Peterson Ready For The Big Easy

Hoopsworld is currently lacking a beat writer for the New Orelans Hornets so I was asked to write a column for them on Morris Peterson and what he’ll bring to the team this season. I’ve been a longtime Mo Pete fan and I felt this was the perfect way to say goodbye to one of my favourite Raptors and wish him good luck this season in N’Awlins.

Click here to read “Peterson Ready For The Big Easy.”


2 thoughts on “Peterson Ready For The Big Easy

  1. I sure hope Mo Pete gets everything he wants out of New Orleans. Fact of the matter is, I always wished a coach would have made Peterson a more balanced scorer, because his driving ability was one of the best. I remember in his Rookie year, he used to go to the bucket regularly, and was a very good SF as a result. After moving out to fill in a void behind the arc, it became clear that he was being groomed into a much more defensive oriented “Dell Curry” for the Raptors.

    As far as butting heads go, I know Mo Pete got a lot of heat last year, and that can be largely attributed to a lack of defense. His days of taking charges and being the Raptors best lock down defender dwindled a lot during his playing time last year, and that, to Sam, was inexcusable. Then, there were some blown plays such as the Dallas win, and his almost-goof during the Wizards game in overtime, after he made that incredible shot, so I’m not surprised that the Raptors decided to go in a different direction. Will Delfino give the defensive presence that the staff seems to need? Time will tell… Here’s hoping though, that Mo Pete regains his best strengths in the upcoming season. (Except when he’s playing the Raptors :))

  2. I think every Raps fan wants Mo Pete to succeed in New Orleans. Part of me wishes that he had signed with Utah because they have a stronger team but if he classed with Sam last season over defensive intensity he would have been eaten alive by Sloan this season. I think he’ll play 30-35 minutes per game this season and Byron Scott will revitalize his career.

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