Hey! Whatever Happened To God Shammgod?

By Brian Taylor

March Madness has set upon us (finally), and boy is it a sight for sore eyes. All the conference tourneys are wrapping up and more and more teams are getting their shiny little invites to “the Big Dance”. In the spirit of the season (I’m sending “Happy March Madness” cards to all my people) for the month of March, I’m going to ask the age-old question of “Hey! Whatever Happened To..” for a number of college basketball’s greatest hits.

To start us off this month, I wanted to profile a guy with handles so disgusting, he has a legit streetball move named after him. Ladies and gentlemen, repping good ol’ Providence College I present to you, God Shammgod.

For starters, the name is really his. There were rumors at my school that his real name was actually Shammgod Wells, but from everything I’ve seen, “God” is his Government, and a name with lotsa weight. God wasn’t the best jump shooter, but that didn’t matter because he had humiliating, And1 quality crossovers that left defenders looking like they had one Crown ‘n’ Coke too many.

One instance was the 1997 NCAA tourney, where the Shammgod Coming Out Party was officially in full swing. The Friars were a tenth-seed going up against the Arizona Prettyboys (Wildcats), who had guys like Miles Simon, future Sacto King Mike Bibby and A.J. Bramlett.

On the wing, God brought up the ball and found that he was being checked by All-American Mike Bibby, it was then and there on a national stage, that God would unleash his famous, namesake move, “the Shammgod”. The actual move left Mike Bibby flailing for air as God left him for the hoop. I think he missed the bucket, but that was basically the talk of that tournament. It was basically a crossover going from one hand to another that actually kinda looks like a modified jabstep. The move elicited lots of ooohs and aaahs from the crowd. ‘Zona would go on to win that game 96-92 to advance to the Final Four, where they’d get the best of Rick Pitino’s Wildcats.

After that “one shining moment” against the ‘Cats, God elected to leave early (big mistake) and try his hand at NBA basketball. He got scooped up late in the second round by the Wizards, but never really saw anything more than garbage time backing up the backup.

Recently, Shammgod’s been playing international ball in China and slaying guys on the court. If you wanna see “the Shammgod” in action check it out here.


9 thoughts on “Hey! Whatever Happened To God Shammgod?

  1. God’s biggest problem was that he couldn’t shoot or make a lay-up to save his life. It was amazing to watch him get to anywhere on the court he wanted, but there wasn’t really any where he could go that gave him a good chance to score.

    Him and Austin ran things though and he remains among my Top 10 favorite NCAA players of all time.

    Your next subject should be Shawn Respert. Silkiest J on record. Start here http://www.jsonline.com/story/index.aspx?id=290060

  2. Dude, God has played professionally all over the place. He played in Saudi Aradia and Poland for awhile. He plays for the Portland Chinnocks of the IBL. Great blast from the past with that, gotta love that name too. Anyways, just thought I’d let ya know.

  3. yeah shamgod was a good player but his biggest problem was that he thought he was god and couldnt shot to save himself but he had a good we used to smoke blunts before tha club is providence he could roll them the best i think thats why he failed the nba level

  4. The God as we all know him was the Truth, his handle had some of NYC’s biggest legends scared to death to play defense. To drop some names on You’ll Stephon Marbury, Todd Miles, Ed Cota, these dudes didn’t want any part of God Shamegod Wells. I honestly believe if he would have stayed at Providence for all four years he would have been a first round selection. By then he would have developed his jumper, and realized his imperial speed and that he couldn’t be stopped. Still one of the toughest handle’s I ever seen.

  5. Shamgod got schooled by a Filipino player, Ren Ren Ritualo, at a Las Vegas Summer Game two years ago … he talked trash – and he got trashed when the Filipino made his shooting hands do the talking.

  6. i just played with sham in the ibl. yall know nothin about this dude and how hard he works. and he is gettin paid. he can shoot but just doesnt. handle is still ridiculous. u might see him in the league this year

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