Hey! Whatever Happened To Michael Dickerson?

With all the hoopla surrounding the Rolls Royce Silver Spurs’ dismantling of King James’ Chevy Cavaliers, Ryan posted some pure comedic gold a few days ago when he found a pic of Michael Dickerson’s basketball board game.


Never mind the fact that nobody plays board games anymore, it was Michael Dickerson, on the cover of a board game, looking as if maybe he was being held at gunpoint. I knew I had to do my weekly duty on this site on none other than the star-crossed Mr. Dickerson.


Coming into the NBA from a stellar season at Zona’, Mike Dickerson had a lot going for him entering the 1998 draft. He had the body (6’5”, 190) and insane leaping ability that made him one of the bright spots for the Houston Rockets. He averaged a modest 10 points per game on a Rockets squad that was busy recovering from the Clutch City era (Barkley/Drexler/Olajuwon/Pippen). It was the next season, however, that things would change for Mike.


The 1999 NBA Draft took place, and David Stern strolled to the podium to announce the second pick, which belonged to the Vancouver (yes, there was a team up there once) Grizzlies. Former Maryland Terrapin standout Steve Francis immediately (in the worst case of sportsmanship and straight up whining) balled his face up, when he realized he’d be paid millions to play basketball professionally. Really, Francis was upset at the fact that he’d be so far away from Takoma Park, MD, so he forced the Grizz’ hand and got himself shipped to Houston for Mike D.


Francis’ career jumped off nicely, but Dickerson’s journey wasn’t bad either. In the Pacific Northwest, Dickerson teamed up with fellow Zona’ alumn Mike Bibby (when he had hair) to form one of the league’s most promising young backcourt. Mike D averaged 18ppg and shot the lights out from downtown. You’d compare him today with a Jason Richardson, a guy who has the long rangy, body, but very explosive, with a nice jumper to boot. Granted, the Grizzlies were more of a Canadian sideshow than a good team, Dickerson gave opposing defenses problems night in and night out. Mike wasn’t an all-star, but he was on his way, and he was happy with his role (as evidenced by the smile on the cover of his board game).


Well kids, we all know how these stories end, and for Dickerson it hurt really bad, literally. Mike’s groin just wouldn’t cooperate, and once that goes, the rest of the lower body usually breaks down in some way shape or form. After Mike Heisley sold the team to Graceland, Dickerson tried his best to heal up so he could join Jerry West’s newest diamond in the rough, Pau Gasol. When that experiment failed to come to fruition, it was pretty much over for Mike D, as he called it quits in 2002.


Doing some TPS reports (i.e. “Googling”) I ran into a website that claims Mike D as a founder for News For The Soul, which is a life-changing internet radio show that can…..well…..teach you how to bend spoons with your MIND! Dead serious folks check that link here (www.newsforthesoul.com/dickerson.htm)  But seriously, Mike had skills on the court and it’s a shame we never got to see his full potential.




6 thoughts on “Hey! Whatever Happened To Michael Dickerson?

  1. B Teezy – where did you score that picture? Hilarious! I think it’s even better than his picture on his board game.

    Also, where did you find that News for the Soul link?

    Between that picture and the link you hit gold today!

  2. Again I started off pretty impressed with your article but seriously who are you to judge someone and what they believe in? Would you have rather him to be someone caught up in a life and drugs and violence would that be a better way to fall from grace. I read a lot about Mike D…the man is actually a very positive person and a great role model for young children and athletes…I applaud him and other athlete that stick with the postive aspect of playing a professional sport and continuing to be a role model even when they are out of the spotlight. Why don’t you try focusing on that in your next article.

  3. Kendall, I started off pretty impressed with your comment until I realized that you may be mistaken, I merely pointed out what Mike was up to recently, never passed any judgement. If you check the Reggie Theus article I just wrote, you’ll see the positivity, heck he even tells you to Unleash Your Potential in the clip!

    Unleash your poential homie!

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