyler Hansbrough 6-8 Forward North Carolina


20 thoughts on “2008 NBA Mock Draft

  1. not a bad list, but i think lopez, koufos and thabeet are a bit on the “stiff” side… terrence williams should definitely be on this list by season’s end… and yes, t-will also happens to be the best player on my favorite college bball team. what of it?

  2. Good job Eric . . . just one name I want to throw up for you, though. AJ Ogilvy is a fellow Aussie and he’s been tearing it up in his first few games as a sophomore with Vanderbilt, where he’s been the starting center.

    I’ve talked to him a bit and going to the NBA next season isn’t a priority right now . . . but if his play keeps up, scouts will come calling and he could well be a lottery pick.

    Heard much about him? Any thoughts?

  3. And one more for you, Eric!

    Patrick Mills is a 19-year-old freshman at St Mary’s. He’s already played on the Aussie national team as a point guard, and just set the freshman record at St Mary’s with 37 points to lead his team to a win over Oregon (who ESPN ranked as No. 11 in the nation).

    I was lucky enough to catch the game down here in Australia, and the commentators were comparing him to Steve Nash! His game isn’t that similar, but his poise and intensity certainly is . . . heard much about Mills?

  4. Quiet Cardinal- The NBA’s fatuation with “bigs” will never go away…Don’t stop bringing your well reasoned viewpoints. I appreciate your commentary.

    Tom- It’s always great hearing hearing your insight on Australian hoopster’s making an impact in the USA collegiate ranks. Patrick Mills is right down the road from me at St. Mary’s and he’s been pencilled in as a must-see.

    B-Teezy- Where you been champ? As for Lil Romeo not making the Top 20 he’d been number one if it was based on contribution to hip-hop and television. Master P’s no limit soldier is still prepping at Beverly Hills looking for the Romeo/Mayo backcourt combo at USC if OJ sats which is not happening. Since Mayo in the words of Master P is….”Bout it Bout it”

  5. 1. Sean Singletary
    2. Michael Beasley
    3. Roy Hibbert
    4. Derrick Rose
    5. Eric Gordon
    6. Brook Lopez
    7. Kevin Love
    8. Tyler Hansbrough
    9. D.J Augistin
    10.Ben Hansbrough

  6. UVA,

    Singletary was a Mock Draft first rounder last year and much like Dominic James of Marquette has lost a liitle sizzle from a year ago yet… there are head to head meetings with UNC’s Lawson that should dictate a proper analysis. Right now the nation’s best point guard is Texas DJ Augustin. UVA your enthusiasm is acknowledged keep dropping your perspectives. Peace…

  7. Dj White of IU is getting no love, Eric Gordon is not the only player on that team. White has gotten big ten player of the week twice and national player of the week once this year. People aren’t even putting him in the first round. Look at Roy hibberts numbers compared to white’s when they played in the pan am games in brazil over the summer. Hibbert could not handle the older more experienced players while white tore the tournament up. Somone needs to recognize him.

  8. Kal,

    DJ White looks every bit the NBA power forward…The MOCK will be updated the first week of January with a 2007 Mock Draft review, the Top 30 players with anaylsis, and top prospects by position….I like the depth of your comment keep stopping by. Happy Holidays! Peace…

  9. first of all, kevin love is nowhere close to top ten potential. and here’s a few names to consider…

    c nathan jawai (australian “truck”)
    pg goran dragic (international)
    pf serge ibaka (congo)
    pf/c trent plaisted BYU

    im a big fan of all these guys and they all have immense potential (especially serge ibaka)

  10. Balla,

    I appreciate your views. As a refresher/reminder this abbreviated Mock dropped in mid November at the onset of NCAA play and was just an appetizer/general scan f a preseason MOCK snack.

    The anticipated MOCK (thanks for the patience and all the e-mails from across the globe) rolls out this coming Monday based on the usual…my own analysis and scouting, varied professional talent evaluations (NBA, European Leagues,)
    and coveted insiders. Stay tuned…


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