Looking in the Mirror

By Kinnon Yee

It’s the day after the Raptors loss to the Nets and two days until their next game. Although I’m anxious to see what the Raptors will do in their next game against the Nets, I’m a bit emotionally drained from the last game as a fan. I expected the Raptors to lose, but at the same time, it looked like they had a chance to win. Just a chance. You got the feeling that the Raptors were on the verge of breaking into the game finally, but mental mistakes kept adding up, and the Nets kept pulling away every time.

So yeah, it feels like I have a slightly pulled muscle from the amount of fist-shaking that I did at the TV yesterday.

The crowd, though, really got up for most of the game. It was hard at times, I know. The Raptors didn’t play well… but as a crowd, we were excited for every Raptor bucket, we booed Vince Carter with venom and angst.

But if I read this article today, I’d be booing Richard Jefferson.

To be honest though, it’s time for this crowd to just boo the entire Nets and ramp it up for Carter. It was just strange to watch the crowd change from chanting D-fense, to booing Vince when he touched the ball… heck, it was even stranger to watch the crowd just die out, when Vince swung the ball immediately after.

What can we learn as a crowd? Get on everyone’s case, but get on Carter’s even more. I know there wasn’t much to cheer about at yesterday’s game, as the Raptors more or less, played in a kind of dazed mood, however at the same time, we, as a crowd, have to get it done on our home court and just bring it.

Heck, Michelle Carter, sitting next to that Hyundai dealer was shown on TV, and was just about as bat-crazy as most fans remember. Seriously. In the interview, she was talking her head off, in her best Sunday dress. We wanted Vince back? THAT’S why we’re booing him? And you think he got it WORSE in college? Wow. When I heard that, it was about enough for me to round up the Hoops Addict team and go down and… wait… I better not confess to any (possible) future crimes.

But that kind of talk should make it to every fan’s ear. It’s the kind of talk, as fans, we should be completely riled up about. I mean, this woman came into our arena and DISRESPECTED us. RJ and the Nets wore their red alternatives in order to rile the crowd. If they want a war, we the fans should bring the war to their front step. It’s time to rally around our team. We might be down one game, but we’re concerned about the war, not the battle. It’s time now for us to stand up, and show them just how passionate we are about our team. It’s time man-up and show that we have the backs of each and every Raptor out there. It’s time to bring it and lay the beat down on these interlopers and pretenders.

We ARE the Atlantic Division Champions. They are the Atlantic Division Chumps.

Let’s get it on.


4 thoughts on “Looking in the Mirror

  1. While watching the game yesterday afternoon I was annoyed that the bright red was messing up my television set and hearing RJ’s quote about why they chose the red uni’s got me all fired up as well (that and the fact that TSN’s broadcasts of Raptors games SUCK!!).

    Great point about booing the entire Nets team – why be all calm and mellow when Carter dishes the rock? Make the entire Nets team feel as if they are coming into a lions den Tuesday night.

  2. I was chatting with Ben (who’s based in Colorado) about the whole boo-Vince phenomenon. He suggests that the booing is a “distraction” and is hurting the Raptors. What do you guys think?

  3. I don’t know if it’s a real distraction to anyone. If anything, it seems to be getting into Carter’s head this year… In fact, I’d love it if next game, Bosh came out and then got MVP chants at one point… But that’s what’s with the Toronto crowd… You’ve gotta earn their cheers as much as Vince has earned the boos. The only thing that I don’t like is that the defensive rhythm is broken when the crowd switches from chant to boo-ing…

    But hell… I don’t know if anyone really reacts THAT much to the fans.

  4. I don’t see how it’s a distraction, perhaps changing gears like Kinnon suggested could be problematic for fans but it’s clear that Wince gets annoyed by this kind of stuff. I think fans at the ACC should get off their butts, stomp and scream the entire game! Enough of this being polite and mellow – it’s time to get fired up!!

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