Poll: Where Will Oden Go?

A hot NBA topic lately is the Portland Trailblazers snagging the first overall pick of the 2007 draft, a.k.a. “The Greg Oden & Kevin Durant Draft.” While many fans and observers think that Portland taking (and keeping) Oden is a slam dunk, others don’t agree. Some notable dissenting voices include Blazers fan Henry Abbott and Section F Sports’ Adam Hoff.

What about you, Hoops Addict reader? Do you think that the Blazers will draft Oden, then keep him alongside LaMarcus Aldridge while dumping Zach Randolph? Or will they simply pick up some KD and enjoy? Or will it be some other deal? Please take our poll and add a comment.


7 thoughts on “Poll: Where Will Oden Go?

  1. Oden will get drafted and then David Stern walks to the podium…

    “I’d like to announce a trade, the Los Angeles Lakers….”

    Fill in the blanks…

  2. With Pritchard talking about “high risk, high payoff” players, he has got to be talking Durant. But Oden is a rare kind, and he actually fits the Sonics better, and Durant fits the Blazers better.

  3. B – if the Lakers are forced to trade Kobe, it would be great for them to make a splash with Oden.

    Jaz – I agree with you completely about the fit (GO in Seattle, KD in Portland). Some have said the Sonics won’t draft another big so soon, but Oden is a big of a whole different class than Nick Collison, Robert Swift, Petro and Saer Sene.

    And if Portland picks KD, there’s less pressure to unload their bigs (Z-Bo, LaFrentz) or worry about where LaMarcus will play.

  4. There’s been a lot of talk about this from tons of media heads and it seems like Portland could be leaning towards KD… but I’m not sure how you can pass up a franchise big man like Oden. If Oden had come out last year he would have been the consensus #1 pick yet because of his wrist injury he’s not flopped with KD?

    As good as KD will be I view him as the T-Mac of the draft while Oden is Yao Ming – GM’s will always take the big man over the wing when given the choice.

  5. Projected 2007-08 T-Blazers starting Lineup

    Small FWD: Martell Webster
    Power FWD: LaMarcus Aldrdige
    Center: GREG ODEN
    Shooting Guard: Brandon Rou
    Point Guard: Jarrett Jack

    Look for Zack Randolph to be traded for a small forward and do not rule out Rashard Lewis reuniting with Nate McMillan.

  6. Definitely think Oden will be heading to Portland… Durant is a great player, and they could get a lot in a trade, but ultimately I think Oden is just too good offensively and defensively (as well as a strong character guy) for the Blazers to pass up. As Eric posted before me that’s a darn good lineup.

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