Rus Bradburd Interview

By Ryan McNeill

For this Hoops Addict Podcast I had the chance to chat with Rus Bradburd about his book “Paddy on the Hardwood.” Rus has coached alongside two of the top coaches in the history of college hoops in Lou Henson and Don Haskins (who the movie Glory Road was based on) but he got “burnt out” with college ball and decided to head to Ireland for a year. During his time in Ireland he coached a pro team while he finished writing a book and learned how to fiddle. Instead of a enjoying a relaxing year away from stresses of coaching college ball he was drawn emotionally into a rag tag team and “Paddy on the Hardwood” is a recount of his year coaching pro ball in Ireland.

Some of the topics I had the chance to chat with Rus about include;

– His reasons for writing this book and why he decided to spend a year coaching in Ireland
– Some of the rough conditions he endured playing at The Sports Complex in Ireland
– What it was like having to have a home game moved to the other teams home court
– What it was like to go from coaching in a country where basketball is one of the lead stories to somewhere like Ireland where game recaps were barely mentioned in the sports section
– Rus had the chance to coach alongside Lou Henson and that coach disliked cursing because it showed a lack of emotional control. Rus talked about frustrating was it to hear Kieran Donaghy drop the F bomb so often
– Some of the highs and lows of having Antoine Gillespie join and then leave the team midway through the season
– What it was like to train Earl Watson and Jerry West’s son when he returned to America
– In “Paddy on the Hardwood” Rus wrote about a desire to become a writer but as I read through his book it’s clear that coaching is still in his blood. We talked about if he has any intention to return to coaching

If you haven’t had a chance to check out a Hoops Addict Podcast then this is the perfect time to check one out. Besides the great insights Rus provides listening to this Podcast will give you the prefect excuse to pop open a can of Guinness while he talks about his experiences coaching in Ireland.

Click here to listen to this Hoops Addict Podcast.


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