Game Recap: Houston 91, Raptors 79

It’s kinda nice. I make predictions, the Raptors follow them. It makes me look like some kind of weird Asian basketball prophet. Of course, I’d rather the Raptors prove me wrong and get their offense together, make some baskets, and shoot better than the horrible 37% they did yesterday. Afterall, they faced a Rockets team that was without McGrady, and got the Rockets to shoot a pretty ugly 40%. So where does the blame really fall?

I will not say that the blame goes with Bargnani, even though his 0-5 shooting night didn’t help matters. He did try to go to the inside several times, made a conscious effort to play some pretty good defense on one of the best centers in the entire league, and picked up six rebounds for the night. For a guy that hasn’t performed, I can’t expect much from him. Calderon, Nesterovic, Dixon, and Hump made suitable contributions to their roles. Dixon, in particular, has given some really strong play as a backup de facto point guard who is unafraid of taking a shot. His quickness makes him a good matchup against other PGs, and his size doesn’t become such an issue, especially when you consider that he’s taking Ford’s minutes. Nesterovic gave us the same solid play that we saw in Toronto the last time these two teams met, and Hump, while taking too many shots, was often the only guy that was attempting to be an inside presence for Toronto.

Of course, I’m laying the blame on Chris Bosh this night. Shooting a horrible first half percentage should have woken him up to the fact that he had to change his game. Yes, fans will look at the stats sheet and see guys like Delfino shoot 2-10 on the night, and say that he should have done some more. But it’s really Bosh that let his opportunities slip away by missing open jumpers and not driving to draw fouls when he’s not shooting a high percentage. Role players to play without using their head is one thing, but your star has to be just that. He has to be able to look at his own game and see what’s missing, and show his own teammates the way when they are lost as well. It’s times like last night that you wish you had a guy like TJ Ford (looking really sharply dressed from the sidelines, I might add) who sometimes plays with that kick-starting emotion that the team needs. He’s also one of the few guys that really gets into Bosh’s face during the course of a game. Then maybe, just maybe, guys like Jamario Moon won’t be taking a ton of outside shots.

So looking ahead, we’ve got a nice New Year’s Eve present in the form of Morris Peterson and the Hornets. Hopefully, the Raptors can grab a win and come home with some momentum for this road trip. Wow, home. It’s been a really long time since we’ve seen the Raptors back at the ACC, so let’s hope the Raptors can show Mo Pete the great team that he left behind.

Next Game: Raptors @ New Orleans


3 thoughts on “Game Recap: Houston 91, Raptors 79

  1. This whole game is more than 80% on Bosh’s undoings, YOU ARE CORRECT MY FRIEND! Do you know why we were able to beat bad teams last year? BOSH got to the free throw line in the first and second quarters…and this year he is NOT DOING it so. I hope our city gets his attention by not letting him go to the ALL-Star game this year, making it a slap in the face to tell him that he has the tools to be an unstoppable PF in the East, exception to KG. Bosh is “Dirk”-ing his way to our losses and disappearing & not DEMANDING the ball in games also.

  2. I was spared watching every moment by flipping on and off to the “meanlingless” Pats-Giants game. Just like the Celtics against the Jazz last night, Brady came from behind and took it to Manning and remained undefeated. We need some of that determination and willingness to sacrifice to win.

    BTW, I’m sick of seeing Moon in the starting line up. For a guy with amazing athleticism, he seemed to be allergic to the rim and getting fouled. If he continues to shhot from the outside, I’d rather play Kapono instead.

    Finally, what’s with Sam with respect to PT? Are Graham and Baston (?) still playing for us? They seemed to be glued to the bench.

  3. Anthony – I’m glad you agree. He’s also continued to rely too much on his outside jumper, which is ok I guess. It was much more accurate last year, even with his foot problems. This year, he’s not as automatic, and while everyone slags Bargnani for not having a back to the basket game, it’s just shocking how many times Bosh turns the ball over in the post.

    TFan – Hahah.. There are others that are still on the Moon-wagon that think it’s a matter of time. I always wondered how he’d bounce back after his first trouble, and the thing is, he really hasn’t done it well. His defense is now lacking a little, he’s not rebounding as much, and he’s definitely not driving it to the hole. Oh yeah, he can’t shoot freethrows very well either.

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