Interview with St Joseph’s Head Coach Phil Martelli

For my latest 5 Star Hoops Podcast I was able to chat with St Joe’s head coach Phil Martelli. Some of the topics we covered during my interview include:

  • March 8, 2004 was the first time ever in St Joseph’s school history that the program was the top ranked school in the nation. Coach Martelli talked about what that experience like for himself, the coaching and staff and his players
  • That season he was named Coach of the Year and Jameer Nelson was named Player of the Year. Coach Martelli talked about some of his favourite memories from that season
  • He talked about what it feels like to see former players like Delonte West and Jameer Nelson enjoy careers in the NBA
  • Coach Martelli shared some important turning points for himself early in his career that help him grow and became a better coach
  • He provides some advice for up and coming coaches
  • He talked about some coaches served as mentors
  • He explained what attributes he looks for when he’s recruiting high school players

You can listen to 10 minute clip from this interview for free by clicking here or you can hear the entire interview over at 5 Star Hoops if you are a 5star Pro Insider Premium Content Services subscriber.


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