Mr. John Lennon wrote a small little song about imagining a world without war, and imagining a world at peace. I’m not going to pretend that this post even approaches the brilliance of that song. But, as fans, during and after the draft, we do a lot of “imagining”. Like, ‘Imagine that the Raptors could make a huge difference in their future by getting into the draft…’ Or, ‘Imagine if we traded our backup point guard, and arguably, our better point guard for some guy that just scores.’ I, however, imagine a time where each Raptors fan could read this little post. Cause after the last week of discussions around the NBA, I’m not sure we even deserve a team this good.

It could very well be that our makeup as a society (that is Toronto) is so full of our inferiority complex, that we are unable to trust. We’re unable to trust Bryan Colangelo’s vision (board posts on realgm talk about trading Mr. Colangelo for Kevin Pritchard (Portland’s GM), and that this inactivity was Bryan’s first misstep) and we don’t trust that a player might genuinely like us and might not choose to go where the max money is (there are a lot of worries about Jose’s free agency status next year). Now granted, I know how you feel. At one time, we all felt like a guy who was lucky enough to get to date the the hottest girl in school. I am a fan who sat with you all when Vince made us love him, only to be betrayed and “sabotaged” and then dumped for some city and club that’s not nearly as great or interesting as we are. (Sorry to those in New Jersey, but Toronto might not be better than Chicago, LA, New York, or San Fran, but I think it is a nicer place to live than Jersey… And it works better for my analogy.) But you know, it’s time to move on. These players might actually really like us. You know, like JYD did. You remember him, right? So, you know what, the guys that have gotten us this far, this past year… Let’s have a little faith in them. ‘Cause if we keep acting like a heart-broken, always-rehashing-the-past, never-trusting-anyone kinda society… Well, when the right person does come along (Chris Bosh, Bargnani, Calderon and others), we’ll never really be able to appreciate them for all their talents.

One last thing. I imagined one thing yesterday, and that was Bryan Colangelo’s phone conversations. Just before the draft, RaptorsTV aired the “Behind the Draft” special from last year. I think it’s interesting for those who were watching, to note how he handled the TJ Ford trade. It’s particularly interesting to me to see that one of Bryan’s greatest assets is to understand when he’s in a position of power. It was obvious that the Bucks wanted Charlie V, and it surprised Mr. Colangelo further that they were more high on Mo Williams than TJ Ford. I’d imagine that this past draft day had a lot more interesting conversations; the kind where Mr. Colangelo would receive a call, and then he’d get to ask for something ridiculous in return. Let’s not beat around the bush. No one in the Raptors head office wants to get rid of Calderon. We’ve heard it for the past week, and unless you were asleep for the entire year, the value of Calderon, especially on this iteration of the Raptors, is extremely high. However, by the same token, and as I’ve written about before, the Raptors also understand they may have to part with a piece they love, to get a piece they adore. As a result, the Raptors can ask for the moon, because that’s all that they’re willing to accept to part with Calderon. If someone is willing to accept our terms, then I’m all for it.

Anyways, it should be an interesting weekend, with a lot of movement this off season. Start your engines, cause free agency begins Sunday, Sunday, Sunday!

Oh yeah, Happy Canada Day everyone.


One thought on “Imagine…

  1. Great stuff Kinnon! Why do people keep wanting to make draft picks when the Raps can’t take the time to break a green rookie into the playing rotation? That money would be better spent on a vet who can slip in SF off the bench to team up with Delfino.

    In BC we trust šŸ™‚

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