I Sang At The Air Canada Centre Tonight

By Ryan McNeill

Why was I singing at the Raptors game you ask? Well, my friend Jamie was given tickets from his mom’s law firm because they were unable to give them away to clients. These weren’t normal seats that I’m used to sitting in for games (think Sprite Zone) – these bad boys were less than 10 rows from the court! While I was sitting with my jaw on the floor watching Yao Ming, Tracy McGrady, Chris Bosh and Andrea Bargnani look like giants the guy who organizes the promotional competitions approached me and my buddy to take part in one of the timeout games and I jumped at the chance. Why not take an opportunity to embarrass myself infront of 20,000 basketball fans? So during the first timeout of the second quarter I found myself at midcourt during a Raptors game singing Jimmy Buffet’s “Margaritaville.”

If anyone reading this blog was at the Air Canada Centre tonight for the Raptors game I would like to apologize for inflicting your ears with my horrible attempt to sing Jimmy Buffet.

You can check out more of my pictures from the game by clicking here, here or here.


18 thoughts on “I Sang At The Air Canada Centre Tonight

  1. Natalie – There’s no chance that there’s an MP3 of this unless someone used a cell phone to record this (luckily my buddy was busy snapping pictures and didn’t think about this). All I got for being in this contest was a lame “bowling shirt” and hat from Hakook Tires.

    Kolsky – it’s hard being this sexy…

  2. I think your face is priceless. But it takes balls buddy, I am just not willing to embarrass myself that much. But good for you.

  3. B Teezy – A group of the cheerleaders were hanging out with us in the fourth quarter and one of the Raptors TV reps were hanging out with us in the first half… how could the ladies resist this package?

    Jay – It was nothing compared to you trying out for Canadian Idol…

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