Couchside Report: Raptors and Celtics

Oh baby, we’re snowed in this weekend in Toronto. I commend anyone able to make it to the Air Canada Centre, simply because you’ll have to shovel your way out the door today.

We’ve got the Celtics in town to take on the Raptors. Toronto are going for their 5th win in a row, while the Celtics are looking for their 9th win in a row, their 20th victory of the season. They are well ahead of the pack so far – Orlando looked like they might challenge the Celtics early, but have been on a slide lately, 5-5 in their last 10 games. Right now, the Celtics are living up to the hype.

Remember that early-season OT loss to Boston at the Air Canada Centre? It ended 98-95, with Ray Allen putting Toronto away with a three-pointer at the buzzer? Well, that won’t happen today – Allen is sitting with a sore ankle, meaning Toronto only has to contend with two of the Big Three Celtics.

For the Raps, TJ Ford is obviously still out with what has been reported as another stinger. Otherwise, the rest of the unit is intact.

Toronto start Calderon, Bosh, Parker, Moon, and Rasho. Boston start Perkins, Garnett, Pierce, Rondo, and Tony Allen.

James Posey hugs Kevin Garnett for a very, very long time right before tip.

Let’s not kid ourselves – Garnett is a seven-footer. He never wanted to be listed as a seven-footer, but he is that tall. Also, he’s the highest-paid player in the NBA this season, according to Chuck “Cheese” Swirsky. That makes Leo Rautins “Salami”.

I don’t care how good Chris Bosh could be someday – I’ll take KG any day.

Also, I’ll take Calderon over TJ Ford every day.

Paul Pierce has pwned Moon on a couple early possessions. Goodbye, Super Jamario; hello, Carlos Delfino.

On Bosh: the guy rarely gets you 30 points in a game, but he almost always gets you 20-22 points.

Anthony Parker triples. It’s 12-11 Boston leading.

This might sound odd, but the audio and video of this game are out of sync. The video showed Bosh about to drive to the basket, and the crowd reacted before he even made his move. My hypothesis confirmed: shooting free throws, the sound of the ball hitting the mesh comes earlier than the video.

One-handed KG toss down. Boston up 18-12. I can’t lie – I heard it coming. Audio still out of sync.

KG and Rasho battling, and Garnett picks up an offensive foul, his second. Sub!

Jason Kapono enters the game. Apparently he’s the most dangerous man in the NBA right now.

After the first quarter, it’s Boston leading 27-17.

We have a Juan Dixon sighting. Bargnani is also on the floor, along with Kapono, Humphries, and Parker. These Raptors aren’t getting it done – Boston scores on three straight possessions, and the Raps go scoreless. Timeout Toronto.

A quick switch to the Pats-Jets game, and it’s 10-0 for New England early in the 2nd quarter. I hope the Jets get a score, but I also hope the Pats score 50+.

“This young man is playing with zero confidence.” -Chucky “Cheese” Swirsky on Andrea Bargnani. Give the kid a break, Chuck.

Hump! I knew he’d come around someday…

This Raptors unit does not look good. The crowd are booing…

Tony Allen nails a three, Boston up 40-19. These fans didn’t brave the snowstorm for this.

Can Boston win 70 games? I actually think they can. Why? Because Boston is just having an unreal run this season. The Red Sox, the Pats, and I’m betting the Celtics. Poor Bruins…

James Posey with the hard foul on CB4. Things get a bit testy. Here’s a question: is it better to grab a guy when you foul him hard in order to keep him from falling, or do you let the big man go down? If you foul hard and grab a guy, it could be interpreted as another act of aggression. However, if you let him fall hard, then he might pop up and come after you.

Toronto only have 25 points right now. Boston has 44. This is to Boston’s advantage.

Those adidas “Brotherhood” commercials? Kinda stupid. I think Kevin Garnett would give a motivational speech to a turd if asked. “Hands in, y’all. It’s been a journey…”

I wonder how come Sam Mitchell gives the Toronto media nothing but venom, yet he does those lame Ford commercials? “No hands?” It’s hard to respect the guy when he does lame commercials.

Calderon hits a three, Toronto making a tiny little run to close out the half. Still, the damage is done. Boston leading 50-36.


Braved the cold and got myself a few groceries…but missed the start of the 3rd Q. It’s 58-42 Celtics still leading by a bunch, with 6 minutes to go in the 3rd.

Jamario Moon blocks a shot, his 17th consecutive game with a swat.

OOOOOh Jamario with the BACK-DOOR baseline alley OOP! Sorry, but that’s your highlight of the night. Wow. Unfortunately it only counts for two points, not 20. Celtics still up, by 16.

How about those Jets? They’re down 17-7. I don’t know much about gambling, but the Pats were favored by 25 points or something. A few dollars on the Jets would probably pay out nicely, no?

A sad note on a former Raptors: Keon Clark went to court recently, and revealed that he never played a game in the NBA without alcohol in his system. Here’s a guy who had all the raw talent in the world, but for obvious reasons, never had a chance. Go read more over at ESPN.

We’ve got 2:48 left in the 3rd, and it’s 64-44 for Boston. However, if I were Boston, I’d be very concerned. The Raptors haven’t put a decent run together all night, and they’re capable of one if they can knock down a couple shots.

Boston has a way of making opposing teams play their game. The Celtics aren’t a run-and-gun bunch, but they have a ton of firepower, and will beat you in a halfcourt game. Toronto, meanwhile, are a lot better with Calderon and Ford running the break. Today, Boston have made this a halfcourt contest.

TJ Ford is rockin’ the chin pubes.

Kapono finally gets a nice open look with his feet set and nails three. 69-52 Celtics…still.

Rondo nails two at the buzzer. It’s 71-54, end of 3rd quarter, which is embarrassing if you’re Toronto.

Kapono with another sweet stroke for three. 71-56 Celtics…

Darrick Martin for three…71-59 Celtics…KG returns…

Suddenly, Boston look nervous and agitated on their last possession. Joey Graham with a layup. Toronto only down by 10 points, 71-61. This is the hump the Raptors need to get over. Timeout Celtics.

Out of the timeout, Posey posts Joey Graham on the block, and puts a shoulder into him. Offensive foul.

Calderon comes back into the game, replacing Darrick Martin, who did a decent job in a few minutes.

Garnett will be the man if Boston is going to win this game. I like Pierce, but he can be contained. KG? Not so much. He will take whatever he wants.

Boston goes on their own run, and they’re back up by 17 points.

I think it’s time for salami and cheese. These Raptors are done. Boston up 83-65.

Here come the subs: Darrick Martin, Jamario Moon and Andrea Bargnani in, Calderon, Bosh, Parker out. Eddie House hits a three. Dang.

The Raptors had a chance to get back in this game, but they couldn’t break the double-digit deficit. Kevin Garnett was out of the game when Toronto made their run, and upon his return, the run ended abruptly.

Well, the Jets are still in it. It’s 17-10 now, Pats still leading midway through the 4th quarter.

I can’t believe Toronto didn’t come out better today. They lost in Boston almost 2 weeks ago by a large margin. Since then, Toronto has been very good. And then they basically come out and take a dump on the floor today.

Scalabrine, aka the Big Red Cigar, is on the floor.

This is it, folks. Toronto fall to 14-11, and Boston improves to 20-2 this season.

Your final score: 90-77 for Boston.


One thought on “Couchside Report: Raptors and Celtics

  1. Any chance your watching the Celtics/Pistons match tonight? I am impressed that Boston is able to surge ahead with a big lead in the first half.

    I burst out laughing when I read, “James Posey hugs Kevin Garnett for a very, very long time right before tip.”

    Are you a fellow Pats fan? I’ll be impressed if you are…

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