Raptors New Year’s Resolutions

While the Raptors enjoy their New Year’s break, it’s an opportune time to go through each person in the Raptors organization to see what they should be doing for the immediate and foreseeable future to insure our team gets home court advantage for the first round of the playoffs.

Chris Bosh: Getting to the line seems to be the main complaint of many fans, but what I’d really love to see from our all-star is better ball-handling skills. Yes, that means going to the basket more and not losing the ball in traffic as he’s so prone to doing. Oh and by the way, before we start complaining about Barg’s lack of a post game, let’s get on Bosh for his, and the fact that the most effective posting player we have is Joey Graham.

TJ Ford: Come back like the TJ Ford we saw at the beginning of the year. That guy was pretty incredible. Oh, and figure out what, if anything, can be done for your condition.

Anthony Parker: Draw some fouls à la Reggie Miller.

Jamario Moon: Draw some fouls à la Paul Pierce.

Andrea Bargnani: Draw some fouls à la Paul Pierce and Reggie Miller.

Rasho Nesterovic: Stay strong. I just know we’re going to need you big guy, in spite of what everyone else might think. Dwight Howard waits at least three more times, as does Shaq and various other “big centers”.

Jose Calderon: Take that jump shot more.  I mean, seriously, you get a better percentage than most guys not named “Jason”.

Jason Kapono: Gotta keep taking those shots. If you don’t shoot, there’s no point having you on the floor (see New Orleans game).

Carlos Delfino: Despite your hot streak, take it to the hole more consistently. Yeah, the Pistons fans were on you about that as well, so now we’re on you too. Keep up the good defensive work, though try and draw a couple more charges.

Jorge Garbajosa: The man needs no resolutions.  I mean, I heard he’s so tough he did his own re-re-constructive surgery.  He just brought in the expert to consult. (Seriously, get better, stop playing when people tell you really shouldn’t, and don’t even think about Beijing unless you get the seal of approval from every doctor on both staffs.)

Kris Humphries: Love the work you do on the glass, but you gotta learn to kick the ball out and reset every once in a while. I don’t mind the jump shooting all that much either, but rein it in just a tad.

Juan Dixon: Thanks for filling in. I’d say to grow a couple inches taller, but that’s not gonna happen. Anyways, thanks for showing Darrick Martin how to pass.

Darrick Martin, Joey Graham, Maceo Baston: Keep that bench warm. Unless we need you. Then, don’t play like you’re trying to show off to the scouts.

Sam Mitchell: Keep up the good work. Say more outrageous things, and show us more plays using the reporters. It always gives us a fresh atmosphere to work with and something to write about. Good job keeping everyone on their toes. Oh, and if you can figure out a way to work Darrick Martin completely out of the lineup, be my guest.


10 thoughts on “Raptors New Year’s Resolutions

  1. My only Resolutions are for the team to get tougher, get foul calls and for those who can (Bosh, Moon, Bargs, Delfino, etc.) to drive to the hoop. Then we may get pass 45 wins.

    Happy New Year to one and all.

  2. Better ball handling from a PF? That’s just being greedy 🙂 I’d settle for him and Humphs earning more trips to the charity stripe, Jose jacking up some more shots, Moon throwing down some more dunks instead of lurking on the perimeter so much and find a way to get Rasho some more burn (he’s one of the more under-rated players in the NBA).

    Wow, that is quite the wish list… maybe I’m the greedy one.

  3. Dread – I’m not asking him to be Nash! But he’s lost the ball so many times by getting it slapped out of his hands, or just a guy picking is pocket in the lane, that it’s just not funny

  4. Bosh needs to improve his “decision making” when he gets the ball, and reduce the jump shots,when not shooting a high % and go to the basket. His shooting % should be 50+

    When he hesitates, the defense reacts, he loses the ball, or cant get to the basket as well. He needs to pass out of the double quicker to open shooters also, increase assists.

    He needs to continue to improve in these areas and he will progress from being a “Star” to being a “Superstar”.

  5. Johnn – I agree sir. I’m still thinking that a lot of it has to do with his ball handling though. I mean, he’s lost the ball so many times in the lane that I think he’s sometimes hesitant to go to the rack because he’s afraid of getting stripped.

  6. Dread said…
    Jose jacking up some more shots, Moon throwing down some more dunks instead of lurking on the perimeter

    Amen to that – better shot selection. JMoon doesn’t need to shoot 3s to loosen up the defence, Jose will do that, just be ready to swoop and be Dr j-esque.

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