Game Recap: Grizzlies 124, Wizards 118

It was funny, when I was catching a few Z’s a couple days ago; I accidentally left the TV on. Sometimes, whatever channel I have the tube on is what I dream about. It’s how I found out about Tyson losing in Japan, Juwan Howard becoming the newest member of the Miami Heat, and it’s also how I found out about Gilbert’s surgery.

After being coaxed down from the balcony by the Montgomery County Fire Department, I calmed down, realizing the long road ahead and watched as the guys reeled off wins against Philly and an improved Bobcat team, with Butler and Twan leading the way. Life without Gil will be hard (see: the Golden State game), but not impossible (remember “Impossible is 0”).

But three months of Antonio Daniels!? Are you serious?

Looks that way, and tonight against the Grizz (who’s record really should be a lot better) our backcourt continued to look shaky as the Blue Bears posted a W in Graceland. The Wiz didn’t realize the 3 point line was active for most of the night, and started making threes in the last minute or so before finally taking the L.

Tonight was an odd night, in which the Big East All Stars (Memphis) got the green light from coach Iavaronni to hoist any and everything from downtown. Memphis simply could NOT miss tonight.

Rudy Gay (27pts, 8rebs) is a completely different player than he was last year, and you can tell that he’s been working on his jumper. The guy had the Midas touch, and refused to cool off. This wasn’t typical bad Wizards’ defense, but just Rudy’s jumper being cash money all evening.

Ernie G has to be kicking himself (for now anyways) after trading a future first rounder for Juan Carlos Navarro (28pts, and a ton of sick moves). This was my first time really checking him out since the FIBAs and he lived up to the hype for sure. A guy you can compare his game to is Mark Price, just without the assists and ten times better footwork. At one point in the second half, he gave a disgusting stepback crossover to Roger Mason (who of course fell for it) and buried a 3 in his grill.

Some things became clearer in this game as far as the W.G. (Without Gil) Wizards go. First and foremost, Caron Butler (27pts, 7rebs, 6ast) is your new floor leader, with Jamison (41pts, 11rebs) being first lieutenant. Twan handles to scoring duties, while Caron is more vocal, which will work until we face squads with above average point guards (see Memphis/Golden State/Charlotte).

Antonio Daniels (10 pts, 11ast) did a half-decent job at the point tonight, but let’s face it, he’s a backup point guard, and on any other team he’s close to 12th man status. It’s almost as if he’s torn between “take charge, be aggressive” and “I don’t wanna do too much and play us out of this one”. Either way he needs to find himself or we’ll be horrendous in the backcourt for a while, because DeShawn (7pts, we paid HOW much for this guy?) was once again missing in action. I’m not asking for 30 a game from ol’ boy, but can I get some threes, drives in the lane and made layups? He’s a shooting guard, not a defensive back. Andray and Brendan are the same size, but go at totally different speeds on offense. In the first period, Brendan drove the lane for a layup, and a week later it fell through the hoop. I swear, he’s getting slower, and he needs some of the liquid DSL you see in those cable commercials. Andray, in my opinion should start over Brendan, because he’s 10 times quicker, brings more energy and has a smoother scoring touch.

But one thing about the NBA is that any given night, a team can heat up and burn you for 48 minutes straight, and it happened tonight. It doesn’t look any brighter with Texas road games and Ryans’ Raps coming through in a few days. I’ll keep you guys posted.


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