Before the Trade Deadline: Carlos Delfino

As the trade deadline approaches, it’s important to take a look at some of the so-called tradeable assets on this Raptors team. What are the strengths and weaknesses of a player, looking at the current and future possibilities, and of course salary situations.

Salary: $1.8 million guaranteed this year with a qualifying offer of $2.7 million for 2008-2009.

Strengths: The best secondary defensive option after Anthony Parker. He is also extremely good at rebounding from the guard position. Attempts to take charges within games, and is able to make good defensive decisions within the context of most games. Has the ability to drive to the basket and hit 3-pointers

Weaknesses: Offensively, he is extremely inconsistent. Has the ability to disappear for quarters on end, and is prone to enter shooting slumps. Needs to drive the ball more, especially with his ability to play physically and finish around the rim. Fairly poor free throw shooter.

Comments: If Parker is a guy that Bryan Colangelo should be fine with parting with, where does that leave Carlos Delfino? First and foremost, Carlos at a price of a couple million is a bargain. However, it is invariably not going to be a price that the Raptors can resign him for. There are several reasons for this, but one of them is the fact that Carlos gives off the feeling that he believes that he can handle a bigger role on most teams and can demand a higher salary. His comments in Detroit as well as his off season comments also indicate this fact, not to mention his unwillingness to sign an extension in the previous off season. However, if Jorge Garbajosa is healthy, does Carlos Delfino start ahead of him?

The biggest problem with Carlos Delfino is his inability to drive consistently into defenses. He can do it, and has shown it in spurts, but being consistent seems to be the main need from this Raptors team. The second biggest problem (a 1a) problem, if you will) is that when he does get around the rim and does get fouled, he’s not a very good free throw shooter. At just under 70% career, as a guy that has the potential to be at the line at least two or three times a game, it’s not a very encouraging number. As a result, do you want him driving if he’s not going to make his free throws? It’s also important to note that while his three point percentage is up this year, he has traditionally been an under 35% 3 point shooter and has gone into long streaks of missed threes for games at a time.

So at a price of $2 million and with the Raptors pushed up against the salary, the question is if Carlos is a guy that has value? Yes he does for sure. Without any guarantees about his future with the team, Carlos is a very attractive piece for a team with some defensive difficulties. He’s a great guy to have on the Raptors when he’s on his game, but there has to be a question about losing him for nothing in the off season. The Raptors undoubtedly get the feeling that he’ll be asking for around the mid-level exemption, but I doubt that Bryan sees his value at that price. For those that forget, Bryan did offer him an extension already at the beginning of the year, but it never panned through. He’s not an absolute essential part of this team, and that inconsistent play is a bit worrisome. I think all the world of Delfino, but if some team wants him, I’m definitely not losing sleep over losing him. After all, I’d rather trade him for something, rather than lose him to free agency for nothing.

Verdict: Definitely available. Would not move heaven and earth to protect him, and an uncertain free agency future makes him a reasonable tradeable commodity.


8 thoughts on “Before the Trade Deadline: Carlos Delfino

  1. I did not follow delfino before he went on the raptors but im still surprised at the fact that he was traditionally a 35% 3 pt shooter before coming to the raptors. For the price right now, I think Delfino is definitely worth keeping and if mitchell will continue making Delfino his #1 option off the bench then we won’t have to worry about Delfino wanting to be moved. Delfino as u mentioned is definitely one of our better defenders and for a team that lacks rebounders we really need to keep our defenders. The fact that Delfino hustles after the ball and in my opinion one of the Raps better (if not best) rebounder (for a guard) makes him deadly once we get ford back and have calderon, delfino,and kapono off the bench providing not just deadly sharpshooters but still at least one solid defender, shooter, and rebounder in Delfino. Perhaps kapono was a bit overrated do we really need such a fast shooter on a team of shooters? Granted kapono is one of the top 3 pt shooters but how often do we use him when we are neck in neck against a team… now compare how often mitchel uses delfino when we’re neck in a neck

    Btw, great blog I just stumbled on your blog today (thanks to USA today) by far one of the best Raptor recaps ive read (previous posts)

  2. Neenja – Thank you for your kind comments. I agree that Delfino has shown a lot to us this year, but my question remains whether we can retain his services for the future. With Garbo hopefully returning at 100% next year, and Bryan Colangelo needing to resign Calderon, there are a lot of factors against keeping Delfino past the trade deadline. I love his game for sure, and many of my personal friends will attest to this fact, but he’s a guy that you have to say that we might lose now so we can get something so that we’re better in the future.

    I mean, it’s pretty obvious he’ll opt out into free agency, and who’s to say we don’t resign him in the off season at the right price? But I’m not willing to take that chance of losing him for nothing, and let’s say we can attain a serviceable rebounder and a draft pick for Delfino and another Raptor, I’d definitely make the trade.

    It’s always got to be about balancing the short term benefits for the mid term and long term benefits.

  3. You are correct perhaps i was looking too much into the short term benefits. I factored in mid term (delfino would be a good guard if in the future we did develop bargh to be a good centre with decent rebounding, Delf as guard could compensate because he can rebound too) but as for long term, Delfino definitely does not seem like a viable option at the moment.
    I dont think its an obvious option that he will opt into free agency I think it depends more on how he plays and as a result how much Mitchell will play him if hes consistent off the bench and gets good minutes (>20 minutes) he may stay… If he doesn’t its true that we wil still have a chance to sign him. I dont see many teams interested in him at the moment though just because hes been doing the ‘grunt’ work and is not recognized (in the Kings game he had 26 points but the real highlight was he was 5 of 7 for threes, seven boards (as a GUARD!), 6 assists, 4 steals and only one turnover the whole game.)
    He can do a little bit of everything but once again he is also notorious for being hot, cold, hot, cold (inconsistent). If Delfino shows any level of consistency I think he can easily get > 20 minutes and be satisfied as the Raps #1 guy off the bench.
    I would definitely agree with you that the Raptors should trade him + another trader for a rebounder and a draft pick but we only paid 2 draft picks for this guy and who else could we add? Kapono? We definitely cannot afford to trade both of our shooters.. and I highly doubt whoever we trade would take Delfino and either Dixon or Joey
    Just to reiterate I definitely think Delfino is worth keeping for at least 3 more years but this is assuming he is not demanding too much and assuming he is consistent which would give Mitchell the confidence to give him minutes

  4. Neenja – Dunno what else other teams might want, but if Delfino is part of the asking price, I’m just thinking the deal will probably happen without a hitch. For one thing, I’m not into speculating much about trades because Bryan’s mind works unlike most other GMs, let alone my own. I do understand he understands positions of power very well, and so, I’m sure he’ll find some trade that’s unexpected.

    I think a better question is, how much do we think Delfino is worth for 3 years? I say between 4-5 million, and it increases to a max of 5.5 amount over time. If Delfino has a good year, I don’t really think that means he’ll stay. It’s more likely that if he has a good year, he’ll look towards getting the 6-7 million end of the spectrum. Putting it another way, AP gets 4.5 million. While I think AP’s under priced a little, I certainly don’t think Delfino is worth more than Parker is. At this moment, I just don’t see Delfino as more than a very effective bench player, but I think he sees himself as more than that. He’s stated previously that this is make or break year for him, and I’ve also seen him comment about a bad situation in Detroit, which leads me to think he has a high opinion of his value.

    Anyways, that’s all I’m taking into this and my reasoning behind putting him available for trade. If he proves me wrong and says 4 million is good, I’d take that deal. If not, well, I’d say trade him and get something back at least 😉

  5. Colangelo’s first priority in the summer is too sign Calderon, and his second is too sign Delfino. The reason for Jose is obvious to anyone.
    Delfino can be as valuable as Jose off the bench as the 6th man with an all around game that brings energy to the offense in scoring, playmaking, rebounding, and defending. With AP he is the teams 2nd best defender that can guard SF/Guards.
    This is his first opportunity to play mins in a team and environment that ideally fits his skillset. He is young and will improve his consistency with playing time, which he has not had.
    It would be a mistake on both parties for BC and CD not to reach agreement to remain a Raptor.

    Dixon, Martin, Graham, Baston, Nesterovic are all expendable and replaceable.

  6. It is depending on the probable free agency candidates on this coming summer that will determine who goes and who stays for the Raps. There are many big and expensive names out there this coming off-season and many opt-outs. I would not think that we have a shot at any and hoping we have some picks taken in the 2008 DRAFT. I would sign ONLY sign delfino to a one-year MLE contract extension and I also took note of his “feelings” he confessed in Detroit.

    I really believe Garbo might actually be the guy that Bargnani misses the most. Dunno how to explain, but I think he does unnoticable things to get the Italian going really well in games.

    You will assess Rasho soon I hope, his price tag is such a huge black cloud over the effective things he did last season. You notice he dunks more this year have you KY?

  7. Johnn19 – I’m not as high on Delfino as you are. He is a good defender though, and at 4-5 mil, I think that’s doable. But I still think we can get a nice draft pick for his contract. I just don’t like the idea that we can lose him this summer for nothing.

    Anthony – Yeah, I agree on Garbo going. He was really mentoring Bargnani in many ways, and I think Garbo created a lot of space for Bargs to operate in, whereas Bosh tends to make his defenders crowd around the basket.

    Rasho’s up next, and we’ll look at him early next week.

  8. will Carlos get dealt? Probably not.

    would he be untouchable? Nope!

    Great job of summing stuff up KInnon. While Carlos is a great reserve off the bench I don’t think he’s untouchable by any stretch of the imagination. If he could be packaged with a Joey Graham to get a super sub I would consider that move.

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