Sketchy Recruiting Techniques: Jim Boeheim

One of my favourite parts of reading through Darcy Frey’s book “The Last Shot” was getting a glimpse into some of the recruiting techniques that prominent Division 1 coaches used while recruiting Tchaka Shipp or Russel Thomas. During the next few weeks I’m going to provide readers a glimpse into what “gimmicks” Jim Boeheim, Rollie Moassimino and Rich Barnes use while recruiting high school seniors.

Today I’m starting my “Sketchy Recruiting Techniques” by including a snippet from the speech that Boeheim gave while trying to recruit Shipp to play at Syracuse.

Darcy Frey documented what Boeheim said to Tchaka Shipp during a recruiting tip and it will blow your mind with how corrupt Boeheim appears:

“You haven’t been up to see us? Here’s a shot of our arena. Beautiful, isn’t it? That’s a ten-million-dollar building you’re looking at. Every game sold out – a twenty-eight-thousand crowd. In four years you’ll play in front of three-point-five million people. That’s more than most pros! We’re on TV more than any other Big East team. We play in Madison Square Garden four times a year. And we’ve been in the NCAA tournament for the last nine years in a row. Now you’re gonna read in the papers about our kids getting benefits. But I want to assure you, our lawyers are working around the clock and they’ve found no major violations. The headlines say, PLAYERS GET CASH! ****, I gave twenty dollars’ Christmas money to one player. Big deal. Worst is, we’ll lose a scholarship. But we won’t be out of the NCAA tournament. Maybe we’ll get a one-year probation during your freshman year, but we won’t be out of the tournament. Okay, maybe – maybe – we won’t play in the tournament, but that’s it. Of course, I can’t guarantee it… Anyway, have I mentioned the facilities? We got everything you want: great weight room, great student apartments, and we’ll give you a meal card too – and you can get pizza a ny time of the night. We got eleven thousand students. Fourteen hundred of them are black, socially, nowhere better. Parties at night in the apartments. And our players – they should run for mayor! Always the most popular guys in town. Four sets of practice gear by Champion. And any model of Nikes you want. Any questions?”

Umm, excuse me? No major violations? Admitting that he’s given money to players?

What happened to having pride in running a clean and legit program?

While Boeheim has had tremendous success winning games as the head coach at Syracuse, if I had a son I don’t think I’d want him playing for this coach or in this kind of a program.


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