Fanboy Contest Update, FINALLY


Earlier this year, a contest was held in collaboration with, and FANBOY.

There were two sets of Winners: Editor’s Vote & Media Vote.

For Editor’s Vote, this design was chosen by FANBOY. ‘Boogie!’ from the RealGM boards was the designer. It will be available End of December 2007.

For the Media Vote, all the designs on, RealGM and were compiled and presented to our esteemed media voting panel (see below). Keep in mind that not every choice presented here will be printed in December. While the most popular out of all the votes will be printed in late December — for example, the ‘Moon Landing’ design — many of the designs will be slightly refined and printed during the season.

Expect the following designs soon:

Eric Smith of the FAN590


“As a fan of ‘The Sopranos’ I love this design. And considering one of the great assets of the Raptors overall is that they’re a ‘team’ in every sense of the word … this t-shirt does a great job of highlighting most of the guys — the ‘core’ that holds it together.”


“Fans, writers, broadcasters … we’ve all used the term/phrase: ‘Good Joey; Bad Joey’. This t-shirt depicts those words perfectly … in a humorous way … that doesn’t denigrate Graham either.”


“Great creativity on this design. The only thing I might change is the title or slogan under Garbo’s name … I’d prefer it if it simply read: ‘GARBO’. That’s it. But I dig this shirt — a solid spin-off of the Che Guevara shirts that we see EVERYWHERE.”

Jeff Wong of Hoops Addict


“Just a good, clean, simple design.”


“Love the way this looks, but I can’t help but mentally force an apostrophe into ‘LETS’.”

Michael Grange of the Globe & Mail


“I’m a bit biased here, because if I’m not mistaken this was inspired by my throwaway idea on From Deep about a t-shirt inspired by A Streetcar Named Desire; with Sam yelling ‘Jo-eey’ the way Marlon Brando yelled Stella. Anyway, this is a great design and certainly better than I would have imagined. Classic picture of Sam running from the bottom of the shirt is a nice touch; good clear ‘Jo-eyyy’; and then the little Joey logo on the sleeve is a cool little detail. I would wear this shirt. I bet Joey would too.”


“Of the straight designs, I thought this was the best. Very clean, cool image. Not sure Bargnani deserves this kind of treatment yet, but for a Bargnani fan, this is a cool shirt.”


“This guy had some good slogans, but the ‘You Only have ONE point guard’ was pretty good. Kind of insidery, a little funny and to the point. Obviously needs some graphic work.”

Ryan McNeill of Hoops Addict


“I think the Moon Landing idea is brilliant because it’s a great play on words that ties into his high flying game to perfection. The other reason this shirt was my top pick is because of Moon’s amazing start – I’m itching for an excuse to get something with Moon’s likeness on it to wear with pride.”


“Can’t we please go back to this song? The Kanye West song is already getting old and having U2 play at games was weak.”


“After the strong play of Jose last week does this even need an explanation? As a vertically challenged baller myself I’ve always been a point guard fan which is one of the many reasons why I enjoy watching this team play. While this shirt didn’t look as appealing as some of the others the catch phrase was money and made for a shirt I’d like to purchase.”

Doug Smith of the Toronto Star


“Mr. Moon’s a cult figure, and all cult figures should be on T-shirts, somewhere.”


“They may not want to wear this one around Jersey, though.”


“I really, really, really, really wish the Raptors had a player named Stella. But this works, too.”


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