Hello there, Hoops Addicts

Hi. I’m Chris Clarke. You might know me from a seldom-visited place on the court called the End of the Bench, now called the NBA Source. I used to blog from it on the Most Valuable Network. In fact, I literally just said goodbye.

I was going to give up blogging about basketball, or perhaps set off to do my own NBA blog, but was persuaded by a young schoolteacher to keep my dream alive. However, I’m not a schoolboy, and that young schoolteacher is fellow hoops addict Ryan McNeill. He was kind enough to take me in, offer me a place to blog, and allowed me to talk hoops in my fairly unorthodox fashion. I hope you enjoy it – because you’re going to get it anyway (now would be a good time to start complaining).

Feel free to praise me or disagree with me, call me names (good or bad), or offer suggestions on how I can make you feel better about your team’s lack of chances at this year’s NBA title (allow me to spoil it for you now: San Antonio Spurs, NBA Champions 2007-2008).


One thought on “Hello there, Hoops Addicts

  1. Glad to have you on the Hoops Addict team buddy! I’ve been a huge fan of End of the Bench and I’m happy with the timing of the emails we’ve exchanged the past couple of weeks. Over the past two years you’ve uncovered some gems on End of the Bench and I’m looking forward to seeing those on Hoops Addict. Plus, I’m a huge fan of your writing and sense of humour so it will be great to see those aspects here on Hoops Addict.

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