Red Alert: Oden to be Number 1?

ESPN’s Ric “Breaking News” Bucher stated Wednesday evening that, “The Oden camp has been notified that Greg Oden will be the first pick on Thursday’s draft.” When asked by ESPN analyst Mike Tirico if it is this certain, Bucher responded, “That would be a cruel joke at this point if not true.”

Let’s think about this for a moment. Bucher said “The Oden camp has been notified by the Trailblazers.” Camp? I understand that Oden has a plethora of advisors waiting for advanced notice but at this point in the Draft anyone can say, “Hi Ric, I’m calling from the Oden camp and we’ve been notified by Portland that there drafting Greg first. Please tell the sports world”.

Not to discredit Bucher, who is an excellent gatherer of hoop info, but the ambiguity of his statement utilizing camp instead of someone specific like agent seems somewhat vague. Also, the statement Bucher made about a “cruel joke if Oden is not number one” seems less than a firm commitment on his sourcing.

Don’t cave in Mr. Pritchard! Follow your instincts and up close analysis. If it’s Oden we’re waiting for your confirmation although many close to you state your instincts say Durant. Oden is a prize yet the probability of your hand being forced is a possibility. Yesterday one Northern California sports columnist stated in writing on Wednesday June 27, 2007, “That Pritchard does not have the guts to draft Durant number one.” Ouch!

Interesting indeed since Oden’s “camp” has been feeling the footsteps of Durant coming like a thief in the night to claim the top spot so it’s coming down to a battle of pride for that number one stunner status.

Jockeying…. Jockeying. Technically there’s no wrong in Oden or Durant with a better verdict of the most impact player being glimpsed after reviewing each player’s initial season. At that point projections can and will be buried.

It’s your call to make Kevin Pritchard. Sometime after 7pm EST in New York City the easy way and the view of many is Greg Oden and that’s a solid move. Yet, from many your sources I hear your heart is with Durant.

Either way there will be a June Christmas in Portland yet the intense advanced swaying of your GM capacities has been apparently leaked.


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