Lebron James Etch A Sketch

I just received an email from David over at Quicken Loans Marketing letting me know about a You Tube clip where “George Vlosich, self-proclaimed ‘world’s greatest etch-a-sketch artist,’ took five hours to etch LeBron James and the entire process is sped up into three pretty interesting minutes. You can see every line George makes and step he takes to create a unique piece of pop art.”

How does someone have enough patience to do something like this? Wow!


12 thoughts on “Lebron James Etch A Sketch

  1. Maybe he should learn to draw the Spurs, because tonight will be a different picture. Already won 3, sweeping it tonight!!! GO SPURS GO!!

  2. Great talent, all u have to do now is change the name on the shirt to Spurs and the number to 21 and all will be cool, Go Spurs Go!!!

  3. oh wow i didnt know something like that could be done with a etchasketch and it is so detailed you are really talented! did you make the song too????? i saw your name by song written by wow if so i hope you get all the credit you deserve!

    ~Mz. Luci

  4. Sweet George! I’m impressed! Can’t knock you for being a Cav’s fan. I’m N.O SAINTS FAN, do or die. Forget the hata’s…you’ve got talent, boyee! To TEXICAN with “get a life”, get over it! You obviously watched it, fool! Keep on, George!

  5. I wonder when he first got an Etch-A-Sketch and how long it took to master it? I never could draw much with those things, but I tire of doing the same/repetitive things rather quickly, so I admire those who can stick with something til they master it. I saw a guy make an amazing picture with a typewriter the other day on TV. Dedication, patience and skill, that’s what it takes, I guess. Oh yeah, and time.

  6. One Town, One Team, One Dream,………………just like Etch A Sketch that dream got swept clean and has to start over!!!

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