Exclusive Interview With Luke Jackson

During the Raptors media day last week I was able to get Luke Jackson to chat with me about the possibility of the 6’7″ southpaw pursing a baseball career when he retires from the NBA, how he plans to earn playing time this season and what it’s like to be freed from the pressure of being a lottery pick.

Click here to read One-On-One With Luke Jackson.


4 thoughts on “Exclusive Interview With Luke Jackson

  1. Nice interview Ryan. A different approach by having Jackson expound on his baseball talents while the MLB playoffs are currently in effect. Also, you offered a solid reminder on how Jackson was a lottery pick and has adjusted to being a “roster guy” and qualified NBA practice participant working to find his way in the Raptor’s rotation.

    Keep the block hot…Peace!

  2. Thanks Eric! I had a bit of nerves since this was my first interview but I’m hoping to eventually up the ante like you did with your interviews 🙂

  3. Nice interview, Ryan. I’m kind of a Luke Jackson fan, so it’s nice to get his thoughts on the season.

    Didn’t know he’s a lefty (I’m one, too) – how many are there on the Raptors now?

  4. I don’t think they list this on Raptors.com and it’s not in the media guide I have… but… I remember reading that more than 6 players are lefties.

    Can anyone back me up or squash this rumor I just started?

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