Pre-game Coverage: Hornets vs Raptors

It might be an interesting read for some of you, as I’ve been asked to do a pre-game report as a “Hornet’s Rival” for tonight’s game.  It’s my first brush with, so hopefully, I’ve come off well.  A lot of the questions dealt with the analysis of the Raptors team as a whole rather than with the up coming game, so I think it’s a good for any of you that are interested in the Raptors.

Anyways, have a good New Year’s Eve everyone, and let’s hope this game doesn’t go past midnight


4 thoughts on “Pre-game Coverage: Hornets vs Raptors

  1. While I enjoyed your thoughts on the raptors, I think you are a little off base. Anthony Parker has not been consistent all season long. A big part of the win today, was the fact that he put together a very good game. When he is invisible (as he has been often this season) the Raptors struggle. I’m starting to think that Parker might just be the second most important part of the raptors game plan.

  2. Sorael – Haha. Thanks for the support. I think Parker’s an important factor any year, and if he doesn’t play well, it means the Raptors are going to be in trouble. That’s why he’s critical. I’m also not giving up on Bargs, but merely explaining his season so far. Though, last night showed a lot of what we need from him, and the style of play that will make him successful.

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