Michael Dickerson’s Crunchtime Basketball

Today at school one of my students brought me a game from their house called Michael Dickerson’s Crunchtime Basketball and I wanted to share this blast from the past.

What is this game? Well, according to the box Michael Dickerson’s Crunchtime Basketball is:

  • A game of strategy… speed… action… that’s Michael D’s Crunchtime!
  • Roll the dice, move your players, collect fouls, mark your score. Keep your eye on the time, spin the spinner… make your shots with the game on the line!
  • All that boardgame fun combined with fadeaway J’s, fouls, steals, blocks, fast breaks, alley-oops and those game-changing 3 pointers!

The official website is listed as http://www.crunchtimegame.com but it didn’t work and the company that produces the game, Five Talents, didn’t turn up any hits when I Googled them as well. Any chance someone can help me find some active links or pictures online for this game? The closest I came to finding something online about this game is this Ebay auction. If you can find some active links or pictures please leave them in the comments section for this post. Thanks!


15 thoughts on “Michael Dickerson’s Crunchtime Basketball

  1. Michael Dickerson. That’s a name I haven’t heard in a while. I used to love that guy, the second half of Vancouver’s Mike/Mike backcourt (Bibby being the other). If I recall correctly he had to eventually hang ’em up because of injuries, luckily not before he finished cashing in on his celebrity.

    I want to play.

  2. Great post! While it is usally NBA Live or NBA2K7 that get all the press, it is great to see another table top basketball game get some print. Many of these games used to be on the market (Negamco, Mickey’s Fastbreak, APBA) and some still are (Statis Pro, Strat-O-Matic, Replay, TM Sports) though many of these type of games have transitioned onto the computer (Action PC, Strat-O-Matic, GreyDog Software, Cactus Development, BBall, Haffner, Jump Shot). Since most of these games focus on how their game engines and ratings can reproduce an NBA season as accurate as possible, these games are useful for those “what ifs” such as the following:

    (1) How would the Suns faired against the Spurs had Stoudamire and Diaw been able to play game 5? (2) How would those great Bulls teams have faired against the Showtime Lakers or even the Celtics of the early/mid-eighties or even the Shaq/Kobe-champion Lakers of the 2000’s? (3) How would some of those great teams of the 1960’s or 1970’s fair agaist the teams of today?

    I play mostly Strat-O-Matic basketball mainly because it’s been around for over 30 years and it’s a great game where I’ve even put a site together with info on the game (http://www.somhoops.com/). However, I’ve played other games and would be more than willing to help find a table-top/computer based text game that would suit your interests (Jason, dakotablizzards@yahoo.com). I’m not so much trying to get guys to play Strat-O-Matic but rather to help grow the basketball game community in general. Thanks for reading!

  3. Slow down Jason!!! I’m not sure what’s funnier, M-Dicks(LOL) picture or that message you just posted.

    On second thought your post is funnier.

    I hope you were serious.

  4. Why are we being so harsh on Mike D…he was a great player. If you know anything about sports, injuries happen is that the fault of an athlete yeah probably not. Besides at least this game encourages something other than mindless hours of video games. I play just for the heck of it.

  5. You guys have nothing better to do than make fun of someone who has actually acomplished something!! Get a life.

  6. I found this game, in a store, a real store.
    It was a party supply store.
    The game was in the loot bag section.
    It was like 4.99 or something equally inexpensive.

    So, yeah. I guess it found it’s way into the hands of some liquidator.

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