HoopsAddict.com All-Freshman Teams

By Eric G Satterwhite

HoopsAddict.com initiates its player honor roll with the National All-Freshman team and Newcomer Coach of the Year. Hoops Addict will take the traditional approach by naming two forwards, two guards, and a center for it’s first, second, and third team.

Our National All-Freshman team feature three sets of teammates and two unheralded frosh players in Jeremy Wise of Southern Mississippi and Stephen Curry of Davidson who shined despite playing in the shadow of a bevy of newcomer stalwarts. The Pac-10 Conference has the hugest representation with four players and also fielded the Newcomer Coach of the Year in Tony Bennett of Washington State University. Bennett in his first ever-Head Coaching job led typically moribund Washington State beyond expectations and the NCAA tournament. The Big Ten Conference and ACC each fielded three players to our All-Frosh squads.

2006-07 HoopsAddict.com National All-Freshman 1st Team
Forward Kevin Durant 6-9 Texas
Forward Brandon Wright 6-10 North Carolina
Center Greg Oden 7-0 Ohio State
Guard D.J. Augustin 6-2 Texas
Guard Mike Conley 6-1 Ohio State

2006-07 HoopsAddict.com National All-Freshman 2nd Team
Forward Ryan Anderson 6-9 California
Forward Chase Budinger 6-5 Arizona
Center Steven Hawes 7-0 Washington
Guard Jeremy Wise 6-2 Southern Mississippi
Guard Stephen Curry 6-0 Davidson

2006-07 HoopsAddict.com National All-Freshman 3rd Team
Forward Tyler Smith 6-7 Iowa
Forward Brandon Costner 6-9 North Carolina State
Center Brook Lopez 7-0 Stanford
Guard Ty Lawson 6-1 North Carolina
Guard Patrick Beverly 6-1 Arkansas

2006-07 HoopsAddict.com Newcomer Coach of the Year
Tony Bennett, Washington State

Stay tuned for the Hoops Addict All-American team, National Player of the Year, and National Coach of the Year.


3 thoughts on “HoopsAddict.com All-Freshman Teams

  1. I hate to nit pick but what about players like Javaris Crittenton, Wayne Ellington and Thaddeus Young?

    Speaking of Crittenton and Young – how did GT not have a stronger season with those two super frosh’s on the roster? I underestand that the ACC is a tough conference but the Yellow Jackets also had some solid “vets” to play alongside Crittenton and Young in Anthony Morrow, Jeremis Smith and Ra’Sean Dickey. Plus, they have a talented coach in Paul Hewitt leading this squad. They finished 20-11 for the season but I can’t help but think they could be a bubble team because Boston College, Virginia Tech and Duke could steal their spot in the big dance.

  2. No Scottie Reyonolds from Nova? He put up 40 one game and is the best PG in the Big East.

    I’m also still waiting for answer as to what Oden did during the season to make him better than Lopez. I know he entered college ball with millions more hype, but, on the court, was he really better than Lopez? Sure, his team’s record is better, but Stanford’s roster sucks; Ohio State has several future pros and arguably the top PG in the country. Lopez had a 25 point, 12 block game this year against a ranked team; has Oden even come close to that?

    I know Oden is the future of US Basketball and all that hype, but did he really out perform Lopez?

  3. B,

    Your perspective is appreciated. My answer to your queries regarding Oden can be found on my writing blog titled “Greg Oden and Kevin Durant
    separate and unequaled.”

    I do agree with you when you state, “I know Oden is the future of US Basketball and all that hype…”

    And as far as your question did he really out perfom Lopez?

    My answer is :Yes.

    Keep it coming B thanks for the commentary.

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