Music for MS

A friend of Hoops Addict, Ben, is organizing a charity concert in the Denver area, with benefits going to the Rocky Mountain MS Center.

Here are some details from his Music for MS blog:

My name is Ben and I’m working with three music students at the Metropolitan State College of Denver to put together a charity concert to benefit the Rocky Mountain MS Center.

The three students, Joe, Luke and Yoli, are all touched by MS through their friends or family and decided they wanted to do something to help those with this disease that currently has no cure. … Yoli, who is a close friend of my sister Anna, approached Anna about asking me to help. She thought I would be a good partner because I too am touched by MS, my mother has it, and because of my background in political organizing.

After hearing from Yoli what she and her friends had in mind, I gladly agreed to help. We began to meet in the middle of April, 2007. We started by clearly stating our goal and identifying a partner. We quickly learned that in Denver, working with the Rocky Mountain MS Center was the best way to go. … We have raised over a thousand dollars to date. This initial money covers our cost of getting our facility, the King Center on the Metro State Campus.

While this was another exciting benchmark that we have reached, we are now focused on reaching our minimum goal of raising $5,000 to directly benefit the Rocky Mountain MS Center, though we are hopeful to reach $10,000.

To donate to this worthy cause, please send a check payable to:

Music for MS

and mail to:

Music for MS
15953 W. 66th CIR.
Arvada, CO, 80007

We are also seeking any sort of contribution people can make. We will be holding a small silent auction prior to the concert and are still looking for worthy items for people to bid on. We also would love to find someone who would be willing to donate some design to be implemented in our marketing, on our new blog, and maybe on t-shirts!

Some of the additional costs that we foresee are advertising and marketing as the concert approaches, and a dinner for all the musicians that are donating their time.

For more information and updates, check out Ben’s Music for MS blog or email him at


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