Gilbert Arenas Morphs Into A Cartoon Character

By Ryan McNeill

While watching the Raptors/Knicks game tonight on The Score they played a new Gilbert Arenas commercial for that’s one of the more creative commercials I’ve seen in a long time. The commercial has Arenas drawing a cartoon character of himself and then while he talks about his rookie season in Golden State the cartoon acts out what he’s talking about. It’s a genuine look into the frusterations that Arenas had with not getting much playing time during the first 40 plus games of his NBA career with the “quirkiness” that fans have come to expect from Agent Zero.

I also found another You Tube clip that’s five minutes long and explains why Adidas decided to allow atheltes to use art as a way to express themselves in the “Impossible Is Nothing” commericals that Adidas is producing. Enjoy!


8 thoughts on “Gilbert Arenas Morphs Into A Cartoon Character

  1. Any chance you have a link for that clip? I watched 300 earlier this week but they didn’t show that at the theatre I was at and I’ve only seen the 30 second tv ad.

  2. No, I haven’t seen it on youtube anywhere. And if it’s not on the official Adidas website, I’m not sure where you can find it. I saw that commercial while watching 300 at an Imax screen at the Paramount downtown in Toronto, so I’m not sure where else it might be. It’s not that much longer though, I think. I just think it’s REAL strange to see a commercial so focused on him, in Toronto. :p

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