Jail Ain’t Built For 6’9″ Guys

My latest article is up on Hoopsworld and it’s a feature on former Raptors forward Keon Clark. This summer I found out that Keon had run into trouble with the law and after talking with Danville district attorney Frank Young I was able to to create an update on what Keon’s been up to since he left the NBA. Unforutnately it’s not the story most Raptors fans like myself would like to hear. Turns out Keon has run into trouble with drugs and has a couple charges pending which could result in him spending some time in jail. When he was with the Raptors he had joked with the media that “jail ain’t built for 6’9″ guys” and in a sick twist of irony it appears he may find out what jail is like for a 6’9″ guy.

Click here to read “Jail Ain’t Built For 6’9″ Guys” on Hoopsworld.


3 thoughts on “Jail Ain’t Built For 6’9″ Guys

  1. This is a sad, and unfortunately, common story about ex-athletes. There are those athletes that work for ESPN after retirement, or go the Isiah Thomas route, and then there are those who made a decent amount of money, but know NOTHING else but basketball. Its just sad man..

  2. This is a shame. Keon Clark was one of the best parts of the Toronto Raptors from a fan’s perspective. I remember him and Hakeem Olajuwon making the Raps one of the best blocking teams in the league. Throw in big time shot blocking guards like Vince Carter and Tracy McGrady and it was a hell of a time for anybody who liked watching big swats.

    But unfortunately, like Rashad said, some players just fall apart when they’re out of the league. This combined with Eddie Griffin’s recent passing is kind of an eye opener for people who think all ex-athletes have it made.

  3. Thanks for the feedback guys!

    Austin – Like you Keon was a huge reason why I enjoyed watching the Raps during the embryonic stages of the franchise. He was like a pogo stick and his hustle on D was a treat to watch.

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