Bracketology Faith

By Ryan McNeill

I was reading through the online articles from Relevant Magazine and one they posted today called “Bracketology Faith” is one my favourite March Madness articles that I’ve read so far this month.

Ben Humphries starts off his article by writing:

I cannot remember a world without bracketology. The word first emerged in college basketball circles some years ago to describe the annual, addictive process of selecting the 65 teams for the season-ending, championship tournament. Everything before that time in my life exists as darkness and chaos.

In the early days, I used to read this word as tongue-in-cheek, a cute exaggeration of one of life’s trivialities. But bracketology is no longer a flippant matter.

The word is everywhere. Once solely the possession of ESPN, other networks have seized upon it, because we viewers cannot grasp the magnitude of March without it. If ESPN analyst Joe Lunardi has a business card, the title under his name would be “Bracketologist,” and it would not be a joke. A new book has even hit the shelves entitled The Enlightened Bracketologist which utilizes tournament-style brackets to determine what we really love and hate in various categories ranging from “fruit” to “inventions” to “Tell me again why they’re famous.” (In case you were curious, peach edged apple for the Fruit Championship, sliced bread won easily over paper in the Invention competition, and favorite Nicole Ritchie beat out cinderella Jeffrey Dahmer for the Tell Me Again Why They’re Famous title.)

This is a must read for any college hoops fan for his it’s combination of humour and insight into college hoops. Click here to read the entire article.


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