NBA Excelsior: NBA Drama 2007-2008

The 2007-2008 NBA season is in effect after a summer where banished/tarnished/disdained referee Tim Donaghy was linked to placing bets on NBA contests and leaking official data of fellow referee game locales in his trifling attempt to aid his friends in placing bets for bookie loot off David Stern’s global product.

Kudos to the Commissioner’s summer press conference (addressing Donaghy’s felonies) to offset the wide ranging rumors that manifested. Rumors prior to the Commish’ facing up to Donaghy’s exceptional betrayal of trust created such gossip that was typified by 24 shot clock operators at various NBA venues were on the take manipulating the possession timer to ensure buddies in Atlantic City and Las Vegas received a kickback. Good news for NBA basketball brass this season has been business as usual and league game officials continue to operate with temerity and fearlessness as they enforce the most subjective form of officiating in all of team sports.

Ronnie Nunn, the NBA director of official’s, is an honorable man and passionate about NBA referee-dom being of the highest ilk wherever a whistle is blown. The NBA could not have a better person than “Judge” Nunn sifting through the Donaghy mayhem to ensure that all is normal in NBA game management.

Doc and Danny find Celtic Chemistry
Those bitter beer faces Doc Rivers and Danny Ainge adorned on there countenances after ingesting NBA Draft have been replaced with beaming smiles as the Celtics currently have a 7-0 record and have been mesmerizing opponents. Danny the GM tanked his concepts of building through the draft by shelving the Celtics roster and bringing Kevin Garnett and Ray Allen into the fold with several role players that have synchronized perfectly. The Celtics play like a team that has been hooping together for years and have player’s conscious of there unique blending. The genius of Garnett, Pierce, and Allen has elevated the entire team to mesh magnificently and woe to the NBA… it can only get better. Doc the coach has his Green team playing unselfishly which is the essence of Celtics lore.

Doc and Danny had the courage to realize there rebuilding project needed to be torched and utilized there draft picks in prior years to arm there current team that is eye candy on how to play NBA basketball.

Doc and Danny did not except there draft fates they did something plenty of NBA General Manager’s do not do and that is “take action.”

Knickerbocker Chaos

Knick owner Jim Dolan and Basketball President Isiah Thomas entered this season with an 11.6 million dollar ruling by the New York judicial system following each gentleman like there eyebrows based on a sexual harassment ruling by a former New York Knickerbockers female employee. Adding to the non basketball court mayhem was starting point guard Stephon Marbury’s documented off road vehicular dalliance with a Knicks intern and evidence of Isiah’s and Marbury’s sanctimonious utilization of rapper’s Too Short favorite word. The Knicks in another word have one term embraced by there fans on court off court in court performance and that is “Ouch!” Recently Isiah and Steph were alleged to have thrown blows on a flight to Phoenix with Starbury allegedly saying, “He has plenty on Isiah and would get him before he gets me.” Thomas and Marbury, who are neighbors in Westchester County, NY and have the same sport agent need to part yet there are so many mistakes that survival at all costs is truly the Knicks New York State of Mind.


The Sacramento Kings announced after there season opener that the sellout streak at fractured Arco Arena had ended. The Kings, who started the season with 33% of there projected opening day roster out (Forward Ron Artest league suspension 7 games, Mike Bibby thumb surgery, first round pick Spencer Hawes knee surgery, and Justin Williams legal issues) have lost the love in SacTown. The Kings have there third coach in three years and not there first selection who happened to be current Orlando Magic’s head coach Stan Van Gundy. Van Gundy and wife took the charter flight from Florida to Sacramento this past summer and all it’s first class trimmings. However after after meeting Kings official to talk contract sashayed off to a nearby Kinko’s office to sign a Magic contract for there open head coach job and flew back coach to Florida. Van Gundy brokered/hedged the Kings against the Magic to get his current gig. So irate were the Maloof’s who recognized Van Gundy’s hustle they turned to Reggie Theus who has worked in prior years for the Maloof’s Palms Casino as somewhat of a greeter for Palms top rate clientèle. Theus is up against it in Sacramento as the primary goal for the brothers Maloof is to attain a new arena something that looks likely. Therefore Theus first season will be sacrificed as The Kings roster that is poorly put together has no chance of realizing Theus goal for an up-tempo and rebounding schematic that will never be matched with current personnel. Already Theus rookie NBA coach approach (no cell phones on the team bus, Road game curfews, multiple on floor objectives, etc.) is wearing on players causing a guaranteed year of consternation for the Kings that will be season long. Look for the Maloof’s to rearrange the Kings front office something that needs an injection of fresh insight and innovative thought.

Around the league bemusings

  • In Lakerland the egos of Laker chieftain Jerry Buss collided with All-Star Kobe Bryant with Dr. Buss reminding Laker number 24 it’s his team not Kobe’s. Buss consideration of moving Bryant “chumped” Kobe and let him realize there is no deal for him that is in Laker reason. How Kobe was chumped you asked? If Bryant wanted out of LA he would have terminated his “no-trade” clause. Enjoy Lakerland Kobe. The support Dr. Buss showed you during your trial for freedom several years and ago and offloading Shaquille O’Neal in your favor deserves a little gratitude.
  • As of this writing the Warriors are looking for a win after six contests. The Warriors lack of size and team defense has hurt them primarily with no base line defensive presence. The magic that was Warrior playoff basketball has aided Golden State gratuitously in the attendance and merchandise coffers and it’s up to Don Nelson who held out for this summer for more cash to right the wrong.
  • The Yao Ming Yi JianLian match up was relevant in each player’s native China at an exponential viewer ship capacity. A regular season game in November drew over 200 million viewers in China.
  • Deserved credit is forwarded to the front office leadership in Detroit and San Antonio that continue to reel-out top flight rosters and teams in every a stable first rate consistency. Trailblazer coach Nate McMillan has Portland playing efficiently despite not having the services of overall Number 1 pick Greg Oden. Look for Kevin Durant to set a rookie record for field goal attempts.

This column NBA Excelsior will be a monthly feature and to my readers thanks for all your support. In closing as rapper/actor LL Cool J stated, “Don’t call it a comeback I’ve been here for years.”


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