Hoops Addict Magazine

This fall I had the chance to work some of my favourite writers to create the oringal Hoops Addict Magazine. With the help of Matt Dyck Studios and some talented writers I was able to create what I feel is an unique and highly entertaining basketball magazine.

For the intial release we had the following features:

* Henry Abbott did an expose on William Wesley

* Alex Labidou had an exclusive interview with Josh Smith

* Ryan McNeill interviewed Adrian Wojnarowski about his book The Miracle of St Anthony

* Michael Tillery wrote about how the media shapes minds

* Adam and Dave wrote a summary of the Toronto Raptors first 10 years

* Brett McCracken wrote an article talking about the “glory” of basketball

* Chris Clarke wrote about the globalization of basketball

You can check out the online version of the Hoops Addict Magazine for free by clicking here.


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