Exclusive Interview With Minnesota Lynx Guard Lindsey Harding

The wow factor that undefined elixir that makes the greatest skeptic bow down to the engineering marvel that is the pyramids of Egypt. The wow factor that makes Michael Jordan’s aerial assault on the basketball rim appear to be gravitational ballet suspended by invisible twine. The wow factor that is Niagara Falls crashing boundlessly in a blanket of wet foam while generating electricity to the northeast of the United States, and this same wow factor that puts geneticists in awe at the beyond microscopic code to life known as human body cells that institute the glory of all living things.

Lindsey Harding, the 2007 WNBA’s overall Number 1 selection as she relates to the women’s game of basketball, has that wow power in her current profession. Harding the 5’8″ lead guard from Duke and current Minnesota Lynx employee has a basketball resume that is so abundant that I could literally spend the majority of this article stacking hoop hardware plaques that would be unfathomable due to the fact it’s simply…truth beyond doubt. Harding has this natural preponderance for abundance that is in synchronicity with the way of the universe and the crux of the WOW energy. For the sake of time I shortened Ms. Harding’s award data. A few individual awards while a collegian:

  • 2007 ACC Female Athlete of the Year (all sports)
  • Naismith National Player of the Year
  • ESPN National Player of the Year
  • ACC Player of the Year
  • Nancy Lieberman Award (nation’s top point guard)
  • WBCA Defensive Player of the Year
  • ACC Defensive Player of the Year
  • AP First team All American

Keep in mind Duke won 92% of the games in which Harding played while stacking up 2 Final four visits, 2 ACC tourney titles, and a share of 3 ACC regular season crowns.

Lindsey who should be the WNBA’s Rookie of the Year, despite the fact she had a season ending knee injury, leads all WNBA first year player’s in points per game, is second in assists, and third in rebounds. To the victor goes the spoils and despite Harding’s absence to the remainder of the league’s season Lindsey has been the best rookie and eager WNBA ambassador that yearns to promote women’s professional basketball as a prime sporting event across the planet and a venue for family entertainment.

Hollywood marketing big shot Robert Newman of Athletes and Artists International Management, whose client rung is the elite of Tinsel-town, is bedecked with marketing options for Harding whose efficacious proactive style will be experienced in the body of this interview.

I linked with Lindsey Harding recently while she committed herself to rehabilitation in Chicago something (rehabilitation) that has already been mapped out in her nimble intellect.

Ride with HoopsAddict.com as we interview a stellar young point guard whose impact on the sport has been felt will be felt for many years to come. We here at HoopsAddict.com promote hoops in all it’s many facet so read on as we attain the perspective from the current top rookie in the WNBA- Lindsey Harding.

On being named recently as the ACC Female Athlete of The Year:

I have received a plethora of rewards and there have been times where I felt I did not attain proper recognition for some of my previous play so it was surely an honor and pleasant surprise when I attained recognition that encompassed all ACC women’s athletics. I earnestly felt it was a reflection of all my previous dedication.

On her youth in Houston and how the Houston Comets who won the first three Championships in WNBA history influenced her interest in basketball:

I did not play basketball until I was 13 and really did not like the game initially. My goal as a youth sports wise was to be an Olympic track star. Yet I started watching the Houston Comets and realized this was something (basketball) I could excel at and my desire switched (from track) to become a future WNBA player and perform at the highest level. The Comets inspired me to pursue basketball and it was a huge motivation for me to go and watch them play. It’s been great for me personally to make it to the WNBA an idea that was planted when I would go watch Comets play as a youth.

On playing collegiate basketball at Duke University and how it’s impacted her as an athlete, student, and life perspective:

Duke has a great tradition both academically and athletically. I went to Duke knowing I would be competing for a top-flight program and playing against the best of the best with the opportunity to challenge for National Championships. Additionally since I won the majority of my games played as a Blue Devil (92%) I go into most life situations knowing with proper preparation I will be successful. That has impacted me to the current point where if my team the Lynx are playing the defending champions Detroit Shock I feel we have the opportunity to be victorious because I can’t envision losing. Academically I wanted to be challenged as a student and Duke provided me an advanced/relevant education and I found the best of both worlds while matriculating there academically and athletically. Duke was the best decision I have made to date and allowed me to view life where I don’t need basketball to fill successful and I’m very proud of attaining a degree from a prestigious University.

On her positive mentality and the root of her passion for leadership and success:

I feel I have been born to help others and have a capacity for giving that I am very cognizant of be it physically assisting someone or just by my example. I just have an instinct for uplifting people and situations that also translates to my leadership responsibilities as a player. I find it rewarding to be of service yet I do set limitations as warranted.

On her selection as the top pick on WNBA draft day 2007 and her experiences when that moment arrived:

Initially it was an awkward position since I have always had the ability to choose where I can play and now my professional future was based on someone else’s decision other than mine. I was nervous yet full of energy and did not sleep at all the prior evening. So when Donna Orender (WNBA Commissioner) came out and announced my name as the number one pick at that moment I was hit with a wave of emotion. I did not know should I laugh, cry, smile, and I gained control by being extremely happy and proud of myself for enduring to this point. I immediately reflected when I was in high school how I was the 4th rated point guard coming out of Texas and here I was the first pick taken and the other guards who were rated ahead of me in High School did not make it as a professional. It was a confirmation for me that single-minded focus on the accomplishment of a goal is the root of success. It was a great day.

On the differences between college ball and professional basketball as well as how she plans on assisting the Minnesota Lynx become a winning franchise:

In college basketball it’s all about fun and despite the losing in Minnesota I still have to take my joy of playing the game with me. I realize as a pro you do not get paid to have fun you get paid to win. That’s the biggest difference to me. I realize that since there is money attached to playing I take the responsibility as the point guard to figure out the best way for the Lynx to win games. As a basketball player you know you should have fun because if not you have no reason to bust your body up the way you do. At this level (WNBA) the bottom line is winning so players should have that built in so they can deal with any downside of the win only business way of professional sports. The key is to find the balance between fun and business and look at it as an internal challenge.

On playing with Lynx teammate All-Star Seimone Augustus:

Seimone is a great teammate. I can look to Seimone for seasoned guidance and stability. Seimone is an unselfish player who works hard and wants the ball with the game on the line and plays very well under duress. It’s made my job a lot easier based on her talent and we perform well as a backcourt combination.

On being considered as the WNBA Rookie of The Year despite a knee injury that ended her season after 20 games:

I do not want to come off as cocky or arrogant yet my performance speaks for itself. I will miss 12 regular season games and Vince Carter missed nearly triple the games I did as a first year player still earned NBA rookie of the year based on being the best. My view is that I do not want to be counted out when the votes are tallied. Do I think I deserve it- absolutely.

On making the comeback from reconstructive knee surgery:

Everyday for me is rehab. I’m guaranteed in my mind I will comeback 106%. So everyday I have mini challenges to be able to walk quicker, to increase my endurance, and many other daily goals to increase my healing capacities. At first when I injured my knee it was psychologically tough I could not walk due to the pain and constraints. I never had any sever injury so I had no experience to draw on how to deal with this setback. I have no panic since I have researched that 99.9% of players who have had this injury have returned to play. My motivation is strong I want to get stronger I want to approach my therapy with vigor and increase my cardio stamina. The injury has made me focused on my body in a way prior to I never was. There is a light at the end of the tunnel and my wisdom has increased as a result. I want to be able to run with my children one day in a healthy body.

On being an ambassador for the WNBA:

I have a passion to promote our game in a variety of ways. It’s all about attendance. The WNBA needs better marketing since the promotion falls well short of the NBA. Most people who follow basketball know when an NBA game is coming on and very few know when WNBA games will be played. Why? The media and marketing outlets push the NBA Some of that is the NBA has longevity compared to the WNBA yet the marketing styles should be different. I have plenty of ideas that I feel would greatly enhance attendance and visibility and look forward to promoting the WNBA and it’s brand. There are so many great players in the WNBA that need the promotion and support so the masses have familiarity of their talents.

On supporting the Special Olympics:

The Special Olympics was something that I stumbled upon accidentally while attending Duke. I walked in the basketball office one day and there was an organizer for the Special Olympics who asked would I participate in an upcoming event so I forwarded my contact info and the rest just happened. I loved the experience after participating in the event and here in Chicago I will be attending ceremonies for a Special Olympics event. I have greatly enjoyed the experience working with the children as well as adults and have learned plenty on how people in general deal with those with disabilities. It has increased my compassion and humility. I have had a totally rewarding experience with volunteer work at Special Olympics where I feel I’m making impact in the community.


2 thoughts on “Exclusive Interview With Minnesota Lynx Guard Lindsey Harding

  1. This little lady is so intelligent and a great ambassador for the WNBA. Wish her well in her rehab and looking foward to next year when she WILL be better.

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