Man ‘Bout the City

Chris Bosh was at the FC Game. Then, he made a quick trip to head down to the MMVAs and do another appearance.

He’ll probably be back for Carribana, if the Vegas Summer League doesn’t interfere too much.

Oh yeah, he posted another podcast. (Released a few weeks ago.)

If you haven’t heard his  first podcast, I highly recommend it. It gives us a great new look at Chris,  in a new light. As intense as he is on the court, you can feel the mellow-ness and comfort with himself off the court. I guess it’s what most people have recognized as his maturity, but he isn’t “Mr. Serious” by any stretch of the imagination. He’s a guy that likes to joke around, and doesn’t forget the kid at heart, and where he comes from, while always searching to improve. He loves his rap, his old school tunes, and his 360. (I’m not a Microsoft guy, so I’ll bite my tongue.  I know it’s hard, but I’ve gotta do it. ;)) In fact, I’d say that Chris truly is a star of the people. The kind of guy you can approach, when you see him.

I’m sure there are lots of different stories about meeting NBA Players, but I’ve never told anyone this. One night in this past February, while my buddies and I were eating at around Spadina and College, Mr Bosh, and a few of his friends came into the Chinese restaurant we were eating in. Of course, I knew who he was, but I also knew that I should let the man eat in privacy. (I’m just that kinda guy.) It was, after all, getting fairly late, so he must have been pretty hungry. In any case, my friend wished him luck, (because he’s that kinda guy) and left him. What was most impressive, was that he was eating, like a normal (7ft) guy, dressed down, with a couple friends, late at night, in the heart of Toronto’s first China Town. That’s all. No entourage. No superstar status. Just a laid-back dude, enjoying some good, late-night Chinese, at one of Toronto’s best little restaurants. (No, I won’t tell you which, because I’ll never be able to get a table anymore if you guys all crowd there, waiting for him :p)

Anyways, please give his 2nd podcast a listen. And then, watch his third.


4 thoughts on “Man ‘Bout the City

  1. That first podcast was gold! I was playing it for buddies and we were all cracking up because we never thought Bosh would let loose like that.

    Thanks for giving me the scoop on the new podcasts, I’ll be downloading them to listen to on the way down to Pittsburgh this week.

  2. I think the links on Flow 93.5’s website:

    [audio src="" /]

    Or is that the second podcast?

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