Final Mock Draft for 2007

The late great humanitarian Dr. Martin Luther King once stated, “It’s never too late to do the right thing.” Therefore the final Mock Draft has reversed course from continually projecting Greg Oden as the top pick to the consensus NCAA National Player of the Year Kevin Durant as the best choice for overall Number one.

Durant is just too gifted a talent to bypass. Yes, Oden is that once in a lifetime center that is all too happy patrolling the painted area and a certified winner. Oden will be an All-Star post player for the Supersonics and help start a renaissance for success in “Coffee-Town.” Greg Oden is a player that you know will provide tenacity, presence, and skills to your franchise. Kevin Durant has all the above qualities and more. Durant with his abundance of abilities has a single-minded focus to be the best player on the rock known as Earth. Durant expresses his game with celestial magic and his promise is limitless, as yet he’s only scratched the surface. Wait till Durant realizes what he can really do.

The choice here comes from a personal decision as well. I have always favored the athletic, offensive oriented, well-conditioned, coach-able, high basketball IQ, dedicated, finesse oriented, versatile, and tall/lean players over excellent singular position talent.

Kevin “Braveheart” Durant embodies all the aforementioned traits yet Durant has one decisive commodity on why Portland General Manager Kevin Pritchard should/would select top shelf Durant first and that’s Durant’s steely mental approach. Coming into the NBA Oden sees himself as a impact role player, an anchor, someone not trying to be the man, and a team player willing to sacrifice for the overall team good.

Durant on the other hand though a team player fearlessly sees himself as the focus, the go to guy, the face of the franchise, and will do everything humanly possible to prepare himself as a long term NBA stalwart. Durant also has that third eye for greatness and the 6th sense to cause all applicable forces to exercise his skills to the status of elite hyperspace and time. Durant when focused projects a hoop hologram that repels defenders like an invisible electric shield.

Additionally, The Mock will stay true to itself and maintain one round. I will chronicle the top 10 picks available after the first round of my Mock and 5 wild card players that will help NBA teams next season.Moving on, the 2007 NBA Mock Draft which has been sampled more than a James Brown bass line in a Hip Hop song, has inspired a multitude of data bases for Mock Draft unity, has been discussed as a cover for a variety of lead stories at various conventional media and websites, and has generally changed the altitude of composing Mock Drafts has been an engaging experience. To each and every one of my readers I send you a resounding thank you! The Mock has been a labor of love for me to write and the reciprocity I have tethered from pros and cons points of view alike has been most rewarding. I’d also like to shout out those who have found favor with my Mock including and not limited to the following various NBA players current and retired, fellow bloggers, The Hoops Addict team, NBA officials, scouts, player agents, Draft eligible players, current collegiate players, various collegiate/professional coach’s, NBA and NCAA television broadcasters, and my personal favorites the global basketball fan. Your feedback and interaction is greatly appreciated. Let’s keep the block hot as I drop the final Mock. My word is bond.

  1. Portland Trailblazers: Kevin Durant 6-9 Texas: T-Blazers GM Kevin Pritchard is finally going to answer the Basketball God’s who have offered Pritchard the free will decision of Greg Oden or Kevin Durant? Judgment day is here for Pritchard who after winning the draft lottery has had to wait it out while the world ponders whom he will select to don Portland red and black. No more sleepless nights Mr. Pritchard you have done the right thing by drafting the other Kevin out of the University of Texas. Rise up Rose Garden attendees and be wowed by the basketball exploits of hoop divination coming your way via express delivery named Kevin Durant. (Previous Mock draft position Number 2.)
  2. Seattle Supersonics: Greg Oden 7-0 Ohio State: Mr. Oden you have been Number 1 for the last several years of your life it seems almost ignoble to have the number 2 associated next to your name. Mr. Oden superlatives/criticism have been flashed your way like no other NBA Draft prospect in history. You have been ruled the next big thing by flashy splash pages via a multitude of websites, glossy magazines have made you a cover boy, you have had your right wrist analyzed and debated, stories have been written about a supposed bulging disc in your back, your facial features have received incessant analysis, and then you’re compared to Mr. Championship Bill Russell without playing an NBA minute. Wow!!! Big ups to you Mr. Oden for handling it so well! Yet realize nothing will be handed to you in the NBA and K-N-O-W your passion needs to be greater than just a anchor the lane player. Greatness is yours Greg so converse with fellow Seattle native Bill Russell on why he was wracking up NBA titles like a pallet collector. Their lies the answer for you Greg the karma connects you with Russell in the State of Washington so bring the hoop thunder as a Supersonic. (Previous Mock draft position Number 1.)
  3. Atlanta Hawks: Al Horford 6-10 Florida: I have always bought into the premise that you judge a man/woman by their works. Utilizing that same statement Horford’s works in the game of basketball is positively vast. The wing player heavy Hawks with a roster teeming with finesse players need a double-double guarantee that Horford offers in regards to points and rebounds from the free throw line to point blank range near the rack stanchion. Besides being a stat-stuffer Horford can express his will in live game time areas where winners excel above the middling. Horford’s overall excellence as a power forward is above his draft peers coupled with the solid mental disposition that can be looked upon as granite by his teammates and coaches’ when antagonists’ erosion hits the sands of Phillips Arena. (Previous Mock draft positions Number 3, Number 4, and Number 6.)
  4. Memphis Grizzlies: Mike Conley 6-1 Ohio State: First year Grizzlies head coach Marc Iavoroni has spent the past several years as a assistant coach with the Phoenix Suns and has had a front row seat in practice and games when Steve Nash was wracking up back to back MVP’s. In other words Coach Marc knows first hand the value of an outstanding floor leader. Iavoroni will merge his round-ball ideology with a Coach on the floor and that starts with Mike Conley. Conley and Iavoroni have plenty in common both need each other to lean on and both need to garner a team tempo. Conley is ready and will “Graceland” in Memphis named after an ancient Egyptian city with the power of the Staff of RA. (Previous Mock Draft positions: Number 3, Number 6, and Number 10.)
  5. Boston Celtics: Brandan Wright 6-10 North Carolina: Doc and Danny that bitter NBA Draft ale you swigged down when the lottery picks were awarded to Portland and Seattle still allowed you to attain a top two pick. How is that you ask? Brandan Wright had he stayed in college ball would easily have been a number one or two pick in 2008. However Wright is ready for the taking now for Beantown. Doc and Danny Wright is the right move and meshes with your talented athletic roster. Paul Pierce should retire a Celtic and a front line of Pierce, Al Jefferson, and Brandan is explosive. Turn up the tempo Doc; make peace with Pierce Danny, slow down the three-point avalanche Rivers, and turn your young greyhounds loose! That’s the formula for getting the Celt’s in the playoffs as early as next year. (Previous Mock Draft positions: Number 3, Number 5, Number 6, and Number 7.)
  6. Milwaukee Bucks: Corey Brewer 6-9 Florida: Corey “Big Game” Brewer is the best bet for the Bucks stops/picks here. Brewer is a rangy explosive go-getter with controlled tenacity backed up by a multitude of vintage small forward trademarks. Brewer comes into the league as one of the fastest end-to-end 3-men NBA wide and has beaten you to the spot lateral quickness that befuddles offensive opposites. Florida bred Brewer is headed for “The Brew City” and will use his rookie bread to gather some needed winter threads in the cold Midwest while being a first year star “brat” without the kraut. Heat it up “Big Game” we’ll check you out in the 2008 NBA Rookie-Sophomore game. (Previous Mock Draft positions: Number 8, Number 9, and Number 12.)
  7. Minnesota Timberwolves: Spencer Hawes 7-0 Washington: Kevin McHale as a player formed a frontline that has been hailed as the NBA’s greatest when he balled with Larry Bird and Robert Parish. Those Celtics greats of the past won three championships together and went 40-1 at home an NBA record. Frontcourt play still wins huge in the NBA and KG needs Spencer Hawes in the 5-slot desperately. McHale who will make the Wolves selection envisions a player in Spencer he can help tutor with low post moves. To this day no low post player has had the seemingly endless indefensible maneuvers McHale actuated in his playing days. Hawes who is offensively gifted now and a above average defender if mentored in the McHale Navy wave of low post savvy will make the Wolves a worthy opponent in 2007-2008 and beyond. Nineteen-year-old Spencer is for hire T-Wolves. (Previous Mock Draft positions: Number 5, Number 9, Number 11 and Number 16.)
  8. Charlotte Bobcats: Jeff Green 6-9 Georgetown: Wherever Michael Jordan is physically present MJ is guaranteed to be the most competitive person in that zip code. Jordan’s unrivaled passion for success is what he seeks to player gather in his role as an NBA administrator. Jeff Green is Jordan’s call here a player that reminds him of fellow Bulls sidekick Scottie Pippen. Jordan seeks winning, talented, and skilled players that despite their prominent basketball stature have a passion for doing the dirty work that Green enjoys like Pippen and his Airness did back in the day. Green is no sham his game will takeoff in the NBA and he will be a force at Charlotte’s training camp. (Previous Mock Draft positions: Number 7, Number 12, Number 14, and Number 16.)
  9. Chicago Bulls: Joakim Noah 6-1 Florida: Joakim Noah will arrive on Draft Day partnered with his grandfather from Cameroon who was a former soccer player for the Africa nation’s National team. Grandpa will be proud of his grandson Joakim as he steps to the podium and grabs a Chicago Bulls hat as the number nine pick. Bulls GM John Paxson understands the nuances of team-building and when you have a two-time National Championship Player that is focused, well-skilled, and can play the game at a efficiently high level you need that in your Chi-Town mix. Let’s keep it real, Noah will fearlessly express himself and is the best passing big man in the Draft an attribute all time single game assist record holder Bulls coach Scotty Skiles (29 assists as an Orlando Magic) recognizes with a blind-fold. (Previous Mock Draft positions: Number 4, Number 5, Number 7, Number 8, and Number 10).
  10. Sacramento Kings: Jason Smith 7-0 Colorado State: Reggie Theus is the Kings head coach and the former UNLV Runnin’ rebel and NBA lead guard is all about the up-tempo attack. Coach Theus theory is to have athletic frontcourt people with a variety of skills that maintain advantages for his squad when a play that is not built on preparation yet guile predominates. Coach Theus with his vast experience knows that a talent like Ron Artest is hard to find and will seek to keep Ron-Ron due to Coach Theus excellent player relations skills supported with honesty, fearless candor, and the fact Coach Reggie has been there and done that as a pro. So that jargon of unloading Artest is not as strong as it once was with Reggie on the Kings bench high chair. Enter Jason Smith. Kings owners the irrepressible Maloof brothers have signed on the rebuilding plan with Sac basketball chieftain Geoff Petrie and hire the Tom Chambers in waiting player Jason Smith. Smith is a gifted-competitive 7-foot quarter-miler that upgrades the athleticism of the Kings forward line instantly. Smith breaking in under Reggie Theus’ direction blends like a California smoothie. (Previous Mock Draft positions: Number 10 and Number 15).
  11. Atlanta Hawks: Acie Law IV 6-4 Texas A&M: Tyronn Lue, Anthony Johnson, and Salim Stoudamire all ran some point guard for Mike Woodson a year ago. All three players took their best shot to hold down the on the floor leadership role and came up a little short of the intended point. Acie Law the second point guard drafted in 2007and potential tops 5 pick in any other lottery season is the man for Atlanta’s future. Law will be able to dictate the direction of Coach Woodson’s attack and offers his own offensive storehouse so required of an NBA team’s leading ball handler. Law’s four year training ground in the fast break oriented Big 12 conference will add seasoned poise to the Hawks guard rotation. (Previous Mock Draft positions Number 7, Number 10, Number 11, and Number 14.)
  12. Philadelphia 76ers: Yi Jianlian 7-0 China: Yi Jianlian is on his way to Philly. Yi may free fall to 12 due to the fact GM’s are punching thru the hype machine of Yi’s ability to be immediately effective in the NBA. Some say Yi will be exposed in the way of the NBA and will be a competent player at best. Some have offered that Yi will be back to China when his rookie contract expires. Yi who has been staging workouts that are not universally prescribed by NBA talent evaluators has been efficient with his LA home base routines. Others have described the league in which Yi performed was no better than NCAA Divison 2 basketball. Never the less the mystery that is Jianlian is a good move for Billy King since a seven footer who can shoot, run, and rebound is an uncommon commodity. No loss on the final results for King to gain a player projected as a top 5 pick in this draft position. King also has more room for error barring trades since he has 2 additional first round choices. NBA teams with only one first round selection need Yi to perform in a major contributory means ASAP! (Previous Mock Draft positions Number 3, Number 4, Number 5, Number 8, and Number 12.)
  13. New Orleans Hornets: Nick Young 6-6 USC: With the selection of Young Coach Byron Scott has a dynamic backcourt with Chris Paul manning the quarterback slot and Nick as Paul’s flanker. Young’s pre-draft rap sheet stated he was more scorer than shooter yet Young has canceled some of that ideology by swaying the cord affixed to the rim with incredulous rapid-fire accuracy during workouts. The Hornets had huge offensive woes last season and are somewhat undersized in the backcourt though talented. Young’s 6-6 size allows Scott to play Nick at the three if he goes small and quick with either of the these three players Jennaro Pargo, Bobby Jackson, and Paul creating havoc on the perimeter. Young who possess steady transition talents would allow the Hornets something else they struggled with last year quick hoops. (Previous Mock Draft positions Number 13, Number 15, Number 22, Number 23, and Number 25.)
  14. Los Angeles Clippers: Julian Wright 6-9 Kansas: Julian Wright and Elton Brand is an excellent frontline tag team in the City of Angels. Wright has a nice pick and pop face-up game, is an excellent finisher off the fast break, makes solid read and recognition maneuvers offensively and defensively, and is an excellent passer with a commitment for executing his role in the half court offensive sets. Wright is a solid player that has a knack for the dramatic and plays with plenty of confidence. Julian played for a quasi-NBA team at Kansas and is accustomed to playing with talented teammates while still keeping his game at the forefront despite grooving with a myriad of skilled teammates. Wright by increasing the range on his jumper will be able to score at his beckoning in future seasons. Wright also has the admirable trait of hitting the glass on both sides of half-court. Good choice Mr. Baylor. (Previous Mock Draft positions Number 4, Number 7, Number 13, and Number 14.)
  15. Detroit Pistons: Rodney Stuckey 6-4 Eastern Washington: Stuckey played the Big Sky conference like a electric guitar on his way to being selected by Motown’s proud NBA franchise. Stuckey who is eager to start his professional playing days enters Detroit with the East’s best guard combination. Pistons leader Joe Dumars is confident Chauncey will re-sign and Stuckey is necessary to upgrade the Pistons guard rotation that has seen the forever in motion Hamilton and heavily handling the rock Billups wear out late in the playoffs. Stuckey is a very nice player who can score, distribute, and defend. Joe D also likes tough players and the temptation to play Stuckey with four tops is supreme in the minds of Pistons fans eager to dance in the streets like the days when championships did not seem like ain’t no mountain high enough. (Previous Mock Draft positions Number 15, Number 17, Number 18, and Number 19.)
  16. Washington Wizards: Al Thornton 6-8 Florida State: Al Thornton the ACC’s leading scorer is ready and available. Thornton has had mixed reviews in workouts yet he is not window dressing due to the fact Thornton’s plays his best basketball with live fire not simulated. You have those who play basketball and those who can really play basketball and Thornton is of the latter of the aforementioned. Thornton who plays the game with a fervent intensity and has one of this year’s draft best game faces. Al is all too willing to let doubters wonder what makes his game tick. Thornton who stylizes his game with “a tricks is for kids”’ mindset has an all business ability to score and compete offsets any weaker willed adversaries. Thornton in DC allows Caron Butler to play the two guard and give Eddie Jordan the high potency offense he prefers. (Previous Mock Draft positions Number 13, Number 16, and Number 17.)
  17. New Jersey Nets: Josh McRoberts 6-11 Duke: Vince Carter will be back performing his aerial acrobats and Jason Kidd will be triple-doubling his way thru the Meadowlands in the home whites. Richard Jefferson is likely to be applying his best supporting actor wing skills opposite Vince and J-Kidd therefore the Nets need someone besides Mikki Moore and Jason Collins to play upfront. Nets center Nenad Kristic will be back in action next season after missing the bulk of season 2006-2007 with a knee injury. Enter McRoberts who may not have the trapeze skills of RJ and Vince yet his high hops near the rack are in synchronicity with Kidd’s no look alley oops. Mikki Moore had a career season playing opposite Kidd so look for McRoberts to fit nicely when playing with dime artist Kidd. McRoberts who many felt was misused by Duke Coach K last year will be a solid pro fortified by playing amongst excellent basketball aptness. (Previous Mock Draft positions Number 10, Number 18, Number 21, Number 24, Number 28.)
  18. Golden State Warriors Javaris Crittenton : Warrior’s Executive Chris Mullin has the 36th and 46th pick in the 2nd round and can utilize that area for either a back-up guard or post presence G-State seeks to balance there roster. Does Mullin draft Sean Williams or give faith that his last year’s number one draft pick 7 footer Patrick O’Bryant can provide post defense and shot blocking behind Latvian lefty Andris Biedrins next season. The bet here is on O’Bryant giving first shot to succeed off the frontline pine necessitating that Javaris Crittenton is off the board at 18. Baron Davis is the main man for Nelly and has a balky knee. Crittenton with his point guard talents and propensity to keep the tempo turbulent is equally adept at rotating ball side for catch and shoot proficiencies and is Golden State’s selection here. Mullin can utilize his second round draft picks for front court players like Kyle Visser and Jermareo Davidson who one or the other if not both could be available at 36. Drafting a talented leading ball maven like Javaris enhances Nelson’s depth and offers needed relief after Baron takes a break. (Previous Mock Draft positions Number 15, Number 18, and Number 19.)
  19. Los Angeles Lakers: Gabe Pruitt 6-4 USC: Kevin Garnett may be a Laker and this pick could be going the way of trade shaking up the entire draft board. If Mitch Kupchak seeks to stay with the pick someone besides Sasha, Jordan, and Smush needs to trigger the offense. Phil Jackson abandoned his tripod half court set and basically turned judge-like reviewing game to game the American Idol known as Kobe Bryant who soloed beautiful acapella virtuoso acts that lead Bryant to another NBA scoring title. Yet the “Black Mamba’ spewed venom this summer wondering how Lakers brass after dialing in a trade for a accomplished All-Stars such as Jason Kidd or Jermaine O’Neal had each deal fall through the San Andreas fault due to other teams merely mentioning Andrew Bynum. Kobe who Southern California has a tremendous love affair with across all racial and age genre’s flexed his might and told the Buss family, “Do something!” Dr. Buss owner of the league’s most lucrative franchise is not about to move his headliner despite Kobe’s demands. Rest assured Laker number 24 Gabe Pruitt is zealously looking forward to bringing his Showtime gamesmanship for a brighter Lakers future and Pruitt’s crystalline hoop expertness increases Phil’s offensive appraised value next to the Laker gem. (Previous Mock Draft positions Number 21 and Number 24.)
  20. Miami Heat: Thaddeus Young Georgia Tech 6-8: Coach Riles may find someone who can run the offense opposite Wade via trade or second round yet he won’t address his small forward woes by passing on Young. Young is what Miami needs a perimeter player that can athletically compete with the likes of the Chicago Bulls which swept at the time the defending champions who looked old and rigid next to Chicago’s versatile, quick, and skilled wing forwards. Young in Miami upgrades the skills considerably in the frontcourt and Thaddeus who can consistently leak out for the quick hoops in transition gives Riles a finisher in the open floor opposite Flash. (Previous Mock Draft positions Number 20, Number 21, and Number 28.)
  21. Philadelphia 76ers: Rudy Fernandez Spain 6-6: Rudy Fernandez has a potpourri of talents where his prime deficiency remains… jack-of-all-trades master of none. Balanced basketball knowledge applied by flair at real time is what Rudy’s hoop approach fuses on. In other verbiage Fernandez is as versatile a player as there is on the draft board that plays his best ball in the biggest games. Fernandez who Coach Cheeks will grow fond of with his game readiness will gain a Mr. Intangible baler reputation very similar to the Spurs Manu Ginobili with his polished unorthodox consistency. (Number 8, Number 11, Number 13, Number 18, Number 20, and Number 24.)
  22. Charlotte Bobcats: Morris Almond 6-6 Rice: After 21 picks the ‘Cats can draft a All-American 4 year collegian, that shoots over 45% from three point land, averages over 20 points a game for his career, is durable, can handle being the man, and is quite frankly the best collegiate shooting guard in the draft. Almond is the Bobcats opening game starter and with Michael Jordan’s old adversary the New York Knicks and Isiah Thomas up next on the first round big board with pick 23 MJ as is his want makes the move to secure Morris before NY. Almond won’t disappoint and will be educating the entire Bobcat’s viewing audience on the efficacies of perfect shooting form. Almond is way better an athlete he’s been given credit due to his effortless grace when roaming the hardwood. Coach Vincent gains a needed skill dimension and locker room guy with the addition of Almond. Morris Almond long range shooting will garner the Rice rookie an invite to next year’s All-Star game three-point shoot-out. (Previous Mock Draft positions Number 13, Number 15, Number 17, Number 22, and Number 27.)
  23. New York Knicks: Wilson Chandler 6-8 DePaul: Chandler a swing forward and first rate hoopster joins the Knicks as someone who can play 20 to 25 minutes of credible team ball as a rookie for a offensively focused ball club. Chandler who played in a very structured system, as a Blue Demon is a gifted player more suited for the NBA playing style than college ball. Chandler is a sound defender has quick hops and makes the impromptu play consistently due to timely intuition. Chandler will add a vigorous rangy presence to a Knick forward trio that is sound yet plays so similarly speaking of Channing Frye, David Lee, and Renaldo Balkman. Isiah Thomas is certain Chandler fits in with his system for 2007-2008 and is a solid pick for the Knickerbockers. (Previous Mock Draft position: none.)
  24. Phoenix Suns: Tiago Splitter 7-0 Brazil: The Suns will nab Splitter with the quickness at the 24th slot. Splitter projected to be a late lottery pick to a middle first rounder is a center with bronzed hoop capabilities that remind one of a young Arvydas Sabonis. Splitter has an escape clause in his contract after the 2008 season and Phoenix can afford to allow Tiago to marinate/wrap-up his commitment in Europe for a season before looking at residency in Arizona. Splitter’s sound overall game and defensive posture would consolidate the in the paint woes for new hire President Steve Kerr’s 2nd unit. Splitter would be offset Amare Stoudemire subtly. (Previous Mock Draft positions Number 9, Number 11, Number 12, Number 16, and Number 27.)
  25. Utah Jazz: Marco Bellinelli 6-6 Italy: Marco arrives in Salt Lake to rain Spalding’s thru the orange radius affixed to fiberglass. Bellinelli string music is a welcome melody for Jazz fans. Marco the marksman noted for his pinpoint hand eye coordination from out of the general shooting vicinity is more than a bull’s-eye follow thru darter from distance. Bellinelli is an above average defender and has displayed deceptive quicks in European Championship ball. Bellinelli can distribute from the one position and has in traffic handles expert at weaving thru double teams .The 2-guard scenario is Bellinelli for the taking in Utah and Marco saddling up with last year’s Jazz first round pick Ronnie Brewer would provide a nice 2 guard duet orchestrating harmonious rhythms for conductor Jerry Sloan’s fast rising Jazzmen. (Previous Mock Draft positions Number 19, Number 20, Number 23, and Number 26.)
  26. Houston Rockets: Jared Dudley 6-8 Boston College: Huge success was predicted for the BC Eagles last season since BC had a successful run in the 2005-2006 NCAA’s and returned a solid frontline lead by Dudley and Sean Williams. Williams did not finish the 2006-2007 season leaving the burden of leadership and team prominence on the broad shoulders of Jared. Dudley did not disappoint and was the ACC’s player of the year. Dudley in Rockets gear represents a player with strong rations in every aspect of a NBA forward’s responsibility. Dudley can also play that point forward position and hustle back to defend a power forward on the low block. Dudley who manned up and represented himself exceptionally swell at the pre-draft camp is one of those roster players that provide coach’s comfort due to the consistency of his competitiveness. Dudley does right and does not take nights off. JD as a Rocket augments Battier and T-Mac. (Previous Mock Draft positions Number 25, Number 26, and Number 29.)
  27. Detroit Pistons: Glen Davis 6-8 LSU: No need to dodge this reality- The “Big Baby” can succeed in the Association. Davis has shown Spartan discipline in trimming his girth and is as good a scorer and rebounder available in the draft. Pistons GM Joe Dumars mentions a team should be built on various personalities and talents to format the right 12-man assembly needed for 82 plus game. Davis who guided LSU to the Final Four two seasons ago and consistently scores in the 20-point range while doubling up the rebound totals fits in the Motor City. Big Baby will be a crowd pleaser at the Palace since his nimbleness for his size matches a nice array of basketball gifts that are commensurate with the NBA way. (Previous Mock Draft positions Number 28.)
  28. San Antonio Spurs: Derrick Byars 6-7 Vanderbilt: Byars from Vandy is a dandy addition to Pop’s World champions. The aging Spurs small forward line would be enhanced by Byars offensive/defensive exploits. Byars was the best player in the rugged SEC last year and played outstanding against forward competition that is decked throughout this Mock Draft as first round picks. Byars would keep the opposition defense honest in a pick and roll set with Tim Duncan. Derrick also moonlights as a catch and shoot menace should Tony Parker draw attention on penetration. Byars is knowledgeable in playing the passing lanes since the Spurs like there forward’s to cheat ball side on any picked up perimeter dribble offsetting ball reversal with vigorous close-outs. Silver and black for you Derrick after the gold and black Commodore’s prepared you for play near the Alamo’s brick house. (Previous Mock Draft positions Number 23, Number 27, Number 28, and Number 30.)
  29. Phoenix Suns: Petteri Koponen 6-5 Finland: I know you ask who is Petteri Koponen? Koponen is a fast rising point guard that has outplayed, played at par with big name draft eligible guards, and has displayed superior efficiencies via a multitude of skills execution at various NBA workouts. Koponen has demonstrated rare abilities with his escape dribble capacities, peripheral vision, execution of runners and floaters, and not to mention his can’t teach anticipation skills. Koponen at 6-5 can play two but he’s all about the point guard position. Steve Nash who was the recipient of various physical forces against the spicy Spurs is the trusted mentor for the young Fin and Nash can play off ball to Petteri to help reduce the abuse he absorbs since Steve dribbles the pill incessantly. Koponen will find his way in the NBA highlight reels and give his game time rival a strong adversary. (Previous Mock Draft position: none.)
  30. Philadelphia 76ers: Nick Fazekas 6-11 Nevada: Nick a first team All-American is a steal at 30. Fazekas is a solid 4 slot big that is a lights out shooter. Fazekas power forward style resembles The Jazz Mehmet Okur and former Piston Bill Laimbeer who are/were expert at stepping behind the arc and draining three pointers. Fazekas running style won’t remind no one of Carl Lewis yet he is no slouch at playing the 24 second rules with good utilization of making v-cuts across the lane and posting up to the basket with a grounded posture sloped at 90 degrees. Fazekas has solid footwork with his back to the basket and rebounds with course of action knack Fazekas will have a solid NBA career ahead of him. (Previous Mock Draft positions Number 25, Number 26, and Number 30.)

The Top Dime (alphabetical order)

  1. Arron Afflalo 6-4 UCLA
  2. Daequan Cook 6-5 Ohio State
  3. Jermareo Davidson 6-10 Alabama
  4. Aaron Gray 7-0 Pittsburgh
  5. Taurean Green 6-0 Florida
  6. Demetris Nichols 6-7 Syracuse
  7. Jamaal Tatum 6-1 Southern Illinois
  8. Alando Tucker 6-5 Wisconsin
  9. Marcus Williams 6-8 Arizona
  10. Sean Williams 6-10 Boston College

Top 5 Wild Cards (potential aces)

  1. Jared Jordan 6-2 Marist
  2. Trey Johnson 6-5 Jackson State
  3. Coby Karl 6-5 Boise State
  4. Brad Newley Australia
  5. DaShaun Wood 5-11 Wright State

6 thoughts on “Final Mock Draft for 2007

  1. Huge fan of Trey Johnson and I don’t get why he’s not being hyped up as a first round pick. If he drops into the second round he’ll have the same kind of impact that Paul Millsap and Daniel Gibson had if he lands with the right team.

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