NBA Mock Draft – January, 2008

Our Mock is just a fragment of 2008 NBA Draft treasure and like relative sheet music I will roll out 30 bars to syncopate with the 30 first round draft positions. The 30 players ranked here initially have cleared a threshold where there performances and abilities places there skill-sets in a 1% category globally amongst all draft eligible player’s who want to step to the podium and take a group picture with NBA Commissioner David Stern this summer.

For those who rode our 2007 Mock Draft wave and bore witness that we have the propensity to visualize the selection future and merge past it we will pass this data stream (to our readership team) and roll out the findings. Our Top 5 players would formulate a dynamic quintet for an NBA expansion team:

Michael Beasley at Power Forward
Roy Hibbert at Center
Derrick Rose at Point Guard
Danilo Gallinari at Swing Forward
OJ Mayo at Shooting Guard

This top 5 will receive the paraphrased skills analysis only with full Top 30 breakdowns of all ranked baller’s documented in future 2008 Mock’s. Additionally thorough individual scouting analysis will be prepared leading up to the draft with our first slated to be our Number 8 selection the Congo’s Serge Ibaka.

So here we go… Lock into your favorite web places as we bring to you the Top 30 player’s from all four corners of the world.

The Top 5

1. Michael Beasley Power Forward 6-9 Kansas State: Beasley stepped into NCAA Division 1 basketball and has wiped the glass cleaner than Windex hence his superiority as the Nation’s leader. Beasley has had avaricious statistical outings such as scoring 30 plus and snaring 20 boards in a contest while seemingly doing it without breaking a sweat. “Beast”-Ley can glide to the perimeter and float feathery spirals from behind the arc, post-up off the block, and explode to the cup after a perfected footwork diagrammed maneuvers. Beasley’s defense that he performs at a ramrod straight posture is a work in “process”. Michael seems bored at times with the college game and the view here is we understand based on his immense abilities sealed in a proportioned bodybuilders physique. Beasley has that third eye of seeing the game in 4D and can maximize his efforts based on his basketball surveillance. Beasley’s brainy steeliness, candor for dominance, and commitment to representing himself in exponential basketball statistical numeric rates Michael ‘King of the Draft.”

2. Roy Hibbert Center 7-2 Georgetown: Per Jerry Reynolds the long time Player Personnel Director for the Sacramento Kings, “The two hardest positions to fill in the draft and for an NBA team is center and point guard.” Enter postman Roy Hibbert. Despite a few subpar statistical games Roy is the top pure 5 Draft eligible. Hibbert is at the upper echelon not only based on Reynolds vital comments but Hibbert’s body of work and his Georgetown pedigree. All former Hoya ‘bigs’ had better NBA careers than collegiate such as Patrick Ewing, Dikembe Mutombo, Alonzo Mourning, and Othella Harrington. Even former Hoya center Jahidi White played several NBA seasons as a productive journeyman and Mike Sweetney who battled weight problems was known as “big footwork” for his Hoya honed big men techniques. Hibbert has a qualitative mental feel for the game bolstered by being fundamentally sound offensively and defensively with the ability to dominate if warranted in Coach John Thompson III game plan. Hibbert played with lottery pick Jeff Green from a Final Four team a season ago and is in his first season as the man and predominately has not disappointed. Hibbert’s offensive efficiency is the buzz since he has an NBA face-up game and refined last name to the basket space-eating pivot scoring capabilities at a very high shooting percentage.

3. Derrick Rose Point Guard 6-4 Memphis: Former New Jersey Nets Head Coach and current Memphis State Tigers head honcho John Calipari knew going into this season he had a Ferrari of a team and unabashedly handed the keys to this high performance machine to freshman Derrick Rose. Rose, who is the most athletic point guard in Division 1 basketball, has expressed his game with a dazzling arrays of talents that have to be harnessed from time to time (Calipari’s role) due to his energetic game time expressions of basketball bonafides. Rose is “Tom Brady-ing” a seasoned/talented team and can jet baseline to baseline under control with the rock, throw dimes to cutting/flashing Tiger teammates, and get Chris Douglas Roberts his FGA’s from his desired sweet spots. Rose has a high basketball IQ and another intelligence IQ I call the Iverson Quotient, which is pure inspiration that has his team undefeated at this writing a direct result of Derrick’s leadership osmosis. Derrick with a 3 foot plus vertical leap has that certified NBA hop game that brews best after dusting off another Memphis State fast break with a “pump up the volume” flair funk flush at the rim. Rose can animate his game in the ethers and on the parquet and much like the Pyramid he performs home games in Rose’s game is effective as above as below.

4. Danilo Gallinari Forward 6-10 Italy: Gallinari is a 6-10 super-coordinated, ambidextrous, athletic, and gifted basketball prodigy adept at every area of roundball. Gallinari has excellent finishing techniques that embrace draw contact hang time where he gathers a buffet of and one opportunity. Gallinari’s basketball instincts are first rate and he moves well without the basketball. Danilo can shoot from consistently at all corridors of three-dom, break defenders off with agile crossovers off the triple threat stance, and runs the floor at the right angles as if he has his own calculating compass that equates to a basketball Pythagorean theorem which causes crowd pleasing forays at point blank distance. Gallinari is sure to excel in the NBA if not drafted by an organization and coach that seeks to blunt his talents for a presumed NBA way of doing things DaniloGallinari remember the name readers. Like Jesus Shuttlesworth Danilo “got game”.

5. OJ Mayo Shooting Guard 6-4 USC: OJ sports number 32 like another Trojan icon who also went by the surname OJ yet Mayo and has met the expectations as the most highly sought after recruit out of High School while juicing his own celebrated on campus identity. OJ the 20 year old frosh is typically found shooting beautiful jump-shots that are just as typically unguarded to score at a 20 plus game clip. Mayo is a tweener height for the league which is not lost on USC Coach Tim Floyd a former NBA lead bench suit who has utilized Mayo as a combo guard knowing he will need to play some point in the league. OJ chose Southern California to Floyd’s delight where Floyd’s paradox is making his Trojan team the best in the Pac-Ten or showcasing OJ for the NBA in hopes the Trojan basketball recruitment canister matriculates in top shelf prep talent based on, “How Coach Floyd prepared OJ for the league.” Anyway, Mayo has the offensive gifts to be a prominent NBA player yet has shown the ability to drift in games which are beneath his considerable skills. Mayo should start heating up the scoring column by tourney time causing a better analysis of his big game potential. One area where Mayo stands out is his mental toughness. Mayo can leave the wilderness of West Virginia roll into the mean streets of Los Angeles and handle the media mayhem with solid performances on a team that he leads and commands. OJ has never looked up much from a player-rating standpoint so Mayo will probably turn up the RPM’s on his individual basketball chassis.

Selections 6-30
6. Nicolas Batum Swing-Wing 6-8 France
7. Eric Gordon Combo Guard 6-3 Indiana
8. Serge Ibaka Forward 6-10 Congo
9. DeAndre Jordan Center 7-0 Texas A&M
10. Darrell Arthur Forward 6-10 Kansas
11. Donte Green Forward 6-9 Syracuse
12. Brook Lopez Center 7-0 Stanford
13. Kosta Koufos Center 7-0 Ohio State
14. Richard Hendrix Forward 6-9 Alabama
15. Chris Douglas-Roberts Guard 6-6 Memphis State
16. DJ Augustin Point Guard 5-10 Texas
17. Jason Thompson Forward 6-11 Rider
18. Chase Budinger Guard 6-6 Arizona
19. DeVon Hardin Center 6-11 California
20. Ryan Anderson Forward 6-10 California
21. Tywon Lawson Point Guard 5-10 North Carolina
22. Kevin Love Forward 6-9 UCLA
23. Trent Plaisted Center 6-11 Brigham Young
24. Mario Chalmers Point Guard 6-1 Kansas
25. Tyler Hansbrough Forward 6-8 North Carolina
26. Darren Collison Point Guard 6-1 UCLA
27. DJ White 6-10 Power Forward Indiana
28. Brandon Rush 6-8 Forward Kansas
29. Ante Tomic 7-2 Center Croatia
30. James Gist 6-8 Forward Maryland


21 thoughts on “NBA Mock Draft – January, 2008

  1. I just checked with Draft Express and they have him listed as 6’9″. I feel confident that Eric’s measurements are accurate. Besides, if they’re off by an inch I don’t think it makes that big of a difference, does it?

  2. I am not sold on Hibbert at all. When is he going to have that eff you game when he scores 30 and grabs 15 rebounds. he should be at that level seeing how he’s been at G’town for 12 years.

  3. Rashad,

    Roy Hibbert recently shared a new wrinkle to his credentials . Hoya #55 swished a three pointer to break a tie against Big East rival UCONN earlier today with less than 6 seconds on the game clock. Per Hoya Coach Thompson who designed the play Hibbert’s behind the arc accuracies is well known amongst the Georgetown hoop squad.

    Coach Thompson runs the Princeton offense which is based on team balance and equal opportunity not “stat stuffing”.
    Hibbert is clutch and has game not equated to statistical calculations solely. Keep it coming…Peace.

  4. What about Brian Roberts from Dayton? He’s a point guard with great fundamentals and he’s helping Dayton make a push for an invite to the big dance in his senior season.

  5. I’m an Indigenous Australian like Nathan Jawai and Patrick Mills and i believe if they choose to be placed in this draft they will go 1st or 2nd round max. Both of these players hav not played professional basketball long and they are outstanding. Look them up and youll see wat im talkin bout. Theyll end up being the best indigenous australians to go to the NBA. Wait n see.

  6. DRB,

    Jawai and Mills have created solid interest and are huge “blips” on the scouting radars of NBA talent scouts. Interesting that you respond from your native land Australia–I’m currently preparing a story on Australian ballers. Peace to you from California and respects to all the indigenous Australians. Keep us dialed in.. in the land “down under”.

  7. Someone hasn’t been watching enough SEC B-Ball… Same story every year… Mississippi State’s Jamont Gordon is one of the best players in the NCAA – a 6-4 230 lb PG / SG / SF with a versatility that maybe 2 or 3 guys in each class possess… He is a lock if he declares, and his teammate Charles Rhodes still has an outside shot of making it… MSU just knocked off #15 Mississippi by 20, and they are 5-0 and alone atop the SEC, which has won the National Championship 2 years straight, so maybe he should be on your radar…

  8. Conor-Jake-Greg,

    Keep the comments flowing like lava from your respective campus environs. The February Mock is getting ready to drop with breakdowns for the Top 30 and a feature on Congo native Serge Ibaka. Much obliged.

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