The Case for Calderon

A comment I left on my favorite Raptors blog, Raptors Lair, making the case for Calderon, All-Star:

I love the blog, but I’ll politely disagree.

Jose is a deserved All-Star. Hamilton has put up nice numbers on a top team, but I think Jose has meant far more to Toronto than Hamilton has to Detroit.

Season Averages

Hamilton: 19 points, 4 assists, 3 boards, and 1 steal, 50% from the field, 47% from three, and 1.89 turnovers/game.

Calderon: 12 points, 9 assists, 3 boards, 1 steal, 52% from the field, 45% from three, and 1.58 turnovers/game.

Both of them get you 3 boards, a steal, shoot above 50% from the floor and above 45% from three. A nice coincidence, making it look closer than it really is.

Where Jose Stands Out

Jose as a starter is getting 14 points and 10 assists a night. The only other point guards getting those numbers are also All-Stars (minus Deron Williams). As a starter, Jose’s averages easily eclipse Hamilton’s season averages.

Jose has a 5.5-to-1 assist-to-turnover ratio, currently the best in the NBA by a mile. What does Hamilton lead the NBA in? Nothing. The best he can do is 6th in three-point shooting, and Jose is 9th. Jose is also 3rd in free-throw percentage, and 5th in assists.

Finally, the most important consideration: who has meant more to their team? Jose has saved the Raps’ season – can Rip claim that sort of significance to the Pistons?



One thought on “The Case for Calderon

  1. I totally agree. I would take probably both Johnson and Hamilton out and put in Calderon and Turkoglu, these two guys have been performing all year. A few people are starting to mention Calderon around the NBA headlines, but I really believe it’s because these two aren’t in the mainstream media that they weren’t chosen.

    It’s sad really, but that’s the world we live in. Since he is now starting to get the publicity, I am sure if he puts up these numbers next season as well that he will be going to the game in Phoenix for sure.

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