Fantasy Survey Results Show – Cleveland Rocks!

Hi, and welcome to Hoops Addict’s Fantasy Survey: The Results Show. I’m your host, Drew Carey.

You wondering why I’m here? Shameless self-promotion, of course! And I gotta warm up my game-show muscles before I do The Price Is Right, starting October 15 on CBS! Check your local listings!

Okay. Let’s do this Power of 10 style. We polled 73 people about their favorite features of fantasy hoops. Let’s start with the easy stuff:

What percentage of fantasy hoops GMs like their leagues to have 12 teams or fewer?

65%? … That’s right! 47 respondents like 12 or fewer, followed by
27.8% for 13 to 18 teams, and
6.9% for more than 18.

How many GMs prefer 11 to 14 players on their team roster?

77%? … Right again! That’s the answer from 56 GMs, while
15.1% prefer more than 14, and
8.2%, 10 or less.

What percentage of GMs prefer Categories over Fantasy Points?

78%? … Yup. Let’s keep it moving!

What number of GMs prefer Rotisserie over Head-to-Head play?

Rotisserie – 50.0%
Head to head – 50.0%

50/50? What is this, Millionaire? Aw, scrap the game show thing. I don’t know what to do with these results anyway.

How many players for each position do GMs like on their team roster?

Here is the people’s choice for favorite team roster. (Hey, People’s Choice Awards would be a good gig…)

1 Guard (53.4%)
1 Point Guard (65.8%)
1 Shooting Guard (69.9%)
1 Forward (54.8%)
1 Small Forward (72.6%)
1 Power Forward (64.4%)
2 Centers (54.8%)
2 Utility (47.9%)
4 Bench (24.7%)

(See the complete breakdown here).

Interesting that 18% prefer no Guards, and there’s such a difference of opinion on the Bench. Which reminds me of that lawyer joke … Nah. I’ll tell ya later.

Oh, great. Back to the Millionaire stuff.


Hey, some comments here. Kinda like audience participation from Whose Line Is It Anyway?

Three respondents want A/TO ratio. Here’s one guy with something to say:

I really like assist/turnover ratio as a category instead of just turnovers. It biases the system toward point guards a little, but if you’re going to penalize for turnovers, at least penalize the people who are simply turnover-prone rather than playmakers who are more likely to turn it over because they always have the ball.

Crap. The graph thing again:


One guy said NDBA Hoops for “Other”.

Yahoo! predictably has the best ratings, and UFC is coming after them pretty strong in their second year.

The ratings for Salary Cap Challenge (now called Fantasy Hoops Challenge) are surprisingly bad — I liked it. I guess that’s why is going with the new Stock Exchange game.


Alright – King James is number one! Cleveland rocks!

And the two people who chose “Someone else” named Amare and Dirk.

Alright. Let’s ask the audience. What other options do you like in your league? Just shout it out.


Okay! I like this one:

Permanent waiver rules with free agents. That way, everybody gets a fair chance in picking up a player. It’s not a matter of who gets to his computer the fastest after a game. Other ideas to make fantasy moves more cerebral rather than based on “running speed” to the computer are also welcome.

One more thing — the winner of the free subscription (drumroll, please):

Erez! Enjoy your leg-up on the competition, buddy.

That’s all for today. I’m Drew Carey, see ya next time!


5 thoughts on “Fantasy Survey Results Show – Cleveland Rocks!

  1. Interesting how the most coveted players have never won championships (except when Kobe had Shaq).

    Out of all of them maybe Matrix has the best shot this year after showing total disdain for his team.

    High stats sometimes are accrued due to lack of quality teammates.

    That being said, LeBron is a monster in Fantasy Hoops.

  2. James – LeBron is big, but interestingly he’s not ranked at the top among the “experts.” Are they reacting to Bron-Bron’s mediocre (by his standards) 2006-07 campaign?

    Patrick – Thanks for the kudos. I was surprised by the roto/H2H split, too. For the record, I like both. 🙂

    Also interesting was that some people would do without the bench position.

  3. great job there, jeff 🙂
    i’m all for h2h, btw!
    and i think lebron will have a huge year. i have faith in his improved jumper and in all those reports that state how he seems far happier and with more energy in this year’s pre-season

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