Game Recap: Wizards 108, Raptors 104

History felt like it was about to repeat, but some days, you just don’t deserve to win. In what can be called a great last minute effort, the Raptors came up with too little in the second half and overtime. And that was with a lot of calls going their way.

With the Raptors shooting high percentages in their past two games, it was not surprising to see them fall back to Earth for this one. A three day break can give a team a lot of time to recover, but it’ll also mean that any momentum or feeling of consistency will disappear. Carlos Delfino, Anthony Parker, Jamario Moon, and Andrea Bargnani all had horrible shooting nights coupled with poor decision making. From this game alone, it shows how vulnerable the Raptors can be when they rely solely on hot outside shooting. There just isn’t anyone on the team willing to consistently take it to the basket on this team, with the exception of Kris Humphries, who was the lone fighter in the post.

That’s not to say a guy like Andrea Bargnani didn’t do some work in the game too. Bargnani, even though he was plagued with foul trouble, attempted to rebound in this game, giving the team a solid effort for the first half. However, as the shots started bouncing off the rim, Toronto couldn’t buy a rebound in the second half. Being out rebounded by 13 against another Eastern Conference team is simply inexcusable, especially with the Raptors shooting around 30% in the third. The combination of Blatche and McGuire completely out hustled and outplayed a Raptors team that had a full compliment of players.

With Caron Butler being a scratch and the Raptors having a few days off leading up to this game a second half let down was just that much more puzzling. By shying away from the foul line and jacking up outside shots, the Raptors allowed the Wizards to run up the lead after being unable to score for almost five minutes. It was here Bosh needed to take control of the team by going to the line and showing his teammates what to do. Yes, the Wizards made large adjustments on Bosh after the first half, but that just meant that he has to try that much harder to keep a consistent effort. Frankly, it should be a slap in the face that Joey Graham was the most active player going to the basket in that quarter, and despite last second heroics by Jamario Moon and Anthony Parker, the game should have never come down to those final shots.

However, there has to be a lot of respect given to this Wizards squad for not folding. With a bunch of backups, a thin bench, and without two of their top players, they managed to come out with a win despite the Raptors’ final second comeback. There is no greater proof of this Wizards team than their display of mental toughness in the overtime period. Theoretically, Toronto should have had all the momentum thanks to their repeat performance of the improbable shot made by Mo Pete last year. Instead, the Wizards took the game to the Raptors and pulled down rebounds, attacked the interior, and made some timely three pointers as well. It’s no surprise then, that Washington beat a team like Boston twice in a row, and if the Raptors aren’t careful, the same fate could await them.

Nevertheless, the Raptors are on their way back to the ACC today. Toronto should be pretty riled up about their poor performance and hopefully, they will take the fight to the Wizards physically. It’s the tail end of the back to back, and there’s just no excuse for at least splitting these two games with Washington.

Next Game: Washington @ Toronto


11 thoughts on “Game Recap: Wizards 108, Raptors 104

  1. Offensive rebounds and pure hustle was how the Wiz did it. Bargs played well in spite of poor shooting. Besides, a couple of his fouls were really close calls, and if he had played with only 2 fouls, he would have helped us to remain close.

    IMHO, if we can play with more intensity tonight, we should be able to get even.

  2. Roger Mason – 13 points 6 assists
    Deshawn Stevenson – 20 points
    Dominic McGuire – 10 rebounds (6 Off rebs)

    We got beat by these 3 players. take a good look at how they did it. WE should of won and went back home feeling great. Now we go back home wondering if we can win against this team at home now.

  3. Brendan – I don’t think the Raptors are wondering much. They know for sure, and I’m just hoping they’ve stewed enough to make a go at it.

    AltRaps – Very much so. This team this year, just doesn’t seem to have the emotion behind everything. Bosh is not a very emotional leader, for sure, but I think that TJ was one of the few raw emotional guys on this team. Yes, that got him into trouble, but without that guy there, this team has problems getting pumped up. A guy like Humphries playing the way he did last night should have been that spark, but no one else seemed to take it to heart.

    TFan – For sure. He was doing good things other than scoring, but the Raptors were struggling so badly for SOME kind of offense, I guess that’s why they had to make the move. The second half was a different story with some blown assignments.

  4. Hope we can bring much better for tonight. Between the two friends of Antawn Jamison and Vince Carter from NC, Jamison is the guy who has the most balls by wide margin (and probably not divorced as well, am I getting too personal?). I think he is the reason of why Washington is no longer a bad team. Whenever our Raps play DC, I always feared Jamison. Caron and Gilbert can score 100 pts, but I always know it’s Jamison that will make all Raps fans pull their hair out of their heads with his non-stylish scoring to his god-damn tip-ins. For the DC fans, you better appreciate everything Jamison has brought you for the last 4 years.

  5. Wow, they were hungry and we were horrible. Bosh and Calde were ok but I can’t understand why we were so predictible in OT… if you have a guy who’s shooting well (in fact if you have only ONE guy shooting well) I don’t know why this guy has zero shoots on OT.
    This kind of matches remains me how we can miss Garbajosa … and TJ!

    BTW, do you have news from Garbo’s return? no news in spanish media for weeks….

  6. I doubt Garbo returns anytime this season, because even if he does return late in the season or in the playoffs, he would be too rusty to be of much use in my opinion.

  7. Manel – Last thing I heard was on a Raptors broadcast. He’s supposed to take it really easy this time, and it doesn’t look like he’ll hit a court until all doctors clear him. Then, there’s lengthy rehab. It’s extremely doubtful he’ll return this year, and frankly, I might even be mildly surprised to see him for the Beijing Olympics at this point.

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