Playing in the Low Post: Tiago Splitter

Today we watch a low post move. It’s important because it has to do with the development of Tiago Splitter, the young Brazilian pearl.

Splitter started playing as a pro at a very young age and there hasn’t been a more promising player like him in the Spanish leagues until Riki Rubio appeared. Tiago started playing in the Spanish 4th league (semi-professional) at the age of 15, and he has climbed step by step towards the ACB. His game has developed, and the big guy who was known mostly for his impressive blocking ability is now an important offensive and defensive player in one of the top European teams, TAU Vitoria.

A reason why Splitter stayed so long in TAU might be that he knew he had to work on his fundamentals to be a good NBA player. For example, some years ago, he didn’t use his left hand at all. Now, as we see in the clip below, he can finish low post moves with his weak hand.

The move is simple, but not many European post players (remember, this guy is 22 years old) use both hands when playing the post. He dribbles toward the heart of the paint and makes a spin move to shoot with his left hand, as needed.

I don’t know when Splitter will go to the NBA (he has an escape clause in 2008, but that can be worked around), but I do know his time is really close.

Raul Jimenez coaches in a Spanish professional league. Click here to read his blog.


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