Martin Finds Future In Moscow

My latest article for Hoopsworld is up and it’s on Raptors guard Darrick Martin. Why would I take the time to write an article on one of the Raptors fringe players? Because The Toronto Star wrote an article last week about Martin playing for CKSA Moscow and after reading the article it got me thinking about why Martin would play in some relatively meaningless exhibition games and after doing some digging I’ve come to a conclusion that Raptors fans might find intriguing. Click here to read my article “Martin Finds Future In Moscow.”

Speaking of Hoopsworld, make sure you check out the site next Monday as they have a complete redesign planned. You can check out a mock up of the new look of the site by clicking here.

Another side note I want to throw out there is there’s less than one month until I attend my first game at the ACC as a member of the media and I can’t wait. It’s going to be a dream come true to sit courtside for every Raptors home game this season and I’m stoked about providing fellow Raptors fans the inside scoop on things surrounding the team. I gotta’ admit that I get goosebumps everytime I think about October 17th.


5 thoughts on “Martin Finds Future In Moscow

  1. Your first game is on my Birthday?? DAMN YOOOOOU! 🙂

    There are some really good things about Martin going to CSKA for a while… It means that he’s probably got some extra understanding of Zones now, that he can (hopefully) pass on to TJ Ford, who wasn’t used to playing against it on the professional level.

  2. Thanks Kinnon! Glad to hear that fellow Raptors addicts enjoyed reading this. I was sent a cool email from another reader so it helps validate the time I put into my conspiracy theory 🙂

    Not to bicker… but… if Martin hasn’t picked up how to beat up a zone after a couple seasons at UCLA and 13 in the NBA I don’t think thee weeks in Moscow will make that big of a difference…

  3. Lol. True enough… But at the same time, he’s learning from the best team in the EuroLeagues, so it must help him quite a bit. Further throwing some more on the fire, do you think he was sent there to recruit some of the coaching staff? We talked a bit before about how the Raptors were possibly thinking about bringing in Messina to coach.

  4. I completely agree that any extra experience is a great thing. Brian McCormick touched up the value of having numerous coaches so you can learn different techniques in his newsletter this week and I thought his comments were spot on. The more coaching philosophies Martin can expose himself to the better coach he will become.

    I don’t think he was sent to Moscow to recruit another head coach, rather he was sent there to start continue his work mentoring younger players and as a way to further prepare him for a coaching career.

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