Speculation, Smeckulation

I hate this pre-draft speculation.

Jose Calderon is getting traded? Really, who decided to float that out there? For a mere pick no less.

In a day and age where everyone can write about anything (and let’s face it, that’s including blogs like this fine site’s) how much speculation is enough? For a lot of fans, this is the most fun they can have. I must admit, that all this thinking about our team and basketball is pretty fun, but it’s also got little bearing on what’s actually going to happen in the future. In a Nothin’ but (Inter)Net article published today, Doug Smith warned that the rampant speculation we’ve been hearing should be taken with a grain of salt; that everyone that fancies themselves experts (*cough* Peter Vescey, Steve Smith *cough*) will be publishing whatever they can find. Honestly, in the Bryan Colangelo era, save Bargnani, Parker and Garbajosa, has anyone managed to predict the mind of the Raptors’ braintrust?

However, this of course, happens every year. The warnings about rampant speculation never really stop the fans, and that’s ok. It’s part of the fun. It’s why we have fantasy leagues, mock drafts, and draft parties. But the “official press” should have to do something more than what we do. You know, some actual analysis.

In any case, I hope everyone enjoys the draft, and the potential it brings. It’s just as important, though, to always take all predictions with a grain of salt. Remember that it was a year ago that the day after the draft, was when Bryan decided to make one of his biggest and unforeseen moves by acquiring TJ Ford. Just because the Raptors might be quiet doesn’t mean that something is rapidly developing behind the scenes. Here’s hoping your team fills you with a feeling of new-found hope.


6 thoughts on “Speculation, Smeckulation

  1. Haha.
    Well, we’ll see. I think everyone is undervaluing Jose Calderon’s stock. When I mentioned that we might have to trade him, I thought it would be for someone with some more substantial experience and proven ability, since Calderon’s a hot commodity, in a market where there aren’t any PGs. I think Bryan’s thinking the same thing.

  2. Jose’s going nowhere, well, unless the Suns want to do a straight up with New Orleans for Chris Paul or the Spurs lose their minds and do a straight up with Tony Parker.

    That said, there might be, might be a choice the Raps feel they need to make. T.J or Jose? Can both of them survive an thrive together? Will the team allow it? Those may be valid questions that, if the reports have any ring of truth, are at the forefront of Raps’ concerns….

  3. dwil – I think if they’re going to make that kind of decision, they will be shrewd, and wait a year to see if TJ can really handle this club on his own. Cause right now, he needs to learn from Jose, more than Jose needs to learn from him. If the Raps take a year to think about things, then at least, they can let their PG situation shake itself out if they want to make any moves.

    I’m just shocked at how many people want Jose, and think they can get him for nothing. That’s all. And a lot of the other speculation is just as ridiculous, IMHO. The Pietrus deal is sounding crazy to me. I’d rather have Mo Pete back at that level of cash.

    For me personally, I’m not a big draft guy, because I’m more comfortable seeing how things play out, analyzing, and then moving forward. So I’ll leave that stuff to you guys. 😉

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