Coaches Workshop With Notre Dame Head Coach Mike Brey – Part 1

This summer I had the chance to attend a Five-Star Camp in Pittsburgh and I had the pleasure of attending a coaches workshop that Notre Dame head coach Mike Brey conducted. I was able to record this workshop and made it into a podcast that I’ve broken into three parts. Starting today I’ll be posting parts of that workshop and next week I have some other podcasts to drop here on MVN.

During this part of his coaches workshop Notre Dame head coach Mike Brey:

  • Starts off workshop by offering his condolences on Skip Prosser who had passed away that week
  • Talks about his coaching philosophy on the offensive side and showed immense pride in being eighth in the nation in scoring last season
  • Explains what he’s looking for when he’s recruiting high school players for his program
  • Explains how he’s preparing his players for high expectations this season
  • Talks about the importance of giving players confidence and instilling leadership skills

Click here to listen to part one of this coaches workshop.


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