Celebrity-NBA Namealikes: The Musical

Obviously, a lot of actors and singers happen to have the same names as some NBA players. But did you know these celebrities share more than that? Join me on this Moulin Rouge-esque journey…

Sammy Davis, Jr. & Ricky Davis
Versatile and entertaining. Sammy starred in “Mr. Wonderful“; Ricky apparently thinks he is Mr. Wonderful.

George Jefferson & Al Jefferson
Al be movin’ on up
To the West side
To a deluxe apartment in the sky…
He’ll finally get a piece of that pie

Michael Jackson & Stephen Jackson
Got the moves, but also got the “Wacko” image.

Jim Morrison & Adam Morrison
Apart from the long hair and surly look, both Morrisons are fashion phenomena (The Leather Pants vs. The Mustache) and avid readers of unusual stuff.

Madsen & Mark Madsen
Does Madsen dance to Madsen?

Debbie Gibson & Daniel Gibson
Insert immature “Boobie” reference here, you immature person you.

Tom Jones and Damon Jones
Exuberant, nattily dressed fellows.

Jeff Daniels & Antonio Daniels
Second bananas to flashier stars: Antonio to Agent Zero, and Jeff to Jim Carrey. Carrey, incidentally, does a great Tom Jones impression (skip to the 1-min. mark):

Carlton Banks & Marcus Banks
Yes, it’s a flimsy excuse to post this:

Prince & Tayshaun Prince
Both of them can ball. And hey, a four-peat: Tom Jones covered Prince’s “Kiss”!

For deleted scenes, check out


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