Game Recap: Wizards 108, Raptors 104 (OT)

What’s up good people! Shout outs to all basketball fans across the globe (really mostly the U.S. and Canada). Sorry it’s been a minute but Spacely Sprockets was keeping me down. My man Jeff brought me outta’ retirement for a guest spot, and of course it goes down whenever the Wizards and Raps battle.

To catch you guys up, here’s the story: Gil comes back from injury, injury comes back to Gil, Gil has surgery number two, B Teezy goes into Post Gilmatic Stress Syndrome, Wizards need new leader, Butler goes bonkers and brings Jamison along with him, some key wins, some key losses, Butler gets hurt, and that, my friends, brings us to tonight’s matchup against T-Dot.

Once again we went into this game NOT at full strength, with Butler and of course Gilbert out. The thing about this year is that in the past, Gilbert was the CLEAR leader of this team hands down, he was erratic and crazy, but always found a way to win, while Butler was the steady, no nonsense tough-guy. Almost like Mel Gibson (Arenas) and Danny Glover (Butler) in Lethal Weapon. Butler has filled in responsibly in Gil’s absence putting up All-Star numbers while keeping the ship steady.

The Raptors will shoot your lights out, plain and simple. They are by far the deadliest jump-shooting squad / sniper team I’ve seen in a while. No lie. The whole team can shoot, as Boston and the Bucks recently found out.

This evening we had our work cut out for us defensively, and the Raps are a hard team to put away. We hung in with the Raptors for most of the first half, with DeShawn Stevenson (20 points, 5 threes and 1 face that can’t be felt) continuing to play in “step-up” mode. Antawn Jamison (24 points, 20 rebounds), who’s shown more emotion this season than any other time continued to be “All-Star Snub” material. I hope they can let him in, for real. Andray Blatche (19 points, 8 rebounds, 1 set of injured family jewels), continues to be the Garnett Jr. we drafted him for, and Antonio Daniels (15 points, 5 assists), while still having a few mental lapses, has been your basic, serviceable point guard.

From downtown, Toronto carved us up as well as on the floor with assists galore. Jose “Mango” Calderon has eyes in the back of his head, and probably on the sides of his head, seeing his teammates through with 23 points and 13 dimes. Since T.J went out, this guy has stepped up admirably, and in past matchups, it wasn’t Ford that got us, it was a steady dose of Calderon, Bosh (37 points, 12 rebounds, 1 cool campaign video) and timely shooting that would usually do us in.

At the end of regulation, with D.C. up by three, the Ghost of Mike Ruffin reared his ugly, alien-head, as Anthony Parker, (8 points and 5 rebounds) nailed a three at the buzzer with three Wizards on his jersey.

Not again.

The ending here came out a little different than past overtimes with the Raps (no Mo Pete!), we hung around, hit some timely shots and merely outlasted Toronto on our home floor.

Next up will be a trip to the Air Canada Centre, to see if we can still cope with Butler on the bench. It’s gonna be another good one, so be on the lookout folks!


3 thoughts on “Game Recap: Wizards 108, Raptors 104 (OT)

  1. Great to have you back, even if it’s just for a guest spot when our teams meet up. I was about to write a “Hey! Whatever happened to Brian Taylor” post so glad to see you stepped in to write a guest spot this week.

  2. Oh, an unexpected post! I was just checking out some of your older posts yesterday since I wasn’t here to read them in 2006.

    It’s great when I wake up and I don’t just find one, but two Raptors/Wizards game recaps.

    Like I stated in my comment in Kinnon’s Recap, Jose Calderon is amazing!

  3. I agree Calderon is in a Zone right now(10 ast & 15 ppg) in January as a starter, hope he stays there. Hope he also becomes a little more aggressive with his shooting and looks to score more, ala TJ, when the rest of the team is in a shooting funk, with the exception of Bosh and Humph.

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