Using Basketball To Unite Northern Ireland

Have you ever had friends try to tell you that basketball’s just a game? If you watch this video clip on Peace Players International with that friend then neither of you will ever think of basketball as just a game ever again. This powerful clip provides an overview of the war between the Protestants and the Catholics in Northern Ireland and how these two groups have lived in a war zone, how this conflict has effected families for generations and how two men are breaking down social boundaries by finding a way for children from both of these groups to basketball together.

I’ve watched this clip half a dozen times since last night and I still get chills each time I watch it.

Having Christian Slater narrate the clip made me chuckle at first but the pictures and video clips that ESPN included combined with the commentary that Trevor Ridland and Dave Cullen provided have left me speechless. Last night I saw this clip for the first time when a buddy came over to watch a movie and we threw this clip on first – it’s now 12 hours later and I still can’t summon the words to describe all of the emotions coursing through me. Between being outraged to the pettiness of their squabble to anger that children’s lives are affected to joy at what Peace Players are accomplishing this 10 minute clip provided me with a wide spectrum of emotion.

I’d like to urge all of the readers of this blog to check out this clip and then read the feature article that ESPN recently printed for the latest release of their magazine.

I also want to thank Chris Clarke from End of The Bench for helping me out with some tech issues I was having in getting this clip online. Thanks Chris!


4 thoughts on “Using Basketball To Unite Northern Ireland

  1. No problem, Ryan. You should be able to embed the clip right here in the post – just below the video, click on “Share” and some HTML code will pop up. Just paste it into the blog and voila. That way your readers wouldn’t have to leave Hoops Addict to see it 🙂

  2. Thanks Chris, I tried doing that with the code you originally sent me but I’m not tech savvy enough to make it work. I tried adding it to the HTML of the post and the best I could do was embedding the clip but when I would click on it to play it would ask if you wanted to save or open the file.

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