NBA Mock Draft – May 14, 2007

By Eric G. Satterwhite

NBA Draft Day is fast approaching and Draft candidates have finalized the necessary paperwork to be part of a basketball journey culminating with the Association’s Commissioner announcing their name at Madison Square Garden on June 28th.

The upcoming NBA Draft is stockpiled at every position and is one of the deepest drafts since the League instituted a 2 round format. NBA teams Scouting departments have been inundated with heavy hours watching film, travelling abroad, interviewing Draft hopeful coach’s, family, and friends. The likelihood of attaining a serviceable productive player late in the second round is extremely likely causing a huge dedication by front office personnel to scan Earth for a coveted franchise asset.

Meanwhile, draft hopefuls have been gearing up for the pre-draft camp in hopes of displaying the efficiencies that can set up there financial future for a lifetime. Guaranteed top 5 picks have been learning the business way of the NBA by linking with agent’s for the right endorsements and marketing campaigns that can far exceed player salary contracts. Additional candidates have identified a training plan to audition the “right stuff’ for Draft camp and NBA team workouts.

In the coming weeks stay tuned for grading evaluations, interviews, and miscellaneous “fact-ology” specific to NBA draft candidates. The updated Hoops Addict Mock Draft is now in effect.

1. Memphis Grizzlies: Greg Oden 7’0″ Ohio State- Greg Oden’s name is a synonym for success. Oden has that karmic intangible that upon his arrival to his assigned team wins will be sequential like time. Celtics GM Danny Ainge who played with the great frontline of Celtics past Bird, McHale, and Parrish states, “Oden physical stature is NBA ready.” What also needs to be shared Oden has a 40 inch plus vertical leap.

2. Boston Celtics: Kevin Durant 6’10” Texas – Madison Avenue marketing executives are enamored with Durant’s universal appeal and personal story line how he is a “self-made” talent. Despite racking up endorsement deals that will greatly eclipse his initial player salary Durant is riding the wave of the masterful fireworks he detonated throughout collegiate hoops. One sport kinesiologist I spoke with had this to say about KD’s talents distributed in an angular constitution last hoop season, “Durant was in perfect balance. His endocrine, psychic, nervous, and muscular systems were all in perfect tune, and such a blend rarely happens.”

3. Milwaukee Bucks: Al Horford 6’10” Florida – Horford with zealous dedication some sound NBA coaching coupled with an excellent point guard can have a Karl Malone power forward game-changing career over time. Horford ‘s game if not at Malone’s zenith could comparably favor the power forward likes of Buck Williams, Maurice Lucas, and Carlos Boozer recently over the course of his career.

4. Phoenix Suns: Yi Jianlian 7’0″ China – Yi’s aesthetically pleasing basketball gamesmanship will be viewed favorably amongst NBA fans across the globe. Yao Ming’s Asia’s greatest basketball player to date has stated, “Yi is better than me.” Yi has entered the United States after the championship series in China and has been accommodating himself with the way of the USA and preparing for exclusive workouts. Yi is Asia’s Kevin Durant.

5. Seattle Supersonics: Spencer Hawes 7’0″ Washington – Hawes offensive game is amongst the tops of all center’s draft eligible. Spencer can also eat space and clog the lane on the defensive end. Seattle is power forward heavy with Wilcox and Collison and can’t pass up the hometown hero with a former Supersonic great Jack Sikma like career in front of him.

6. Portland Trailblazers: Roy Hibbert 7’2″ Georgetown – Hibbert in the T-blazer fold would be there best offensive center since a guy with the surname Duckworth. The Trailblazers with the addition of the Hoya center would have solid building blocks around 2007 NBA Rookie of the year guard Brandon Roy, last year’s first round pick forward LaMarcus Aldridge, and fledging star point guard Jarrett Jack. Hibbert’s game is truly peaking and would bud perfectly under Coach Nate McMillan’s tutelage.

7. Minnesota Timberwolves: Brandan Wright 6’10” North Carolina – Wolves GM Kevin McHale with the addition of Wright has room to move Kevin Garnett or keep KG with Wright and have an explosive tandem of 6-10 and above Impala’s wreaking havoc on both ends of the floor. Wright has every physical tool to be impactive right away and thrives with highly talented teammates. Wright is an underrated defender and has the vertical leap of an express elevator.

8. Charlotte Bobcats: Joakim Noah 6’11” Florida – Noah’s desire to phase his game to the best interest of the team is noteworthy. Bobcat draft maven Michael Jordan won championships with guys like Dennis Rodman and Horace Grant at power forward who came into the NBA with less fanfare than Joakim. Noah’s ability to flip flop from power forward to center is tailor made for the current NBA style of play. The current Bobcat’s roster has runners and shooters which Noah’s excellent passing skills would be exhibited with vim.

9. Chicago Bulls: Tiago Splitter 7’0″ Brazil – Splitter would provide the Bulls there first offensive inside presence from the 5 spot since Bill Cartwright. Splitter teamed with Luol Deng at the three and Ben Wallace at the four would give the perimeter shooting Bulls balance and flexibility. Splitter with Wallace watching his back would enjoy a solid NBA rookie campaign.

10. Sacramento Kings: Mike Conley 6’1″ Ohio State – Sacramento will have their 3rd head coach in as many years and will jumpstart the new era with a coach on the floor with prime table setter Mike Conley. Conley and his sense of the latent intricacies of hoops “guard-manship” elevates the Kings and cements a corner stone for rebuilding a successful NBA franchise. The left handed jump shooting Conley will evoke memories of a Kings franchise lefty great point guard and Hall of Fame inductee known as Nate ‘Tiny” Archibald.

11. Atlanta Hawks: Acie Law IV 6’4″ Texas A&M – Small forward and 2 guard heavy Atlanta attain the services of their best point guard prospect since Glen “Doc” Rivers. Law meshes nicely with the Hawks roster and Mike Woodson’s system. Law starts right away at Phillips center and will attain a plethora of minutes on his way to being considered to the NBA All-Rookie team for 2007-2008.

12. Philadelphia 76ers: Corey Brewer 6’9″ Florida – The 76ers are enamored with attaining the services of multi-talented Corey Brewer a playmaker with transition game gifts at the top of the Draft class. The draft is deep and Big Game Brewer will represent in the City of Brotherly love. Even tough Sixers fans will identify with the zeal Brewer plays with at energy levels reminiscent of Iverson.

13. New Orleans Hornets: Julian Wright 6’8″ Kansas – Wright is the quicksilver frontcourt player that can run, compete, and defend. Wright has an inner understanding of winning basketball concepts and executes at a high rate of effectiveness in various systems with his array of skill sets. Wright fits in the Hornets attack and is a hard nose player with no fear of “mixing it up” commensurate with NBA frontcourt tactics.

14. Los Angeles Clippers: Jeff Green 6’9″ Georgetown – The gritty Green’s talent is comparable to another Green who played in Los Angeles named A.C. Green. The exception is that Jeff has a better offensive game than A.C. Green is a Hoya and Hoya’s frontcourt players are always NBA ready. The Clippers immediately elevate their roster with Jeff Green.

15. Detroit Pistons: Jason Smith 7’0″ Colorado – Smith is an athletic offensive-minded big that would attain sound cushion with the Pistons current depth at power forward. Smith can play out of the high post and cut to the basketball with fundamental precision. Smith can face-up on offense and rotate on defense plus the temerity of former NBA all-star Tom Chambers.

16. Washington Wizards: Al Thornton 6’7″ Florida State – The injury to forward Caron Butler hallmarked the Wizards need for forward depth and excellence something that is embodied by Al Thornton. Thornton is immensely talented and always plays like he has something to prove. Thornton is skilled/polished/mature and will contribute in diverse capacities right away.

17. New Jersey Nets: Ante Tomic 7’2″ Croatia – Tomic has the finesse game and nimbleness of former NBAer Toni Kukoc. Tomic is equally adept posting up, as well as clutching and facing the rack outside of the paint. Tomic’s best basketball is in front of him and his understanding of delivering the right kind of pass to each teammate’s offensive strength is too rare to pass up at 17.

18. Golden State Warriors: Javaris Crittenton 6’5″ Georgia Tech – Crittenton not only has the best name on the draft board he’s a sanctioned tall point guard with a playmaking disposition. Crittenton can routinely bomb from long range as well as attain deep penetration to breakdown defenses with continuity. Javaris can body up on defense and be most effectual in an up-tempo style attack.

19. Los Angeles Lakers: Rodney Stuckey 6’4″ Eastern Washington – The Lakers need someone to play backcourt opposite Kobe and Phil seeks the Ron Harper styled player in Rodney Stuckey. Stuckey has streamlined skills that fluidly intermingle without friction between both guard (1 & 2) orientations. Stuckey tyrannized the Big Sky conference and as I have documented before is a bonafide hoopster.

20. Miami Heat: Rudy Fernandez 6’6″ Spain – Fernandez has deceptive leaping ability and has the proficiency to cut backdoor and snatch the rock off an alley oop and cram in traffic. Fernandez game would be more productive in the NBA than Europe even though Rudy is a European hoop league legend. Fernandez can pass and play solidly at the three and two while donating minutes as an alternative ball-handler in the half court set if required.

21. Philadelphia 76ers: Josh McRoberts 6’10” Duke – Word on the block is Josh has been working tirelessly to prove his so-so last season in Blue Devil gear was a fluke. McRoberts has range on his jumper and can slip defenders with good offensive mechanics and an aptitude to bang the offensive boards. McRoberts is an above average weak side defender with a shot blocking inclination. Fellow Blue Devil 76er GM Billy King would be pleased with McRoberts if his development meets the journeyman NBA version of All-Time Duke great Christian Laettner.

22. Charlotte Bobcats: Brandon Rush 6’7″ Kansas – The Bobcats desperately need quick’s, defense, competitiveness, and team play out of the forward position and all those voids are manifested in the basketball imminence of Brandon Rush. Rush’s defense is outstanding and he exudes read and recognize footwork when defending on the outskirts of town. Rush also has fast feet turnover time in transition and the body control to finish when situations are less than perfect.

23. New York Knicks: Kyle Visser 6’11” Wake Forest – Jerome James clearly is not the answer to backup Eddy Curry and ditto for Kelvin Cato. Knick coach and GM Isiah Thomas admire tough, skilled, and high energy “bigs” that Visser symbolizes. Visser is a talented post player that will partake in the renaissance at Madison Square Garden.

24. Phoenix Suns: Gabe Pruitt 6’4″ USC – Pruitt has tenacity and the leadership skill that’s vitally important at the helm of an NBA team. Gabe can manipulate the pill under duress and possesses the improvisational skill as a court maestro with equal nonchalance. Pruitt’s hand eye coordination for perceiving the right passing angles and shooting touch off unrehearsed maneuvers wild card his benefits to the NBA game.

25. Utah Jazz: Nick Young 6’6″ USC – Young is a tangible player that is sound in a variable of team components that make him a solid first round pick. Young’s offensive game is adept at the long and mid range game, open court finishes, and quick pull-ups off the dribble going left, right, and straight away.

26. Houston Rockets: Marco Bellinelli 6’5″ Italy- Bellinelli’s availability this late in the first round typifies the potency of the 2007 NBA Draft. Bellinelli’s has the marksmanship of a sniper, which is always invaluable for a team with slashing scorer preeminence in Tracy McGrady and solid low post offense in Yao Ming. Bellinelli would be the best European jump shooter to enter the NBA since the late Drazen Petrovic.

27. Detroit Pistons: Morris Almond 6’6″ Rice – Riches are to be had late in the first round with the drafting of Almond. Morris can score and play with in the offense without forcing a succession of errant field goal attempts. Rice’s offensive game is as pure as mountain water from the Himalayas and as smooth as flowing lava. Almond at 6-6 has the frame and length to get off his stout jumper with little challenge.

28. San Antonio Spurs: Thaddeus Young 6’8″ Georgia Tech- The Spurs happen to be the right franchise for T-Y to get the right seasoning. There is little question Young has the moxie yet his game can eventually prosper because of his unquestionable physical gifts. Young provides the youth and exuberance San Antonio seeks.

29. Phoenix Suns: Marc Gasol 7’0″ Spain – Pau’s brother needs to tighten up the fitness because his basketball pedigree is elementally sound. Gasol at the heights of his skill is Vlade Divac reincarnated. Gasol is a winner in Europe and wise enough to hide his lack of defensive foot speed. Gasol has surpassed Aaron Gray of Pittsburgh in the eyes of many.

30. Philadelphia 76ers: Alando Ticker 6-5 Wisconsin- The first team All-American will initiate his career as a valuable role player and effective spot starter. Tucker is envisioned as a versatile player that can equally play 3 positions offensively and defend 3 positions with vigor. Tucker has played the best competition college ball has offered and his game is stitched together with unyielding basketball principles.


13 thoughts on “NBA Mock Draft – May 14, 2007

  1. Great to see that you have Pau’s little bro in the first round. Any explanation why have them in the middle of the first round while Draft Express fail to even have him in their first round? It seems like there’s a lot of different opinions on that kid.

    Another aspect of the draft that I liked is that you have Conley ranked higher than Acie Law. Even thought Law won an award as the top collegiate PG this past season while watching the Tourney I didn’t really see what the hype over him was about – Conley appeared to have a lot more potential.

    One final note – remember during the 2003 Draft how everyone thought the main three prospects were LeBron, Darko and Melo? Well it’s clear that D-Wade and CB4 deserved to be mentioned among the top players in that draft. I think that in 10 years when hoop heads look back on this draft they’ll be talking about Horford the same way that people now talk about CB4 and Wade. Not sure why people are sleeping on him and only Oden and Durant are being hyped up as the elite prospects by most writers…

  2. As a Jazz fan, I have to ask… how good is Nick Young’s defense? The Jazz already have enough guys that can score (Deron, Booze, Okur, AK, ‘Sap, Harp), but are severely lacking in perimeter defense. Just wondering if Young (if the Jazz were to take him) would help in that area.
    Nice mock though.

  3. “Great to see that you have Pau’s little bro in the first round. Any explanation why have them in the middle of the first round while Draft Express fail to even have him in their first round?”

    Because he’s not good. He’s not Pau, and he’s not a first round talent. He’s riding his brother’s name. He doesn’t have the passion or skills that Pau has.

  4. RE: Marc Gasol – I was thinking also that today’s NBA is really favoring the versatile, fleet-footed power forward/centers rather than the lumbering-giant variety. Since Marc Gasol is in the latter category, perhaps that’s why Draft Express have him slotted in the 2nd round.

  5. Eric, what is your opinion of Marcus Williams? He’s ranked as a lower first-round pick on both Draft Express and and sounds to me like a Raptors-type player.

  6. Greetings Jeff W,

    Marcus Williams is without question a player that can be a late first round pick with his smooth offensive game and a penchant to play sound defense. Williams is versatile and had a yo-yo kind of season last year and typically appeared bored with the collegiate game. Williams having played at NBA prepatory school the University of Arizona is just one of many dual position players like Arron Afflalo, Derrick Byars, “Big Baby” Davis, JamesOn Curry and Sean Williams etc. that can be late first rounders or gems in round two.

    I agree with you that the Raptor playing style synchronizes with Williams talents.

  7. Man I hope Mario Boggan of Oklahoma ST. gets drafted he’s an energy player that ripped up Kevin Durrant twice this year.

  8. i like your blog. but, in this particular instance, i don’t think its necessary to put some of these players in the same sentence as former greats. c’mon, mike conley as the next “tiny” archibald? acie law as the next “doc” rivers? i’m not denying that these players could be great. but i think the comparisons are a bit much at this point.

  9. If the Spurs could get Thaddeus Young with the 28th pick, it would be a steal; rather many other teams making a mistake.

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