Wanna Win A Raptors Shirt?

To a cheapskate like me, NBA gear is seriously out of my price range. So I went out and bought some iron-on sheets with the intention of creating my own Raptors fan T-shirt. Months later, those sheets are still sitting on top of my printer.

So I asked FanboyGear.com what it would take to get a free shirt out of them. The reply: “I am in need of new ideas for the upcoming season. Perhaps your readers can help us out?”

Okay, not quite what I was looking for, but for the benefit of you, dear Hoops Addict reader:

If you’ve got an idea for a great Raptors T-shirt, create the graphic, publish it somewhere (like Flickr or Picasa) and put the link in the comment field below. If you don’t have the artistic talent, just describe in detail your picture or slogan. We’ll judge your entry, with the winner getting prizes as follows:

  • 2 FREE T-shirts: one of your choice, and the other with your winning design
  • acknowledgment by Fanboy that it’s your design
  • first dibs on all new Fanboy releases for one year

Get those creative juices flowing, folks! Contest closes on Tuesday, October 23.

(This contest is also up on Courtside at TheScore.ca. Please check out the comments there, too, before you post.)


30 thoughts on “Wanna Win A Raptors Shirt?

  1. A picture of an angry looking Chris Bosh with a caption that reads:

    Chris Bosh will eat you children. . . and your lunch, your dinner and whatever else you got.

  2. Is there a limit to the colours we can use? Fanboy shirts are all in white and black and on a red shirt. Do our entries have to follow that template?

  3. Ah man, if only my Photoshop was working 😦 . But here’s the basic idea:

    A picture of Andrea Bargnani to the left, TJ Ford in the middle and Chris Bosh on the right. (All standing up and looking like they are ready for war)

    Then underneath the picture of those 3, the caption: “New Kids on the Block” OR “the REAL 3 headed monster” OR “Raptor Revival”

    The whole shirt would be Black and Red.

    Damn my photoshop!! lol

  4. Can you guys extend the deadline date? I just found this out today and I really want to create a t-shirt design for this. Thanks

  5. You’re kidding me: your name Mater, er, Jeff Wong, too?

    Sorry — we can’t extend the deadline. Fanboy has to have time to produce the shirts for the start of the season. You can submit your idea in text or try to produce the graphic by the end of the day.

  6. haha yah my name is Jeff Wong also, this is no joke.
    Alright well I’m going to try to submit one today, what time today does the contest close then? Thanks

  7. Pat – no updates yet. Fanboy has to go through all these good ideas and pick a good one. We’ll announce ASAP.

    We may also have to do a readers’ choice poll to name a second winner.

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