NBA Mock Draft – May 23, 2007

The ping-pong balls have spoken and the Lottery order has manifested with two franchises from the Pacific Northwest being the sweepstakes winners for the Oden/Durant bonanza. Portland has the number one pick and will undoubtedly seek to blaze new trails with character guy and 7-footer Greg Oden. Seattle will attain the super sonic scoring capacities of Kevin Durant.

Tough luck fell to the Grizzlies, Celtics, and Bucks who many alleged “tanked” the final portion of the regular season to attain better odds for the ping pong ball crap shoot which would have given these losing teams the first or second picks. The aforementioned teams in the order listed will select 4th thru 6th. The Draft Gods have spoken, “Woe to the teams that challenge the sanctity of the game.”

Atlanta was represented in the draft lottery by the human highlight film when Dominique Wilkins cashed out with the third and eleventh pick in the draft which will allow the franchise to address their weaknesses at the point guard and center position. The Hawks are similar to the Trailblazers in that they are on the threshold of architecting a hard-hitting competitive team for the current and future.

Interesting enough Georgetown center Roy Hibbert will head back to DC for his senior season projecting him as the prohibitive favorite as the Number 1 pick in 2008.

The remaining NBA teams drafting in round one have been notified via the Mock Draft the player that will uplift their franchise and blend with there current summations and rosters.

Prior to the Draft the Mock Draft will expand to 2 rounds. The below listed Mock Draft will be the view until early June and will be modified after our findings at the pre-draft camp, NBA team workouts, and team evaluations.

Due to the intense traffic that visited on lottery day the Mock Draft is dedicated to part additional insight on our global readership. So to our beloved constituents read on.

1. Portland Trailblazers – Greg Oden, 7’0″, Ohio State: The Blazers are good to G-O and that is good for Greg Oden. In February featured an article called Greg Oden and Kevin Durant: Separate and Unequaled which explains why Oden will be the number one overall pick on Draft day 2007 and there is no reason to think otherwise in late May. For those draft pundits who evaluated Oden as a defense menace short on coordination those reviews were as accurate as a Ben Wallace free throw attempt. Take a look.

2. Seattle Supersonics – Kevin Durant, 6’10”, Texas: Durant will don green and gold in his pro debut and have NBA merchandising busy with the populace demand for his jersey. Additionally, with Durant’s arrival resigning Rashard Lewis to the Sonics squad is highly unlikely. Durant joins a team ready made for his high artillery offensive armaments. For more Durant read our Kevin Durant profile.

3. Atlanta Hawks – Mike Conley Jr., 6’1″, Ohio State: Welcome to the ATL Mike Conley. Joe Johnson and Mike Conley are a formidable backcourt and Hawks Coach Mike Woodson attains his “mini-me” on the hardwood. Conley has the pedigree and acumen to impact Georgia professional hoops out the gate. Conley’s arrival to Phillips Arena is akin to Atlanta’s own music label “So So Def”.

4. Memphis Grizzlies: Joakim Noah, 6’11”, Florida: The Grizz’ currently have no coach and having Pau Gasol is one of the attractions of their future General manager and Head Coach. Rudy Gay at the three, Gasol at the four and the multi-talented Joakim Noah at the hybrid power forward/center position is a natural. Noah does not need to score to pack wallop and can defend the 4 and 5 spots adeptly. Utilizing Joakim off the high post as a passer and slasher opens up Memphis half court procedures.

5. Boston Celtics: Brandan Wright, 6’10”, North Carolina: The Celtics need first rate ability and Wright offers a fusillade of round ball TNT. Wright in the Celtics fold can create match up problems especially with a Boston frontcourt of Paul Pierce, Al Jefferson, and Brandan. Wright sprinting down one wing and Gerald Green on the opposite would cause the Fleet Center to rise to their feet-anticipating rim dusting stereophonic slams at the rack.

6. Milwaukee Bucks: Al Horford, 6’10”, Florida: Horford can hang and bang with the best of power forwards and opposite Andrew Bogut would give the hapless Bucks a go to guy at the elbow and low post. Equally as important Horford is a first-rate talent who understands winning and team play which is most necessary for Wisconsin’s Association representative.

7. Minnesota Timberwolves: Julian Wright, 6’9″, Kansas: The Wolves also need a player with a winning persona and frontcourt mate to ride shotgun with Kevin Garnett. Enter Julian Wright to the T-Wolves fold and welcome reliefs for do it all KG. Wright “got game” and gives bite to the Wolves opposite one of the games’ best. Drafting Julian would be the “Wright” stuff for Minny.

8. Charlotte Hornets: Yi Jianlian, 7’0″, China: The Bobcats is the competent best choice for Yi. Jianlian is versatile and attains the right bodyguards playing alongside Emeka Okafor and Walter Herrman. Michael Jordan would be wise to listen to Bernie Bickerstaff. Under Bickerstaff’s directions the Cat’s have had 4 players either first or second team on the NBA All-Rookie team the past 2 seasons. Jianlian would be a strong candidate for All-Rookie status and offer the Bobcats a multitude of match-up advantages with the team’s current cast.

9. Chicago Bulls: Spencer Hawes, 7’0″, Washington: I agree with Ben Gordon. Gordon, the Bulls shooting guard states, “We need a post offensive threat.” Spencer can step into one of the leagues most watched franchises and focus on what he does best score in the paint and from fifteen feet in. Ben Wallace would take sizeable pressure of Hawes and Spencer’s addition would stabilize Scott Skiles roster.

10. Sacramento Kings: Jason Smith, 7’0″, Colorado: The Kings most pressing need is to get athletic in the frontcourt and Colorado’s Jason Smith is what Sac’s hoop impresario Geoff Petrie has gathered. Smith is a 7-footer who is a star in the making that doubles as a fierce competitor. Smith provides the Kings with an athletic scoring/running/leaping big with a game better suited for the NBA. Look for the Kings to be staunchly involved in the pursuit of free agent Rashard Lewis.

11. Atlanta Hawks: Tiago Splitter, 7’0″, Brazil: Splitter’s European contract has him tied up for another season yet his destiny to the Hawks is tied up with this pick. Drafting Splitter would be a wise advance move for GM Billy Knight and provide a key crucial construct to Atlanta’s perceived prosperous hoops future.

12. Philadelphia 76ers: Corey Brewer, 6’9″, Florida: The 76ers are developing a roster with 6-9 athletic dynamos with the addition of Big Game Brewer. Brewer teaming with the exceptional basketball diversity of Andre Iguodala and the likes of Andre Miller and Samuel Dalembert give Philly a basketball anomaly drenched with young “go get it” greyhounds. Mix in Rodney Carney and Philly resembles the East Coast version of the Golden State Warriors.

13. New Orleans Hornets: Morris Almond, 6’6″, Rice: Byron Scott needs offensive help and someone with perimeter offensive consistency. Morris Almond reminds Coach Scott of his game when he donned NBA threads fits perfectly on Louisiana’s Association representative. Almond is a prototype 2-guard who will overwhelm those in attendance at his individual NBA team workout.

14. Los Angeles Clippers: Acie Law IV, Texas A&M: LA Law is the right ruling for GM Elgin Baylor. Law and Coach Dunleavy are a nice leadership concoction and Acie cools the point guard woes at Staples Center. Law is seasoned/refined with a gym bag full of lead guard sophistications while receiving priceless backcourt wit from fellow Clipper Sam Cassell.

15. Detroit Pistons: Javaris Crittenton, 6’5″, Georgia Tech: Chauncey and Rip have hauled plenty of backcourt minutes and Lindsey Hunter is getting closer to retirement. Enter Javaris. Crittenton in Pistons red, white and blue is sure to make many Eastern Conference teams fidgety. Crittenton would transcend his development joining a team lead by front office sage Joe Dumars. Crittenton’s ability would enamor the Palace populace.

16. Washington Wizards: Jeff Green 6’9″ Georgetown: Green stays close to home and Coach Eddie Jordan has the Wizards jersey ready for door-to-door delivery. Green is a player that would have special purpose with the Wiz. Green competes, has chameleon basketball attributes, and that right place/right time knack for big plays. Joining a roster of Arenas, Jamison, and Butler means that Jeff can focus on defense since offensive missives is heavy on the Nation’s Capitol Association’s representative.

17. New Jersey Nets: Al Thornton, 6’9″, Florida State: New Jersey needs new direction and Coach Lawrence Frank’s roll the ball out style to let Jason Kidd figure it out is well played out. Thornton whose passions for going at the opponent like an unhinged lion hunting adversaries in the Coliseum is needed in the Meadowlands. The Nets will retrofit their system by attaining the employment of the ACC’s leading scorer.

18. Golden State Warriors: Josh McRoberts, 6’10”, Duke: For all of the Warrior’s second season success the team was exposed as undersized on the block. Nellie and Warrior big shot Chris Mullin go with size with McRoberts who is climbing the Draft board for being versatile enough to offensively step outside and run in transition while earning seasoned impetus via the ACC to deal successfully with in the paint beat downs.

19. Los Angeles Lakers: Rodney Stuckey, 6’4″, Eastern Washington: Lakers GM Mitch Kupchak and Coach Phil are hoping the previous 18 teams look elsewhere when Stuckey’s name enters the conversation. Stuckey who has all Big Sky opponents glad he’s moving on would give Showtime a fierce backcourt tandem teamed opposite Kobe Bryant.

20. Miami Heat: Rudy Fernandez, 6’6″, Spain: The NBA is a billion dollar industry and a Miami Heat jersey with the name of Fernandez stitched to the rear would be as popular as tanning lotion on South Beach. Despite the naturalness of the aforementioned reality Fernandez is a versatile talent that would upgrade the 3 spot with the soon to be departed James Posey. Rudy can handle the rock and is fundamentally intact.

21. Philadelphia 76ers: Thaddeus Young, 6’8″, Georgia Tech: The 76ers continue to stockpile their team unit with a superabundance of dual position swingmen. Philly draft impresario Billy King scouts the ACC with regularity and can’t pass up Thaddeus since talents beget talent and Philly is in need. Young’s addition helps King with trade possibilities to acquire additional low post assistance.

22. Charlotte Bobcats: Brandon Rush, 6’7″, Kansas: Had he gone to another college with less talent Rush would be discussed in the top 10 of the Draft yet his Jayhawks hoops brethren were rich in talent and Rush merged his game to “Best Supporting Hoopster” status. Yet no one is sleeping on Rush being effective in the NBA game that would embellish all his potent and latent skills. The fact Rush can defer for the benefit of the team whole has been duly noted by scouting aficionados.

23. New York Knicks: Ante Tomic, 7’2″, Croatia: Eddy Curry had a break out season last year and the Knicks can ill afford Jerome James and Kelvin Cato maintaining contract appetites similar to their physiques. A. Tomic would provide atomic support to Curry since Ante would ante unselfishness and presence in the low post gamesmanship. Tomic would provide the right tonic for the Knickerbockers backup in the middle woes.

24. Phoenix Suns: Gabe Pruitt, 6’4″, USC: Gabe Pruitt would further advance the efficacies of Suns Coach D’Antoni’s “seven second attack”. Nash is getting better/older and absorbed variable physical wounds in the Suns playoff elimination to the Spurs. Leandro Barbosa is more shooting guard than point and played significant minutes with Nash. The selection of Pruitt would complement Nash and the “Brazilian Blur” while granting the Suns a competent guard axis.

25. Utah Jazz: Nick Young, 6’6″, USC: Gordon Giricek and Derek Fisher are not the two guard answers for Jerry Sloan. Adding Young to the fold opposite Deron Williams would be a burgeoning balanced backcourt. Young would be an influential contributor in Salt Lake City and would not have the “lottery stress” of being an immediate wonder kid. Young can score and in the nick of time has far reaching open court spontaneity when finishing at the rim.

26. Houston Rockets: Marco Bellinelli, 6’6″, Italy: New Rockets Coach hire Rick Adelman knows offensive basketball and the necessary complements required to further enhance the qualities of All-Stars McGrady and Ming. This is where the drafting of marksman Bellinelli is commanded. The NBA is a “draw and kick” game at this junction where spacing the floor with a long range specialist such as Bellinelli may be the key to get the Rockets out of the first round of the playoffs.

27. Detroit Pistons: Arron Afflalo, 6’4″, UCLA: Affalo was the first team All-American and prime player that played in back-to-back Final Fours and will work his way back into the first round by exhibiting big time skill traits by route of the NBA draft camp and individual workouts. Afflalo is being slept on as of yet but NBA players who have played opposite Arron at UCLA during the summer have advised me that, “Afflalo is no joke.” Pistons Executive Joe Dumars agrees wholeheartedly.

28. San Antonio Spurs: Derrick Byars, 6’7″, Vanderbilt: Derrick Byars by many accounts was the best player end to end in the SEC. The forward talent laden conference has cultivated a forecast that Byars is NBA ready. The Spurs and Byars are a perfect crystalline matrix where the sound qualities of player and franchise solidifies San Antonio as the consistent leader in roster building and prime basketball player acquisitions.

29. Phoenix Suns: Sean Williams, 6’10”, Boston College: Williams has that unfortunate “baggage situation” after being bounced from the Eagles by coach Al Skinner. Williams is making the rounds and has the support of his college Coach and vows to redeem his name and reward the franchise that honors his immense talents. Williams backing up Amare Stoudemire can be the Suns back line defensive presence that has relegated them to non-threat status for NBA gold at seasons’ end.

30. Philadelphia 76ers: Aaron Gray, 7’0″, Pittsburgh: The beat on the block says that Gray who is as talented a big man draft eligible has been conditioning and rounding into excellent shape. Gray can climb the Draft Board since so few centers have his well-rounded game. Gray in Philly would bring sustenance to Coach Mo Cheeks goals.


20 thoughts on “NBA Mock Draft – May 23, 2007

  1. Just curious, as a Jazz fan… what would it take for the Jazz to move up to draft Corey Brewer. I know it’ll take their pick this year and the unprotected 2010 pick from the Knicks, but would that with one of Harpring, Collins, Giricek and Fisher be enough, or would the picks have to go with AK too? And how high could they end up moving up with that offer? Would it be high enough? If not Brewer, I guess Young is okay, though I don’t know much about him.

  2. Quick Qs for you, Eric: Since the Blazers already have LaMarcus Aldridge, Joel Przybilla, Raef LaFrentz and Zach Randolph, do you see them drafting Oden, then trading one/some of these frontcourt pieces? For that matter, can these pieces and their big contracts be traded?

  3. JeffW – they have to trade some of those players or just drop them. they’ll likely need to trade magloire and darius miles as well.

  4. Has anyone really thought of the potential “conspiracy theories” regarding this draft? My buddy said that the Pacific Northwest had (has) the two teams most likely to move/go outta business, so of course they landed #1 and #2.

    Anyone else find it weird that the Blazers just happened to have a #1 jersey lying around? Is that like the superbowl where all the teams have one printed up, but the losers give them away to some starving third-world coutry?

  5. I like “Atomic” as a nickname for Ante Tomic, but I cannot imagine Isiah Thomas taking a skinny international player who has said he will not come over this year even if taken #1 overall (Not to worry Ante.)

    Check the Knick roster for international players the last several years. Oh wait, there arent any. Isiah purged them.

  6. You have the Pistons taking Crittenton and Afflalo. They’re more or less the same type of player (6’4″ combo guard). Wouldn’t it make more sense for Dumars to get some depth behind Tayshaun or another big (like Gray)?

    P.S. I hope that Wake Forest C Kyle Visser will fall to Detroit in the second round.

  7. No chance Morris Almond is a Lottery Pick, or even first rounder, as you have them. For contrasting opinions, check out other Mocks around the web.

  8. Greetings Drew,

    Your comments and participation is much appreciated. The MOCK I present is not to play psychic and match the prospective minds of various GM’s yet evaluate a Draft prospect and merge his skill sets with a team the prospect can be successful with as an incoming player. Morris Almond’s offensive game and the coaching of Byron Scott in addition to playing opposite Chris Paul who “can draw and kick” out (pass) with any guard in the league would allow the sweet shooting Almond to play to his strength. Keep it coming Drew.

  9. Greetings Mark,

    Javaris Crittenton is a 6-5 guard who is exclusively a point guard and can provide a huge bonus to Detroit while also receiving tutelage from Chauncey Billups. Arron Afflalo is a 2 guard that can play some minutes at the three therefore they are two different players in there approach to the game strength wise. Billups and Hamilton have played heavy minutes and are currently strgggling with there offensive games against the Cav’s as a result. Having outstanding players like Afflalo and Crittenton as backups would enhance Rip’s and Ba-Ba-Ba-Billups effectiveness in regards to decreased minutes. Delfino could exclusively attain backup minutes behind Tayshaun Prince at the 3 making the Piston’s a team with a explosive bench and bright future. I do agree with you that they are the same in the sense they are excellent Draft propsects.

  10. Are You crazy! Mike Conley at 3, I will let everyone in on a lil bit of info! That is way to high for him at 3 or even 7 whoever picks him will be making a mistake because I think Dominic James will be a better point for cheaper and his upside is greater! Watch and see!

  11. The Jazz would be lucky if Marco Bellinelli falls into their hands… Great shooter with a Manu type attitude… He would be able to shoot the ball as well as pass off the dribble… He would be a great man off the bench… and I look to Ronnie Brewer to get a lot of time this coming year… The Jazz need a good inside man (center) as well so look to them trading something in the second round (Giricek) to get a early second round pick and maintain their later second pick of the second round… as we have seen with their second rounders having success it seem that Marc Gasol younger brother of Pau would be a great 7 footer that can give Boozer a break inside… It seems that my man Okur just is not going to get an inside game anytime soon!!!

  12. The Jazz would be lucky if Marco Bellinelli falls into their hands… Great shooter with a Manu type attitude… He would be able to shoot the ball as well as pass off the dribble… He would be a great man off the bench… and I look to Ronnie Brewer to get a lot of time this coming year… The Jazz need a good inside man (center) as well so look to them trading something in the second round (Giricek and Collins) to get a early second round pick and maintain their later second pick of the second round… as we have seen with their second rounders having success it seem that Marc Gasol younger brother of Pau would be a great 7 footer that can give Boozer a break inside… It seems that my man Okur just is not going to get an inside game anytime soon!!!

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