Will The Real Juan Dixon Please Stand Up?

My latest article for Hoopsworld is now online and it’s about Juan Dixon’s roller coaster ride late last season. When he arrived in Toronto he captured my attention because of the scoring spark he provided off the bench but a late season wrist injury resulted in him only averaging 3.0 points per game in the playoffs. Which Dixon will Raptors fans see this season? Personally, I feel it’s the one we witnessed in March but the team has a lot of depth at the shooting guard position so it will be interesting to see what happens in training camp.

Click here to read my article “Will The Real Juan Dixon Please Stand Up.”


3 thoughts on “Will The Real Juan Dixon Please Stand Up?

  1. Hmm… Joey’s also going to be in there, and might be ahead of him from indications. My biggest factor against Dixon is still his lack of defensive ability due to his size. It’s not any fault of his, but like TJ Ford, that size poses a huge problem for him. Add to the fact that most SGs/SFs are taller than most PGs… Well… The problem magnifies itself. Then you add the fact that Dixon isn’t as good at stealing the ball as TJ….

    If Dixon can’t outscore the guy he’s guarding, there’s a big problem, and we saw that consistently towards the end of last season. The injury might have been a problem, but unless the Raptors struggle to score on any particular night, I don’t see Sam putting Dixon in.

  2. Graham’s ahead of Dixon? Please say it ain’t so! I don’t think I can deal with watching Graham get minutes this season at the expense of Dixon – it would drive me to drink which wouldn’t be a good idea when I’m sitting courtside.

  3. lol… Beer’s pretty expensive down there, so your wallet might cry. Have a beer with Dougie after instead.

    But it won’t surprise me to see that happen more than 1/2 the time. I would only throw Dixon in, if they are lacking offense on a particular night.

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