Wade 3 – Rebirth of Converse

Usually when we think of shoes we think of Nike, Adidas, and Reebok. Of course, other shoe companies have been around, but they’ve never quite gotten the same amount of attention that those big three have. Converse, it can be argued, hasn’t had a high profile since they had (pre-choking incident) Latrell Sprewell as their spokesperson. Since then the company has gone through tough times by filing for bankruptcy in the early 2000’s and was subsequently bought out by Nike in 2003. Of course, this was a fall from grace from the years Converse was the official shoe of Dr. J and the NBA in the 70’s. Nevertheless, the brand has continued on and this year we’ll see the rebirth of Converse as a wing of Nike, starting with the Wade 3.

In addition, Dwayne’s created a series of spots that will air in the next few months:

The Wade 3 drops in stores on November 3rd.


4 thoughts on “Wade 3 – Rebirth of Converse

  1. Former Harlem Globetrotter great Marques Haynes and current Streetball Legend Jay “Boogie” Brantley would look great in these new CONVERSE ! In fact, Converse was there in the beginning back in the George Mikan and Nat “Sweetwater” Clifton days. Converse is on the rise.

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