With all his time off in the summer, Gilbert Arenas has had a lot of free time to work on his blog, along with several other off-season projects. One of which is a new shoe, which will officially launch today.

Of course, nothing concerning Gilbert Arenas is every just “normal”, and neither will the launch of the new Gilbert Arenas Signature Gil II Zero. See, most athletes would just release a shoe and be done with it, but for Gilbert, his launch is an entire event. First off, there will be 20 variations of the Gil II Zero, so shoe collectors will have their hands full. Also, Agent Zero will be launching a new website called where you can find videos behind the collaboration of Mr. Arenas and the good people at Adidas.

It’s all part of the continued collaboration between Agent Zero and Adidas since their successful launch of the “Impossible is Nothing” campaign about a year ago.

Look for Gilbert to wear his new pair on November 23rd against the Golden State Warriors.

(edit – Or not.  Gilbert, undergoing surgery, will be sidelined for 3 months, messing up the campaign that Adidas has put together.)


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